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Bronco 1:35 Fieseler Fi-103 RE-4 Reichenberg - DONE

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Done - Flaws 'n All with this one. Quite sure there would've been plenty of mods/fixes I could've done, but there's always another Bronco V1 to be built one day....anyhow, here's the finishing pics of the so-callled "VunderVeapon".






















As stated in previous posts, Gunze & Tamiya colours used, oils & acylics for the chipping & wear, Kit decals used, sealed with Dullcoate. Pulse jet weathering & heat damage adjusted thanks to a good clear pic of a V1 on a test rig provided by R.Riese.




Dan M

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Kicks ass over my attempt. Weathering as a whole looks totally realistic but that jet pipe, whoooo man crazy good, but sadly no under side pics.


The trolly has got the realistic treatment as well.


Top shelf stuff mate.


Cheers Bevan


Ps what did you use for the scratches on the warhead?

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Hey Bevan,


Glad you like it. Bugger, You're right- I forgot about underside pics- never mind, not too much to look at anyway!


The nose- I tried to keep it looking similar to the reference pics I had, I figured the easiest way would be via the "hairspray technique"-

I started off painting the entire nose in RLM 76, then sealed it off with Tamiya clear. I then gave it a liberal coating of hairspray. I then applied several light coats of the camo green. To make the scratches I painted an area with windex to soften the green paint, then used sharpened toothpicks & the paintbrush to scratch & scuff the paint, revealing the 76 underneath.


It's a good way to scratch up a larger area rather than having to hand paint all the scratches. Nothing like a real scratch....

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