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  1. Hi Fran, Just finally finished reading your mag article (we're a bit slooooow here in down under....) very enjoyable read. Great stuff
  2. Great work Marek, That rivetting makes it pop. Great scheme too. Regards, Dan M
  3. The piece of Mig is way kool. Great stuff. Regards, Dan M
  4. Crisp. Lovin' those harnesses! Regards, Dan M
  5. W√ľnderbar! What a way to finish off the year. Excellent photos too as always Ralph, the white backgrounds really make this particular bird "pop". Regards, Dan M
  6. Great post to finish off the year with. Sinister, but ever so good looking...... Regards, Dan M
  7. Nice and gungy. The fuselage rivetting certainly pops now- especially on the reich's defence bands. Regards, Dan M
  8. Thanks for all the positive comments gents, glad you liked the "toy". Regards, Dan M
  9. On the home stretch. Eagerly awaiting those final pics. Regards, Dan M
  10. Agree with Bevan's comment on the front & rear canopy width, mine were too narrow- I ended up making up a small "spreader" to hold them to the correct width while using a small amount of superglue.....once again, a little patience is needed.... Regards, Dan M
  11. Agree with Ralph R, great scheme choice Mish. Looking forward to forthcoming pics. Regards, Dan M
  12. Good luck with the build. Watch out for that rear wing-to-fuselage join underneath. You WILL have a gap, just be patient & get out the plasticard/filler. Apart from that (barring resin fit issues) you'll be ok, it's a pretty quick build really. Look forward to progress pics. Regards, Dan M
  13. Very atmospheric. Hope your crew's eaten plenty of carrots for the forthcoming sortie. Regards, Dan M
  14. Shelf queen no longer. Great stuff, the owner will love it, I'm sure.... Regards, Dan M
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