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Resin exhausts for Tamiya F-15C


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Evening all,

I'm just coming to the end of my Syrian MIG-23 and thinking about the next project. This is planned to be the IAF Eagle which shot the MIG down over the Bekaa Valley (but I may get sidetracked by the Italeri Mirage!).


My question is, does anyone know of resin exhausts for the 15C which have the turkey feathers? All the ones I've found are for the 15I or 15K and have the later engines. All the 15C ones seem to be without the feathers.


Not too desparate as the kit exhausts look ok but if I could avoid having to hide the joints between the halves it would be nice.


All suggestions appreciated.



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Ok, result of the Google-ing is that all the definitive statements I saw about the IAF keeping the turkey feathers seem to be wrong! There are lots of pics of Israeli 15Cs with the feathers removed, including the plane I want to build. Now whether they relate to the timepoint I'm after is a moot point but I think I may just go for the featherless resin from GT Resin as you get a good combined deal with the seamless intakes.


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