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  1. Love the way the light shines through the outer skin there to show the interior structure.
  2. Hi Cees, yes that makes sense given the undercarriage set-up. Perlenbacher is French isn't it? Don't they sell any nice local beers? Don't know why but we always seem to end up shopping at Albert Heijn stores whenever we're in NL.
  3. Hi Cees, could you use Miliput or similar for the end of the tail to allow the curve to be fashioned?
  4. F-16C Barak

    Gloss coat on and no dramas at all. The X22 thinned with Mr Levelling went on great and absolutely no issues with the Ammo paints at all. Another tick for them! Decals next, so I'll post some pics once that's underway.
  5. F-16C Barak

    Just to show I haven't just been lurking on here since I finished the Eagle a few weeks ago. This is the Tamiya F-16CJ kit which I'm going to build as an Israeli F-16C Barak as I want to try some scratch building and the Isracast conversion now seems to be extinct. I have a copy of the instructions from the set and I'm going to try and replicate it as best I can using Evergreen stock. This is the airframe I'm hoping to build. A First Jet squadron aircraft from the late 1990s with a loadout of JDAMs, Python 4 and AIM-9L. I've started as the instructions indicate with the engine. I don't intend to have it on display but I'm giving it full attention just to practice more with the various metallics. Just needs weathered now which hopefully will get done at the weekend. Down the interior was done with various Gunze and Tamiya acrylics then weathered with Tamiya pastels and Ammo panel line washes which darken things up without being too stark. The exterior is mainly Vallejo Metal Color pale burnt metal and jet exhaust with the steel sections done using the Uschi powders. Detail then picked out in Tamiya acrylics. I'm fairly happy with how it looks so far but don't want to go too heavy on the weathering which might be a challenge. As ever, all suggestions, etc welcome.
  6. F-16C Barak

    Thanks Rob. It certainly doesn't help that my 'photo booth' is the kitchen table with a small Fuji compact. Just can't justify the cost of a 'good' set-up to myself and my daughter has taken her nice Canon DSLR away to Uni with her. Thanks for the congratulations, it's scary to think how the years have passed so quickly (and thankfully happily)!!
  7. F-16C Barak

    Finally an update. Life has been hectic recently with my eldest starting Uni in Glasgow and my wife and I celebrating our silver wedding with a nice break. However, there has been some progress. Roughly the same view, with and without flash, to try and show how the mottling has come through. It's a bit more evident without the flash but still not as clear as to the naked eye. Ah well! The Ammo paints are great - very easy to work with and clean up and the coverage is good. They thin down very nicely with Mr Levelling which seems to speed up the drying compared to the proprietary thinner. Weapons done as well using Tamiya acrylics of various shades. The Python 4's from Isracast are fiddly but very detailed. Will install the seeker heads once everything has had a gloss coat. That's this weekend's adventure. Hopefully the X22 doesn't react badly with the Ammo paint. As always comments welcome. Cheers, Gus
  8. 1/32 Bf109 G6 Yellow 6

    Nice result and a good test of the masks getting them to settle over the beule so well.
  9. Lovely clean finish Mish. The base really sets it off.
  10. I'd like to like

    Great, thanks for the hard work looking for a fix Jeroen and co.
  11. Soo.... What did you just get???

    Very cool Danny, especially that gold visor.
  12. Big As MAZ

    Thanks Rich. That makes a bit more sense.
  13. Profimodeller Fi103 V1

    I like that suggestion Cees. Or could be 'Wingless Wonders'!
  14. Big As MAZ

    Lovely Rich. What type of sheet metal are you using for this?
  15. Good you've managed to get just a fuselage. Disappointing that the different intake size wasn't picked up after casting.
  16. Profimodeller Fi103 V1

    Lovely finish. I spot the theme on that shelf....
  17. Hi Danny, nice looking cockpit stuff. Disappointed to hear about the GT stuff. I used their seamless intakes, burner cans and wheel set for the F-15 and they were drop fit - didn't involve external surfaces though. It's hard to see the exact issue as the top of the intakes looks about the same distance from the cockpit sill on both sides but obviously the angle of the splitter plates must be different looking at the resulting positions. Did you manage to source just fuselage sides or have you had to get a whole new kit? Cheers, Gus
  18. Revell spitfire mk.IXc

    Very nice Darren. Did you use the kit decals or masks or aftermarket decals?
  19. Nice start Cees. Looking forward to seeing how this develops.
  20. Profimodeller Fi103 V1

    Thanks Jeroen. I've only tried the hairspray but not with great success. I think I may have used a brush that was too soft and ended up having to scrub too hard which didn't give the 'randomness' you need.
  21. Looking at the HPH renders I'm not sure the ladders do anything for the aerodynamics! Seriously, I put my money on you to be done first Cees even with the Manchester on the go.
  22. Will await this with interest. These things were so slow it'hard to believe they got off the ground!