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  1. Nice comparison Mark. Somehow I expected the Viggen to be bigger than the Mirage but actually very similar.
  2. There's a garage up there that does those conversions Carl. They also do some very cool campervan conversions based on VW chassis. Not entirely sure how you're meant to get that down some of the back roads around there though! 😄
  3. Thanks Rob. That is quite an attractive scheme, certainly along the lines of what I was thinking about.
  4. First kit I did when I returned to modelling was the Trumpeter P-47D bubbletop which I 'painted' with rattlecan Tamiya AS-12. I'd like to try it again as a proper NMF now I have an airbrush and slightly more skills. Preferably I'll use masks for the insignia and codes but I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for decals for the nose art?
  5. Ah, sorry Gaz, picked you up wrong there. Stick by my point about the colour range though.
  6. Looks great Tom. Never heard of that museum but will bear it in mind next time we're down visiting the relatives in Portsmouth. Sounds like a good excuse to escape for some peace!
  7. Next stalled build to be resurrected.... Hobby Boss M911 CHET. Got the rust primer then put aside while I watched enough online tutorials to pluck up courage to try the real rusty finish I want to achieve. So, here goes....
  8. Wouldn't disagree that Tamiya is the most robust finish I've worked with, although on the short experience to date the AK Real Colours seem similar. I just wish Tamiya would improve their range of colours as I suck as consistently mixing paints.
  9. Looks great Kai. The figures are very convincing. Less convinced how useful that piddly little trolley would be against an aviation kerosene fire though.... 😄
  10. Some nice steals there Carl. Judging by your pic in the other thread of the thinners, etc it looks a well stocked place. Unfortunately nothing like that in my neck of the woods. 😥 Probably saves me a fortune though!
  11. Thanks Gaz. Seen those paints mentioned but no real idea about them. Certainly give nice results
  12. Nice metal effects on the tail end. Does build into an impressive beast.
  13. Happy birthday Harv. Hope you're feeling better for the big day.
  14. Nice result Gaz. What paints are you using? I've had a few cusses with that problem using the Ammo paints.
  15. Great result in the end Mark. Worth all the hassles. Why can't anyone do a decent Mirage kit, they aren't complex airframes? The Italeri/Revell IIIC/E is a dog as well as a few of us here have found out recently.
  16. Thanks guys. Yeah, photography isn't my strong point. These were just quickly snapped on the phone and it certainly doesn't have a top bracket camera by any stretch. Will try and get something better, or certainly in focus! Martin, daylight might be an issue, this is Scotland in October! We're just about to enter perma-darkness when the clocks change. 😃
  17. Hey all, no WIP for this as it was built in the early days of our first lockdown last year while I was waiting for my new spraybooth. Sat in the box since, so after I finished the Cheetah I thought I'd throw some paint on this and get it done. First attempt at freehand cammo and it looks passable with just a little overspray which hides quite well given the similarity of the colours. Only AM is Friul tracks and Aber metal barrels for the main gun and auto-cannon. Goes together very nicely and detail seems pretty sharp.
  18. Sorry to hear that Harv. Hope they get you sorted out quickly.
  19. Similar to Rob, but I use the Mr Surfacer 1500 also thinned with Levelling thinner. As it's a bit finer you don't have to thin quite as much but the results are still bomb-proof. Used both the black and the grey and both produce great results - the black is especially good if you want to try the black-basing technique. Does stink a bit though, need a spray booth and respirator to hand.
  20. Nice work Tom. Seems funny you need two of these for a Beau but only four for something this size! I suppose this handled in a way that was a little less sporty. 😄
  21. I spot a Balvenie in there Carl, that's my favourite of the Speyside malts. Clean, smooth taste as opposed to the Islay malts which I also love and are heavy on the iodine/seaweed end of things.
  22. Congrats Ron. Very nice to get yourself a great present! 😉
  23. Thanks for those Martin, some real nice stuff there. I like the stripped back car door Tiffie - having built that kit I appreciate how much work is needed to get it looking that pristine! I also think Gunter would have a better view if he was facing the other way! 😁
  24. 😲 Not sure what else can be said about this..... Stunning!
  25. Clear round the edges works well and liquid frisket over edges as you paint subsequent layers helps as well.
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