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  1. I remember jumping in a friend's minivan years ago and struggling to find the seatbelt - they were hidden behind cut-down lengths of plastic guttering as it was the only way to stop his Boxer eating it's way through them!
  2. Looking really good Sasha. The panel line wash really sets off the metal finish.
  3. Thanks for that Carl. That's a Henschel shaped hole in my wallet coming! 😄
  4. Looking very sharp Peter. The decals have laid down very nicely.
  5. Thanks for the info Alain. Mistral on LSP also previously built the Cheetah C and I have to say I followed his process religiously as it help sort a number of the issues with the base kit and the conversion. The fit of the intakes on the Cheetah was also problematic but some it was down to gaps in the Revell kit. As you say though, filler, sanding sticks and perseverance can solve a lot of problems!
  6. Really nice Alain. How did the Scaleworx pieces fit? They were great on the Cheetah C kit but I just wondered if the two-seater forward fuselage fitted as well as that.
  7. It would've been a good test for Rob's eyesight before he started the rigging on the Duchess!
  8. Yes, it's the Bronco kit. I got it from dawngrocerystore on eBay. It's a Chinese store I've used numerous times and always got great service at really good prices.
  9. Storage for the Comet has got it's basic paint. Now to weather and dirty it up, far too bright at the moment.
  10. Nice unusual subject Phil. Not sure I'd want to be sitting in the back with 700 l of highly flammable stuff.
  11. Rather you than me Rob, not sure my eyesight would cope with that!
  12. Great picture Peter. Jetset travel Scottish Highland's style!
  13. Lovely finish Alberto. It's a difficult fit to finish nicely due to the fit issues but yours looks brilliant.
  14. Hi Peter He'd probably say the Saab due to the responsiveness but there was something 'seat of the pants' about taking the Jetstream into some of the little fields like Wick. Put it this way, the crew got a bonus every time they flew into there due to the conditions - they weren't allowed to call it 'danger money' but that's essentially what it was.
  15. Hi Peter, glad you're so enthused to get back to building. My brother started working as cabin crew with a regional company over here called Eastern Airways about 20 years ago flying Britten Islanders and Jetstream 41 to places like Wick and Shetland, then they moved up to Embraer 145 and Saab 2000 flying to France and such. He moved to another carrier, FlyBe, who went bust at the start of Covid so he's spent the last two years working on the checkout in a local supermarket but he's been really lucky and got back into the industry with EasyJet flying all over Europe. I thought his age might count against him but I think all the experience he has worked in his favour.
  16. Figures look great Gary and well done getting a refund from AliExpress. Only site I've ever had my account hacked from, so wouldn't touch it now even although it does have some good stuff on it.
  17. The darker blue for the Magen David definitely looks better. Looking great overall.
  18. Great to see you back Peter and glad to hear the work on the house is almost done. I'm sure it's going to be worth all the hassle. Nice start on this interesting kit. I've never been too into commercial airliners but my brother built some when we were kids and now works in the industry, so a nice blast from the past!
  19. Hi Paul I know you could achieve the same effects by mixing white or another pale colour with the base OD to achieve this same modulation but it's so much more controllable with these pre-mixed sets and just gives a more consistent result. If you like Ammo products it's worth checking out the transparator which they produce as I used it in about a 50-50 mix with the lightest colours of the modulation set. It just increases the transparency of the paint layer but it seems to do it in a simpler way than thinning the paints with the Ammo acrylic thinner. Maybe it's just me, but I just think that the products Mig produces just seem to work.
  20. Looking great. Think you've gone the right way with just the one stern rail and it looks great in gold!
  21. Thanks Martin. First time I've tried the Ammo Modulation sets and it does it make it easier to achieve this.
  22. Looking really good Rob. Can't wait to see how the masts, etc go together.
  23. Similar to Gaz, I've been spending some cash on a nice set from PanzerArt. Storage for the Comet so the infantry have something to sit on.
  24. Nice Gaz. I do like the Panzer Art stuff, quality is always good.
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