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I don't know really where else to put this,

But a couple of years ago I bought a kit from Pacific Coast Models of the1/32 Tempest and at the time and I still do I thought it was a piece of crap for the price I paid for it and said so on this forum. Well maybe they can't control the quality of the kits that are made for them But the one thing that they do have control over is their customer service and in that respect they do an outstanding job.


I bought a KittyHawk 1/32  P-39 Q from Andy's Hobby HeadQuarters and got around to starting it a couple of months later well almost half of the "G" sprue was gone miss casted I think they call it anyway I called Andy and he suggested I call Pacific I figured OH S*it after what I said I'm up the well known creek without the paddle ANYHOW I did call and spoke to Maryellen and explained the problem to her she took my name and address phone number kept me updated and within 5 day's I had a complete kit again sent me the complete G sprue at no charge I haven't bought any Pacific kits since that Tempest but I think I'll start again because of their customer service THANK YOU AGAIN MARYELLEN



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PCM kits are limited run so I temper my expectations, just like some of the older Special Hobby releases.  With a little work they can built up into pretty respectable kits though and Ken and Mary Ellen definitely have a passion for the hobby.

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