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  1. happy1


    This time I'll know what to expect. Paul
  2. happy1

    Mossie PR color

    Do like I did paint it all BLACK Paul
  3. happy1


    I don't know really where else to put this, But a couple of years ago I bought a kit from Pacific Coast Models of the1/32 Tempest and at the time and I still do I thought it was a piece of crap for the price I paid for it and said so on this forum. Well maybe they can't control the quality of the kits that are made for them But the one thing that they do have control over is their customer service and in that respect they do an outstanding job. I bought a KittyHawk 1/32 P-39 Q from Andy's Hobby HeadQuarters and got around to starting it a couple of months later well almost half of the "G" sprue was gone miss casted I think they call it anyway I called Andy and he suggested I call Pacific I figured OH S*it after what I said I'm up the well known creek without the paddle ANYHOW I did call and spoke to Maryellen and explained the problem to her she took my name and address phone number kept me updated and within 5 day's I had a complete kit again sent me the complete G sprue at no charge I haven't bought any Pacific kits since that Tempest but I think I'll start again because of their customer service THANK YOU AGAIN MARYELLEN PAUL
  4. happy1

    Future + Tamiya Acrylics

    X-20A 2/3 water 1/3 IPA Paul
  5. Where did you get the decals from in 1/32. Paul
  6. https://store.spruebrothers.com https://www.victorymodels.com
  7. DON'T put your brush in any kind of mixture with ammonia it will take the chrome plating right off of the brush, I use a mixture of hot water and a degreasser 80% degreasser 20% water works great. I got my Ultra sonic cleaner off of E-bay for about $35.00 USD it's got a built it heater which is nice. Worth more then price I paid for it. Paul
  8. happy1

    Has HLJ Shipped 1:32 Tamiya Mossie?

    jeez I've had mine for almost three weeks now, I live in Arizona. Paul
  9. happy1

    1/32 Avenger TBF

    You are welcome your work is simply amazing I really enjoyed looking at it. Paul
  10. happy1

    1/32 Avenger TBF

    Aw just another damn show off!!! BEAUTIFUL. Paul
  11. happy1

    De-tacking paint masks?

    Still if you'd like to try some let me know ok. Paul PS that goes for anybody else reading this just don't get carried away
  12. happy1

    De-tacking paint masks?

    Matt I sorta pick up where Joe left off on the paint masks but if you would like to sample some of my try's let me know what you want and I'll try to get them to you. I'm not yet there at where Joe was but I'm getting there. Paul
  13. happy1

    De-tacking paint masks?

    Nova, PM me an address and I'll send you a sample of what I got and what version of roundels you want type 1-2-3 try them and see if you like them. Paul
  14. happy1

    De-tacking paint masks?

    Nova I started up where Joe left off making paint masks if your insterested PM me. I use vinyl for my masks. Paul
  15. happy1

    Best magnifier for glasses wearers?

    I don't know what you call them but them but thei simler to the OptiVisor that I got off e-bay for about $16.00 usd has 4 lens from 1.2x -3.5 I use it all the time. Paul