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AK Interactive Tanker Dust & Dirt

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Tanker Dust & Dirt

Techniques Magazine Issue 03


Publisher: AK Interactive

Chief Editor: Kristof Pulinckx


Available here from AK Interactive for € 9,-





Bam! Another Techniques Magazine for the armour enthusiasts. In the past I reviewed the second edition of this magazine / book series filled with special weathering techniques:


Issue #2: Tanker Extra Armour


Today I’ll take a look at issue #3, which focusses on Dust & Dirt. If you’re having trouble getting the most out of your bottle of pigment powder… read on.


Dust & Dirt

Today I’ll take a look at issue #3, which focusses on Dust & Dirt. If you’re having trouble getting the most out of your bottle of pigment powder… read on.


Kristof Pulinckx doesn’t turn out to be a guest chief editor for AK Interactive, and is also responsible for the 3rd issue in this range and kicks off with an nice impersonation of Luke Skywalker in the desert to introduce the theme.


The thing with these magazines is that you should treat them like books. Store them in your library and pull one out when covering a certain technique or theme. The heavy quality comes into play when you fumble the pages on your cluttered workbench…. Let’s just assume it’s cluttered.


Trying to achieve a convincing dust effect, beaten look, sun weathered appearance is one of the most difficult crafts to master. It’s easy to go overboard if the wide array of tools and products are not applied properly. Oils, pigments, chipping medium, washes, filters, etc…


The magazine:

As always I’ll take a look at the magazine by flipping through the articles and tell you exactly what you’ll get for 9 euro’s. 106 pages printed on quality thick paper bounded by a slightly stronger cover. Minimal advert space and lots of step by step techniques. The graphic design (as always with AK Interactive) is of high standard. I should be able to judge, with a background in advertising.


The issue contains 18 articles by assorted modellers with subjects going from ww2, to modern to apocalypse. And yes… all are covered in dust J






As said this magazine offers 18 articles:






• The Last Patrol

A 1:24 scale police patrol car by Esci, done over by Ricardo Chust Roig, adorned by a diorama done by Rubén Gonzalez.

It’s always cool to see an old kit detailed up and dressed up by all the modern tools and products we have available now. I especially like how the windows of this battered ‘Interceptor’ gets a milky effect from a mixed flat coat. Very realistic indeed.




• Afrika Dusters

A Tristar Pz I gets the Pulinckx treatment. Modelkasten tracks, a lovely but simple base, Aber photo etch and lots of AK products. He just makes it look so easy, but trust me: it isn’t. Still good to follow along and try to get anywhere close.






• M6 What if on the beach

Here’s a kit I haven’t seen built before. Dragon carries a few models in their so-called Black Label series, offering prototype tanks. Just like this M6. This example is modelled by Martin Red Kovac (a little birdy tells me he's from Slovakia ;) ) and he goes the extra mile by adding imaginairy field modifications. The added spikes that were meant to keep Japanese soldiers off the turret are an interesting feature. Reminds me of the spikes we have in Amsterdam to keep the pigeons at bay! This machine is bad ass. Even thought the model is all over olive drab, it’s a feast for the eye and Martin shows you exactly how he achieved the contrast and depth by using pigments and oils.






• Hotel Kabul Afghan Barbecue

This modern MATV done by Dirk Vangeel is one colourful event. Situated in a little diorama that offers lots to see. The article mainly focusses on the creation of the base and figures. Short but sweet.






• Su-122 From Russia with love

The old Tamiya kit get’s dressed up with Styrene, mesh and copper wire. I love builds like this. Nothing fancy. It’s all up to the painting. Rubén Gonzalez shows us step by step how he modulates his AK paints. The colour modulation with the green shades are followed by a filter, which is blended in with white spirit. Damn…. I really should use filters more. From all the articles in this magazine, this is my favorite one. Back to basics and all out on pure technique.






• Berlin 1946 Panzer Turm Stellung

Again, Kristof Pulinckx, goes to town. This time quite literaly with a Paper Panzer resin turret on a scratch built base. I love these late war german efforts.




• Beute M3 GMC in DAK Service 1943 Tunis

Gergo Szaszko builds the Tamiya M3A2 Half Track in german colours. What I particularly like from this build is the use of different brands. Winston Oils, Lifecolor paint and only a few AK products. This kinda ‘keeps it real’ ;)




• I am the Walrus

John Simmons builds and paints a futuristic APC in a colourful blue and yellow scheme. This model is bad-ass and even though it’s Sci-Fi it manages to convince.




• Dust and Sand reference

A good way to get inspiration is look at the real deal. Here’s chapter with modern pics (that can help you model from any era) to give you ideas and reference. Photo’s by Patrick Winnepennickx.







• Men at Work

The techniques we use can also be applied on Die Cast models. This is shown by Juan Villegas on a Komatsu PC 210 LC digger.






• Berlin Streetfighter Whippet

For some reason the brand of this Whippet tank isn’t mentiond. Since I reviewed the Takom kit and know what schemes are included, I knew it was Takom and not Meng. Not a lot of dust this time. Sven Frisch delicately weather this dark grey beute tank without adding a lot of extra details. A few fallen bricks from a building and some accompanying dust on the top, kinda tells a story.




• Caked Earth effect

This (in my opinion) is one of the most difficult techniques to get right. It’s easy to make it look like your tank rode through soaked muesli if done wrong. Ron Soeren takes you through it! The technique that is. Not the muesli…




• Weather Road Wheels & Lower parts

A small chapter dedicated to painting the rubber rim on roadwheels, adding pigments, metal scratches and dirt.




• Map of Products

A few pages that compare different paints and other products. I’d say excellent if you (like many) just returned to the hobby and are overwhelmed by the offer of different paints and weathering agents.




• School of Techniques

Following the summary of different products in the previous chapter, this chapter takes us to school. How to achieve dust with thinned enamel for example. Never knew this was an option!



So you’re an armour builder? And you want to improve your skill set? Then this is the magazine for you. Stay tuned for the next issue: Damage Inc. (Guess what that will cover…)


A big thank you to AK Interactive for the review sample.


Jeroen Peters

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