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1:35 Windmill - Plusmodel

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1:35 Diorama Accessories



 (Catalogue n.º 469)

Price Tag: 52.30€

(Balsa wood, Laser carved wooden parts and 1 resin parts)



Available from Plusmodel 


Another diorama accessories release by Plusmodel and quite a unsual one.

When I saw this one in the upcoming release I was eager to get my hands on one, and I was lucky enough to have one for review.


Enough blabla... and lets crack the box.





This is a truly model kit at his own…. Likewise the shed, this does have instructions and the indication and drawings of all parts.

The parts P and N are structural parts being all the P parts interiors parts in thick paper card, to give strength windmill walls that are laser cut wood and therefore quite thin and fragile.












The P4 and P5 are the roof base.

On top of then, laser cut wood parts will be the roof tiles. I would paint the P4 and P5 in a light wood color, like buff, light earth, natural wood (Vallejo) as the color of the parts are quite dark and I really don’t know if roof tiles will cover in totality.




The N parts are wooden beams that alongside with the P parts will give the windmill all the strength it need to hold in his feet’s.

The N 5 and N6 are exterior stair structure.

All other parts are for exterior (sails structure) and stairs.







The only resin piece is the spinner.

The resin is in light gray with no distortion or bubbles as usual from Plusmodel.






This spinner in this type of windmill is all wood so Plusmodel did take the care to give the resin part a wood texture that is quite delicate and subtle but really realistic.


The instructions are given in two A5 sheets with good drawings, parts indications as already stated above.

Also a template for windmill sails, all made of wood. I will take some Xerox on this one to save the template/instructions for possible errors and lots of glue…


























They are good and understandable to the intermediate modeler. They are not top notch but they do fulfill what they are made for so they are good to me.

No colour instructions are given. Its up to modeler creativity but in fact all the pictures I saw in the internet about the kind of windmill, they are in fact in natural wood, with no paint on in.



This windmill will be an eye catcher in any diorama. The quality and originality are in thgis box.. The modeler just need to be capable of bring it to life and I `m sure that the average modeler will be capable of doing it!

Another fantastic RELEASE from Plusmodel.

VERY Highly recommended.






With my sincere thanks to Plusmodel for this review sample. To purchase directly, click this link.


Francisco Guedes



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