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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

1/48th ICM Dornier 215 B-4


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As I ranted in an earlier "works in progress" post, this was not the most pleasant build of my life. Overall, the fit of the kit is OK, except around the engine nacelles. Part of that, though, may have been the result of my own poor planning and engineering. I achieved near-perfect fit around the nacelles with the help of some sprue "spreaders" that I placed just inside the wings around the join with the nacelles. However, a couple of them apparently became dislodged after gluing the nacelles in place (judging from the mysterious rattling about inside the wings) and the gap returned. Covered in shame, I will not show photos of the underside.


The kit decals are awful...don't use them if you build the kit. They shattered, they silvered...you name it, they did it. I understand that Hasegawa is reboxing this and I'm certain their decals will be much better. I ended up using some old after-market decals for the national markings, and painted on the red "nicht betreten" line thingy with Tamiya X-7. (I know...probably not the best RLM match but I was completely over it and just wanted to be done with it). 


Having said all of this, I'd like to build the Revell night fighter boxing, as I think I know my way through the minefield now. 















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Wow! Nice.

One small thing: the landing light glass seems to be missing.. Right?

You have a sharp eye Jeroen...yes, it is indeed missing. It took a dive down the floor vent in my workshop. Short of crawling under the house and pulling the duct apart, I doubt that it shall ever be seen again (an Iwata airbrush nozzle and many other kit parts are likely residing there as well). I e-mailed ICM asking if I could purchase a new clear sprue, and received a very nice reply stating that they were "looking at the best way to resolve my problem". That was in May, and apparently they are still trying to "resolve my problem". I may try the age-old white glue trick to fashion a landing light cover but given the contour of the leading edge of the wing I'm not sure it will work.

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