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  1. Hello all... My latest LSP , Spitfire MkI from Revell in 1:32. The build was trouble free.Since I am no Spit expert I must say there is probably whole lot of mistakes there but to me it looks like a Spit soooo...great!! Colors are mix of Modell Master Dark Green and Dark Earth on upper and Humbroll 90 Sky on lower surfaces. Modell Master Sky just didn't look right to me. Decals are kindly supplied by Steve - fightersweep (thx once again m8) supplemented by kit decals (which where great by the way). Varnishes as usual by Vallejo. So here are the pictures
  2. Love it..italian planes always look like race cars
  3. Nice looking Macci, i will never dare to touch vac kit let alone finnish it to look this great
  4. Hello all I wanted to do this one for long time and finally decided to go through with it. I used excellent 1:32 Dragon kit an I must say I find it a bit more enjoyable to build than Eduard offering. Really had no problem building this one. All parts come together quite nice and I was a bit afraid of nose section since I had no intention to build it with engine. All that was in need was some careful positioning and the whole area fit quite nicely. I decided to use Model Master Acrylic RLM 79 since it look more yellowish than enamel paint from same manufacture. I thinkit gives more realistic look for early Luftwaffe desert Emils, enamel is much more suited for later 109s. RLM78/80 are MM enamel and decals are from Kagero.
  5. Now this is great looking model. Great job !!!
  6. Wow realy love this one, perfect choice of markings . I realy love this Pikas birds with the red ring of shame. What decals did u use _
  7. Such a beautiful plane , and u Sir did a great job on it!!
  8. Very unusual and effective way to display such a great work...gotta love it !!
  9. WOW just WOW...too bad so few pictures
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