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Aces High Magazine (Issue 8) Captured!


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ACES HIGH Magazine ‘Captured’

(AK 2914 Issue 8)


Publisher: AK Interactive

Chief editor: Daniel Zamarbide Suárez


Available from AK Interactive for € 9,00




After already 8 issues we have grown accustomed to the quality, concept and content formula of Aces High Magazine by AK Interactive. A glossy, high resolution printed magazine with a Romain Hugault poster in the middle and a concept theme that links all the topics. This time we’re looking a a selection of captured birds. One of my personal favourite subjects. Luftwaffe subjects are cool, but it’s refreshing to see them in RAF or US colours every now and then. Or vice versa.



Always enjoying the content directory:




Previous Aces High titles I have reviewed are:


Aces High 4: The Mediterranean

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Aces High 7: Silver wings


The magazine is available from the AK Interactive website for € 9,00 euro’s. You may think that that is steep for a magazine, but only if you view this publication as such. I tend to keep these titles and grap one when covering a certain subject or trying a new technique. Every build is accompanied with step by step tutorials, that will pull you out of your comfort zone.


So what do we get with this issue?

A sturdy glossy cover, binding 82 quality glossy pages. A poster in the middle (as always). Restrained advertorial space (and yes, the HK Models ad on page 75 with our own Large Scale Modeller logo in it, makes me all warm and fuzzy inside), many tutorials and techniques, and well designed lay-outs.

Let me walk you through it:




• P-51B Mustang - The Wild Horse from Zirkus Rosarius - ”

(1/48 Tamiya by Daniel Zamarbide)

Daniel himself kicks off this magazine with this excellent Tamiya kit. His immaculate but thoroughly weathered style always grabs me. He can take me through the paces time and again, but I know I’ll never reach his standard. He’s one of those modellers that builds, paints and photographs at the highest level and throws in a good dose of creativity in the mix. His Spanish school style painting on the nose and spinner of this plane brings it to life. Much respect for the yellow underside (which is always a difficult colour) and brining just the right amount of contrast in the mono-colour. A sweet, seemingly simple build, with a great scheme. The incomplete swastika on the tail, shows us that his builds want to reach a larger audience than just Spain.








• Pfalz D.III A - The Unlucky German - ”

(1/32 Wingnut Wings by Michel Gruson)

I have to admit I haven’t heard of this modeller before, but this Pfalz is a home run. Yes we all know the Lozenge decals can be tricky, but Michel manages to use the Aviattic decals to good effect. I really like the way Michel applies the English Roundels to the wings and fuselage. He uses masks by Oramask. Another first for me… The model is rigged with metal 3D prined turnbuckles by Gaspatch (the best..) and EZ line.   




• Ju-87 D-3 Stuka “Under Entirely New Management”

(1/48 Hasegawa by Kamil Feliks Sztarbala)

Another venerable kit and another build with a yellow underside. Maybe superfluous to mention, but the undersides of Beutewaffen / Captured planes was to show the friendly troops that the pilot examining the enemy bird was a friendly too ;) These enemy planes were put through their paces extensively, which gratifies a well worn and weathered appearance. And yes, this is another reason these captured planes are such an interesting subject for the modeller.  






• Mig 007 James Bond

(1/48 Trumpeter Mig-21F-13 by Girolamo Lorusso)

The title had me puzzled until I read the story. What we have here is an Iraqi Mig under new Israeli management. James Bond refers to the activities of the Mossad in 1963 that intertwined with the Israeli Air Force. A bit farfetched, but I get the point. The kit is extra detailed with a Neomega Resin cockpit and painted with a mix of AK Extreme Metal and Mr Hobby Color. The roughed up aluminium surface and the colourful red elements really set this one off.






The poster (as always) is from the hand of Romain Hugault. Romain’s love for round chested ladies and sexy warbirds has created an almost all new genre on it’s own. The accuracy of the plane details, the historical background, the feeling for drama in composition and perspective and the curvy ladies is something you don’t see combined in a whole lot of comic books.




• Fw 190A-5 “The Blue Hunter”

(1/48 Eduard by Marek Novacek)

Step by step we are shown how amazing depth in colour is achieved, scratches are added with Prisma pencils (my favorite) and shades of colour variations are sprayed. This build clearly shows the effective use of panelliner, oil streaking and pencil highlighting.  








• Sukhoi Su-25 UB/UBK “The Gulf War Escape”

(1/48 KPMasterline by Juan Villegas)

This build is the highlight in this magazine. The brand KPMasterline is not well known and not highly recommended by Juan in the introduction. It’s clear the modeller had many obstacles to overcome and lots of detail to add, which is a good thing for us eager to learn. The model receives added raised plastic card and photo-etch for a more rugged appearance. He starts his paintjob with a mix of panel line shading and random patches. A technique I like to use. Juan also uses the new Gauzy agent (AK’s Future) to prepare the model for decals and weathering. Can’t wait to try this myself. This article has a bonus ‘Techniques in detail’ section, which show us how to make registry covers, reliefs and rivets. Pretty cool stuff.







• Profiles

To show us that there are more examples of captured planes than the standard Fw190 in RAF colours or Thunderbolt in Luftwaffe scheme, 9 surprising profiles from both wwI, wwII and post war are added.  Also make sure to check page 80, which shows some black and white photographs of captured subjects.




• Mind the Gap ‘Captured Schwimmwagen Type 166’

(1/48 Tamiya by Francisco J. Martinez)

A cute, quick build of a Schwimmwagen in US colours. Basic steps used to great effect. Filters, Washes, Rust and Dust. Lovely.  





What can I say? A cool theme, great builds, clear step-by-step instructions (which makes you hang on to these titles), great artwork and photography. If I had to nitt-pick (and since I’m writing a review here I have to), I would recommend a tighter grip on the english grammar, which can be a bit bended here and there. If you need inspiration, advise or just to be amazed, get your copy now.  


Next issue: Helicopters!


A special thanks to AK Interactive for the review sample.

Available here.


Jeroen Peters




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