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RAF BE 2 c - Windsock Datafile


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The RAF Be2C at War,

by Paul R Hare

Price tag: £12


Centenary Datafile 172


Available at http://www.windsockdatafilespecials.co.uk/





And just at the end of the summer, early autumn, a new centenary datafile, the number 172.


With 32 pages on gloss paper of which at first glance has the typical structure and winner of the previous datafiles.


But before I have to call into play the cover ... a very appealing design and very well executed where a BE2c is in combat with two Eindeckers. The scene takes place in western front in December 1915.

A fantastic paint from Paul Monteagle.


In the opening, 3 fantastic profiles unique and unmistakable Ronny Bar and two beautiful photographs of TVAL BE2c.



With a structure identical to the previous Datafiles, the reader is offered a summary of the history of this plane with photos of the time with clear highlight at the beginning to the pre-war civilian functions of this plane like the "Overseas".










Then, a summary of the new tests changes with the new V8 engines Renault and the need to arm the aircraft with machine guns and arrivals solutions and description even small victories with weapons already installed and their movements by the various squads and rise in war of this this iconic aircraft.





After, a small chapter of Colours and Markings and the Key to colour plates… these just have very precious information.



7 pages of scale drawings in 1:72 and 1:48 scale are very good and a great reference to all the want to do this plane… Me for instance will have to wait for WnW…. At least I hope that they do one some day.




And then for finish several close up pics! A fantastic walkaround.


At the end… 4 more fantastic profiles from Ronny Bar.









A complete book, even with only 32 pages, condensed with large profiles, plans and photographs essences for Roden kit to 1:48 or 1:72 to Airfix. Or if you have those kits or any other, this book is a must have given the information that itself contains.

WnW please can we have a 1:32 Be2 C?


Worth every penny.


Very Highly recommend.

My sincere thanks to Ray Rimmel and Windsock for the opportunity and the review sample.



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