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WNW Sopwith triplane help


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Hi all

Almost finished my WNW tripehound

Bit of a decal disaster with the rudder "flashes" (red/white/blue stripes)

courtesy of my three-year-old and an uncapped bottle of Mr. Thinner!

Is there any chance anyone has these specific decals spare (after perhaps building the French or captured version?)

I've also asked WNW directly

Considered trying to paint them but I don't think I could get a good enough match

If all else fails I'm going to buy the Roden kit (again!) & just use the rudder and decals ...

Thanks from a wet & rainy Southern California


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Well I reached out to WNW but despite an initial positive response, then didn't hear much so I caved and bought a Roden kit, allowing me to use the rudder & decals and finally get this project finished.

I had initially started the Roden kit before being able to source the (superior) WNW kit but a major Roden problem (in my opinion) was their poor-quality, fragile decals.

... so ...

I now have a (near) complete Roden tripehound sheet (sans the tail flashes) and would be happy to give it anyone who's struggling with their own set of decals & perhaps needs a few spares?

Best (from a wet & rainy Southern California)

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