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  1. trumpeter

    Amazing work! very eye catching model if time ever permits I'd like to do one if these & if I do this is the standard I'll strive for ...
  2. I'm an aircraft builder I'm not even supposed to be looking here :-) Your build is amazing!!
  3. Enjoyed the recent JV44 190 post, will try to upload a few pics of my most recent build using my phone... Very basic build - Hasegawa kit with Aires engine, Gunze colors, markings are a mix of decals (walkways) & masks (insignia & the slogan under the cockpit believe it or not - masked using the Montex set)... V pleased with how it looks in the display cabinet alongside my recent 109 On deck now are the Wingnuts Se5a & ZM Pfeil as well as the (real!) '43 MB Willys I'm restoring in my garage Hope nobody minds me tacking a few in-progress pics & a jeep shot onto the end of my posting (?) Doug
  4. Really nice!! Would love to see any in-progress build pics & hear more specifics about probs with this kit. Its on my list but not yet in my stash...
  5. Looks great! Love this aircraft. I have this kit in my stash, hoping to get to it soon (Wingnuts "hisso" on deck rn). I previously built the (ZM) Ta152 & Horten (& totally agree with your sentiments about clear plastic - sprayed the Horten sprue trees with Mr Surfacer before starting the build) and am happy with how both turned out. The Uhu however was a different experience for me & currently languishes in the stash of kits that may or may not ever be completed. The body breakdown was so (unnecessarily) extensive that I found it very challenging to end up with a decent looking fuselage - too many gaps & joints. Might just be my lack of skill & as I said it's unfinished but at least for now I've given up on it.
  6. Yeah, someone just forwarded the new duelist link to me (Camel + LVG) Best release I can remember! Despite having built a large number of the WNW kits (in fact switching to 1/32 pretty much because of them), I've been super-frustrated not to have bought or built an LVG (now of course out of production). This duel/kit is the perfect solution - a new offering as well as the chance to go back and pick something many missed out on. Great work Wingnuts!
  7. Looks like you might have derailed my own Wingnut Pfalz project by posting that giant Dora ... ;-)
  8. My jaw is sagging! Just amazing Would love to see it next to something to give an idea of size - like a person or piece of furniture? I'm really only a plane guy ... but ... I might just look around for one of these ... Whatever your "loss of mojo" moments may have been, I can tell you that your amazing build is an inspiration to others Thanks for posting all the construction pics Doug
  9. Well I reached out to WNW but despite an initial positive response, then didn't hear much so I caved and bought a Roden kit, allowing me to use the rudder & decals and finally get this project finished. I had initially started the Roden kit before being able to source the (superior) WNW kit but a major Roden problem (in my opinion) was their poor-quality, fragile decals. ... so ... I now have a (near) complete Roden tripehound sheet (sans the tail flashes) and would be happy to give it anyone who's struggling with their own set of decals & perhaps needs a few spares? Best (from a wet & rainy Southern California)
  10. Just amazing work, loved reading it over a cup of coffee, looking forward to the finale - thanks for sharing!
  11. Just bought a CJ2a & parked it on our lower lot - planning a full rebuild, olive drab paintjob & a couple of large white stars :-)
  12. V pleased to see the 129 on the horizon. Will absolutely have to have one. Waiting to hear back from WNW about a replacement decal for my tripehound tail, then I can clear the bench and open up the ZM Pfeil which is next in line.
  13. Just beautiful
  14. Hey Rick I've requested occasional replacement parts over the years - never a full tree. The address I use for Tamiya here in the US is usa_support@tamiya.com They have always been great - always sourced what I needed & always got it to me asap in a carefully wrapped package. Their service & support has been excellent in my experience! Hope this helps Doug
  15. Have one of these in my stash Would like to do a metal finish After looking at it closely, my biggest concern will be joining the upper fuselage halves whilst preserving the fine rivet-detail... I don't like the idea of having to try to recreate significant amounts of rivet detail after heavy sanding (punch or riveting wheel) & I think a metallic finish will be unforgiving of poor workmanship ... Anyone who's already tackled this kit have any specific suggestions? I'll be following with interest (after doing the same with my birdcage corsair!) Doug