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1/16 Leutnant Kati Otersdorf “Die Fledermaus” - Luftkrieg 1919

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1/16 Scale Leutnant Kati Otersdorf “Die Fledermaus”

from Luftkrieg 1919

Item Numbers LUFT1601 "Smoking" & LUFT1602 "With Spandau Gun Trophy"



Luftkrieg 1919 is a new company out of the UK with a common theme among their planned release subjects: an alternate history immediately following the First World War, where conflicts continue. The first releases from the company are in 1/16 scale: two figures based on history with a bit of science fiction thrown in for good measure.  Leutnant Kati Otersdorf is one of these, and is available in two versions: either depicted holding a cigarette or holding a 1/16 Spandau gun. The Spandau gun is also available separately from Luftkrieg 1919 as #LUFT1603.


Ltn. Otersdorf has been sculpted by Patrick Masson for Luftkrieg 1919, artwork is from Guillaume Manuel, and the overall concept is the product of Richard Andrews. In a nutshell, her backstory is that she was a former love interest of Manfred von Richtofen who became a night-transport-turned-night-fighter pilot.


The figure and gun come in zip-lock bags inside a small plastic box, along with a packing peanut to ensure nothing moved and got damaged during transit.  It is apparent that Luftkrieg 1919 is paying more attention to details than simply releasing a product. My shipment contained a postcard-sized print of the character which appears to be designed with an aged look to resemble a century-old photograph.  A tri-fold colour brochure was also included, containing not just Ltn Otersdorf’s story but concept artwork and reference photos of such items as the Pour le Merit medal (aka the Blue Max) and a WWI pilot’s crash helmet.






A total of eleven resin parts make up this set - eight for the figure and three for the gun. A glove is held in Kati’s right hand and the builder has a choice of left arms - one holding a cigarette, and one holding the muzzle of the Spandau while it rests on the ground. In other words, the difference between the two versions available of this figure is the inclusion of the Spandau. Examining the resin parts, the detail looks superb and consistent throughout.  The figure has been sculpted wearing a Pour le Merit and flight suit with harness and crash helmet. An optional scarf blowing in the wind is also included.  Sculpted straps on the harness and crash helmet contain very nice buckle detail and D rings. Kati’s helmet appears to have been styled after German air crew’s crash helmets, with “bat ears” added on. Examining the resin pieces, I found no casting imperfections or air bubbles, and only a hint of flash is present.  






The Spandau gun has been designed in CAD and the master 3D printed, it is licensed from Gaspatch who has made a name for themselves making highly realistic 3d-printed guns and turnbuckles in several scales.  Comparing the gun to photos, it appears that all details have been captured, and not out of scale.  The cooling jacket of the gun is thin and hollow, barrel and muzzle details look great as well. My one point of note is that the leather padding on the rear of the gun breach has faint layers, a result of the 3D printing. This is noticeable if you look closely, but I expect it will not take more than a coat of Mr Surfacer or one to two minutes of light sanding to hide.


Considering the levels of detail, clean casting, and secure packaging, you can't go wrong with this release. I was not familiar with Partick Masson’s sculpting before viewing these Luftkrieg 1919 sets, but it’s clear that he’s among the best.  Additional releases in various large scales will follow in the coming months and while I've been sworn to secrecy on the subject matter, I encourage you to explore the various pages on the Luftkrieg 1919 website to read the well thought-out story line so far and get an idea of where future releases are headed.

Highly recommended

Review sample was generously provided by Luftkrieg 1919 , my thanks to Richard Andrews.


The assembled figure with LUFT1602 on the left holding the Spandau and LUFT1601 on the right with a cigarette.










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