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  1. Subject says it all, I’m looking to buy a Kitty Hawk Su-34 (not interested in the Hobby Boss kit), and also a Dream Model J-15 conversion for the 1/48 Su-33. Please shoot me an email if you can help - mikeswinburne@gmail.com Thanks! Mike
  2. Ok I finally got the stash somewhat sorted. Add to the donation pile please a 1/32 Trumpeter P-40E, P-40M, or P-40N (winner’s choice of one of these three). If I come across any aftermarket for the kit in the next few days I’ll include in the box, not sure if I bought any yet.
  3. Bravo Herbert! The photon was my first resin printer and it's a brilliant machine.
  4. Please count me in, thanks Ernie. If I find something suitable in my stash I'll add it later - still haven't got to the point of unpacking and organizing all of that yet and I don't know what's what.
  5. Isn’t any move a big move when you have a model stash? 😎
  6. It’s something I want to do! We’re moving this weekend though so it’s a little hard to do anything hobby related just yet.
  7. Fusion did do a conversion but only in 1/48. It’s a very nice set if you can find one, I build one of them eons ago. I got a chuckle at the timing of this post, as I was just thinking about making one of these in 32nd scale last week
  8. My word, that seaplane tender it gorgeous!
  9. Glad you made it there and I hope you have a great time. Which mike? Speaking from experience, about every 3rd person at the show is probably named Mike 😛
  10. Nothing exists yet unfortunately, with the exception of the old Paragon conversion set
  11. Hey Harv, there’s a guy on Facebook looking for an albatros, he’s been messaging me today. Will connect you with him
  12. Please drop me a line if you have one you'd part with, US only for postage costs please. Thanks! Mike mikeswinburne@gmail.com
  13. You’re going to need to make significant changes to the wings and tailplane… the cowling as well depending which production batch you’re modeling. You can’t just stick floats on a Roden Albatros and call it a W4 unfortunately
  14. I have the 1/24 here - it’s the nicest and best detailed kit I’ve ever seen that wingnut developed, of all kits that have been released. And the wings are dead flat in it too, no curving to fix
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