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  1. seiran01

    1/32 Aircraft FS

    Selling the following off to help justify and fund a new 3d resin printer. Please email me at mikeswinburne@gmail.com if interested, thanks. Buyer pays shipping (from Washington DC area to anywhere). PayPal preferred but not required. Sorry no trades right now. Thank you for looking! Mike 1/32 Kits Lukgraph KO-4 (Japanese version of Nieuport 29) $100 C&H Aero Miniatures - F-86H Conversion (for hasegawa). Decals in perfect condition. Rear tail tip on both sides was broken off and missing when I received it. Nothing that can't be built back from sheet plastic pretty easily. $200 Silver Wings Reggiane Re.2000 Falco. $130 Hasegawa F-86F-40 JASDF. One forward and rear fuselage halve loose in box. $30 LEM: Focke Wulf FW Flitzer, $75 LEM: Ki-115 Tsurugi, $75 Roden Albatros D.III (OAW), Some interior construction, no painting. Including an Eduard color PE set with this. $35 Roden Fokker D.VI. $35 Trumpeter: F-14D Super Tomcat, $100 Wingnut Wings: Salmson 2-A2/Otsu, $110 Wolfpack: F-86F-40 ROKAF (kinetic kit + resin wheel hubs + metal pitot+ new decals), $40
  2. seiran01

    1st LSM Christmas Raffle (list updated)

    Ernie - late donation too - I’ll chuck in a WNW sop snipe (late)
  3. seiran01

    1st LSM Christmas Raffle (list updated)

    Hah, reminds me of me as a youngun! Merry Christmas everyone
  4. Hi all, I’m trying to track down either Wolfpack conversion for the Japanese F-4EJ Kai Phantoms (sets #32010 and 32040). I do not need the dry transfers from #32010 if anyone has that set. Will buy worldwide, im in the Washington DC area. Thanks to anyone who can help! mike
  5. seiran01

    Yuk-9s are shipping!

    Running around like a headless chicken today and don't have time to type up a review, but here's what you get in the kit https://imgur.com/a/ZDi2ThS
  6. seiran01

    Yuk-9s are shipping!

    Yeah, can snap a few tonight when i get home
  7. seiran01

    Yuk-9s are shipping!

    Mine landed about a week ago, it's significantly nicer than even the photos SW shared imply. May be their nicest kit yet!
  8. seiran01

    Fundraiser to help Paul Fisher

    Heh, Cupcake. Well Ern I'm updating the address book in my phone to reflect that! Thanks Maru -Mike
  9. seiran01

    1st LSM Christmas Raffle (list updated)

    Glad to see this initiative back! Count me in please Ern.
  10. seiran01

    Fundraiser to help Paul Fisher

    It gave me the option after the credit card page to do anon or not
  11. Hi all, I know a number of folks know Paul Fisher, at least through his resin kits if not personally. Wanted to give a heads up that a fundraiser has been set up to help him and Suzy, in case anyone would like to help out. link is https://www.gofundme.com/paul-fisher-fire-relief
  12. but wait, are the fuselage rivets raised or recessed?
  13. I have contacted Dave @ WNW, he can confirm that over 8 years of research, design and tooling have gone into this model.... so far. Damn this is going to be epic.
  14. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/wingnut-wings-1-32-lancaster-dambuster-and-b-mk-i--t498551.html YES YES YES HELL YES!!!!!
  15. At least it isn't big of an oops! Not even the paint shop gave an F https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-45572275