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  1. I’m still pondering the gear leg design, there are some tough resins on the market that may be worth trying. Or I could just go crazy and design the struts without fairings and have shapeways print them in metal all nice and strong. Might be a good experiment!
  2. Hi friends, I'm looking for a few resin sets for two Flanker builds I want to tackle before long... do any of you have the following that you'd part with? I'm in the Washington DC area, don't mind buying internationally. Thanks! Mike - mikeswinburne@gmail.com Wolfpack 32045, Su-30K IAF Conversion Set Wolfpack 32035 SU-27 late type landing gear bay Avionix or Aires Cockpit for single seat SU-27 Zacto Su27 canopy set
  3. No, mossie is much narrower and the Lanc bomb bay is probably three times the length of the mossie bay
  4. [expletive] I spoke too soon. I just opened up the file to take a look at it. It is in what was a shared folder that my friend and I were using before Fusion changed their subscription model. Since he's the folder owner I cannot save the design back into my files to continue working on it. I could make adjustments to the design but none of them would save so i won't have a way to tweak the thing to make sure everything fits the model. I'm sorry Carl If I get some free time I wouldn't mind making the design again but right now I'm overextended with commitments for two aftermarket compan
  5. I did the stepped bulged door in cad for the 8,000lb cookie on the Lanc Mk.ii but I don’t have a printer big enough to test print it.
  6. If i can find really good line drawings of a York, I'd be willing to take a stab at a conversion for the HK Lanc...
  7. HAD Models has also put a preorder online for decals to do the assembly ship Lemon Drop in 1/32, if anyone's interested! https://www.hadmodels.com/32070-b-24d-lemon-drop-assembly-ship-decal-sheet-132
  8. Thanks to those who've taken kits off my hands so far. I've updated the list to remove sold items, and have added a Zoukei Mura Horten 229
  9. Thanks Vandy. It's a 2 week furlough but there will be three of them this year, it doesn't sound like the executives with their company cars and multi million dollar salaries are furloughing themselves (go figure...). Sure, it's annoying for her to not have three paychecks this year, but I'm considering us still quite fortunate as it's a much less crappy situation than what a lot of people are having to deal with at the moment.
  10. *Updated 4/26. Just the Heinkel 219 remains available. Thank you to everyone who has picked up kits from me in the last few days. Wifey got furloughed today so I'm jumping out in front of the reduced income and offering up some kits for sale. Please message me or email me (mikeswinburne at gmail dot com) if interested in these. No trades, paypal preferred please. Postage from 22015 not included. Thanks for looking, Mike Zoukei Mura Heinkel He-219: $165
  11. I’ve been thinking about a new canopy and trimmed wingtips, since you mention it. 4360 is a project for another day, and not for this plane. Drawing the Kinsei 62 was enough of a challenge for me - but here’s how things look before I sent them off to print. Now I just need to figure out how to add panel lines for my next project, I’ll be scribing them onto the cowl here.
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