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  1. These are some great ideas guys, thanks I've posted this on LSP as well, the rising sun theme seems popular over there too. Not sure I'm sold on doing that yet on the Zero, but it really does look stunning on the F2G!
  2. I'm going to be building an A6M8 in 1/32 scale, with a conversion I've designed. The new cowl with large air scoop on top and a Kinsei 62 radial engine are being 3d printed, and the more I look at the plane with that giant air scoop on top of the new cowl. So it's got me thinking, what about making one into a fictional Reno race plane? Does anyone have thoughts on what would make a great looking paint scheme on such a plane? This is the part where my creativity is severely lacking so I'm hoping some of you guys will have some fun and creative ideas Cheers! Mike
  3. Yes it’s that one, and yes unfortunately, pricey postage on this one outside the US
  4. Bump - new items listed, prices lowered on a few items also. Thanks for looking!
  5. Go with some style of green, the Pima pics look to me like a dark green possibly with a hint of blue and any eye trickery beyond that being the light and camera settings. what on earth is the steering wheel thing on the pilots left console? Is that for grounds steering like a streetcar? LOL
  6. Updated Wednesday, March 18 - new listings and some lowered prices Hi all, I have the following 1/32 goodies for sale (sorry, no trades at this time) from 22015 in the Washington DC area. Will post anywhere on the planet, postage is not included in the prices listed. Paypal is preferred. Please contact me if interested at mikeswinburne@gmail.com. Thanks! Mike Eagle Strike Decals 32022 - Merry Christmas Tomcat (VF103 Xmas CAG bird F-14B). $4 Fisher F9F-8T / TF-9J Cougar (Twogar - this is the two seater). Box is a little crushed on the top, everything is fine inside. $300 HPH Aviattik (Berg) D.I $100 Pheon Decals #32044 - Wartime Snipes and Canadian "Trophy" Fokker D.VIIs $8 Pheon Decals #32078 - Sopwith Dolphin volume 2 $8 Revell Germany F-4G, most recent boxing with the Spangdahlem bird on box top. Some parts removed from sprue and loose in box, all parts present. $38 Sierra Hotel resin seamless intakes for Revell F-4 (#32410). $35 Tommy's War resin Crossley Light Tender $75 Wingnut Wings DFW C.V late (decals unbagged, everything present). $95 Wingnut Wings Hansa Brandenburg W.29. Bagged kit, one wing sprue unsealed. has full sealed decal sheets from Felixstowe/Hansa duellist kit. No instructions (download from wingnutwings.com). $200 Wingnut Wings Pfalz D.IIIa limited edition Flying Circus vol. 1 (this is now sold out at WNW). $75 Zoukei Mura He219. $170
  7. Ern that control panel looks great! Is that the kit decal, or did you go and use something like Airscale dials or Yahu panel?
  8. Google hasn't been as helpful as I'd like, so I'll ask here... Can anyone comment on the best option(s) for resin P-47 cockpits out there in 1/32 scale? I've heard the Avionix / Black Box set is good, but haven't heard much about the Aires pit which seems more available. Thinking non-corrugated floor as I'm planning on cobbling together a P-47M from a Hasegawa -D. How are the cockpits in the Trumpeter Razorback and -N? I have both these kits as well but haven't looked closely enough at the levels of detail... Do these "need" improvements, and are any available in resin as well? Excluding the Master Casters set as I don't care to correct the slightly misshapen windscreen. Thanks in advance! -Mike
  9. LEM and HPH (in their upcoming plastic line) have both announced 1/32 Vampires :-) gimme that and good single seat Venom to fill those holes in my rnzaf stash.
  10. I see that Profimodeller has also released a bunch of decal sheets for 1/32 RAF / Coastal Command Liberators. Most are the mk.V, but I see at least one mk.III also (all would be based from the Hobby Boss B-24D kit). These can be seen on Profimodeller's website at http://www.profimodeller.com/kategorie/1:32-2/. I'm going to go out on a limb and hope they're doing resin rocket stub wings, Leigh light, and the B-P tail turret to make these fully accurate
  11. For anyone itching to build a colorful assembly ship, HAD Models has just put the preorder online for a decal and mask set for Pete The Pom Inspector https://www.hadmodels.com/32069-b-24-d-pete-the-pom-inspector-decal-mask-132
  12. The new Tripala conversion just landed here from Hungary. My god it’s beautiful.
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