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  1. Oh dear… how have I missed this thread over the last few months?! Well, better catch up with contributions
  2. Hi folks, As I continue to try and clear out my 1/32 scale stash, I have a bunch of additional kits for sale and what I believe is a complete list of the 200+ aftermarket items I've managed to collect over the years. To keep the post itself from being too long, I've created google spreadsheets for everything for sale. I'll happily entertain serious offers if anyone is interested in taking a ton of this off my hands for their own collection or for resale. Prices do not include postage from the Washington DC suburbs. Payment by Paypal (Friends & Family only), Venmo (again, friends/family only), check or money order. As I will be listing the stuff for sale on several forums, please email me if interested so that I can keep all the comms in one place - mikeswinburne@gmail.com Thank you for looking! Mike Kits https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1W6mjLAapviaUxKfF6xj1p3Zg0TeTclzq3IGPz_faXb0/edit?usp=sharing Aftermarket https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bBKNkHRElcfqaVV3ueRk25bNf2iLNve4Wu0qEmrjWSw/edit?usp=sharing Wanted (1/48 scale) Tamiya Gloster Meteor F.3 Revell Ventura Mk.II
  3. Way ahead of ya bud! I found my MRP flanker colors, the dark blue and grey are a pretty close match to the decals which is good to know if I need to do paint touch-up. As for the medium UAF Flanker blue… well, here’s how it looks on plastic
  4. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll use the DXM decal sheet for the digital camo Blue 58, or if I’ll use the Cutting Edge decal sheet for the 1996 scheme in splinter camo worn at Fairfield. Either way, the build is a GWH Su-27 single seater using a Quinta cockpit and Reskit paint masks. The Reskit masks cover a few panels to speed up painting, such as the grey tail leading edge panels, and also provide two differently sized canopy masks (plus interior canopy mask) to allow the painting of the canopy seal around the glass. Life is hectic right now so who knows how fast I will be able to build, but I’m pleased to participate either way. Stay tuned for photos, I’m starting to cut parts off sprues now! -Mike
  5. Anyone have one that they’d sell me? I have the decal sheet already and am liking this weird guppy-looking variant more and more. Thanks, Mike - mikeswinburne@gmail.com
  6. I have the new AIMS one I could part with. The set doesn’t come with decals but I should have some unused from my mostly-built Alley Cat set
  7. Subject says it all, I’m looking to buy a Kitty Hawk Su-34 (not interested in the Hobby Boss kit), and also a Dream Model J-15 conversion for the 1/48 Su-33. Please shoot me an email if you can help - mikeswinburne@gmail.com Thanks! Mike
  8. Ok I finally got the stash somewhat sorted. Add to the donation pile please a 1/32 Trumpeter P-40E, P-40M, or P-40N (winner’s choice of one of these three). If I come across any aftermarket for the kit in the next few days I’ll include in the box, not sure if I bought any yet.
  9. Bravo Herbert! The photon was my first resin printer and it's a brilliant machine.
  10. Please count me in, thanks Ernie. If I find something suitable in my stash I'll add it later - still haven't got to the point of unpacking and organizing all of that yet and I don't know what's what.
  11. Isn’t any move a big move when you have a model stash? 😎
  12. It’s something I want to do! We’re moving this weekend though so it’s a little hard to do anything hobby related just yet.
  13. Fusion did do a conversion but only in 1/48. It’s a very nice set if you can find one, I build one of them eons ago. I got a chuckle at the timing of this post, as I was just thinking about making one of these in 32nd scale last week
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