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  1. Just like my FICE approach to building! “F*** it, close enough!”
  2. Looking forward to meeting you folks there in person too - finally got my time off work approved the other day
  3. Drop me a line, I have a pile of PP props here
  4. Will do a test print this weekend and see how it’ll look full size
  5. What about something from a jet of the era? Could some from a canadair sabre work?
  6. Great photos Martin Ernie... back to the drawing board to refine the back end shape of the air scoop? Or will you modify what I sent you?
  7. Wooo! Major milestone on the build! looks like you got the rear windows polished up nicely. And now the remaining steps of the build will fall like dominos
  8. Thanks Carl and others. I’ve certainly considered selling the parts but there are a number of moving pieces with this including whether or not I provide these to someone else to sell (either printing the parts or casting with using my parts as masters). I’ll be sure to let y’all know when I know what direction I’m taking. In my head right now to design are Lanc Mk.II nacelles/engines, a Lincoln conversion, and continuing to develop parts for Mosquitos (tse tse, anyone?). If all goes to plan, bigger things to come!
  9. Some dayglo inspiration for ya Ern - Lanc 10DC air-to-air videos at 4:45 and 10:15. I know yours won't be slinging Firebees, but it's the first video I've seen of Canadian Lancasters.
  10. I think you are going to fine these pretty damn nice! The stubs on a few of these prints retained their being hollow down the full length of the part- as such they’re extremely delicate but I think they’re gonna look superb once painted. Woo!!!
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