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  1. Whereabouts is Military Hobbies? I’ll be in Anaheim for the better part of a week in early March
  2. Damn, that sucks!! Don’t the mainstream storage places usually have security cameras? Might make the haystack a little smaller to find the needle
  3. Count me in Ern, thanks. Unsure yet if I have anything I can donate towards the raffle, I just sold a bunch of stuff off to thin the pile to just the “needed” items. Will have a look and let you know
  4. Hannants has it reduced too... trying to clear stock before Wingnut release maybe?
  5. All items below for sale, plus postage from 22015 (Wash DC suburbs). Will ship worldwide. Paypal preferred. Sorry, no trades at the moment. Please PM or email me at mikeswinburne@gmail.com if interested, thank you for looking! Mike HK Dornier Do 335A fighter $120 Trumpeter Me262 A-2 w/ eduard color-etch cockpit set. Fuselage parts loose in box. $45 A-4E Skyhawk $70 Wingnut Wings Felixstowe F.2a / Hansa W.29 Duellist $265 Sopwith Pup RFC. $90 (long sold out /OOP @ Wingnut) Zoukei Mura Do335A-0 $120
  6. Guess that’s why we are friends
  7. landing flaps (primary and secondary) are metal, all other control surfaces are fabric
  8. Multiple decal sheets available for the J... Profimodeller has 2 or 3 sets including the one with giant dragon artwork on side, DK Decals did a sheet of British/Aussie Liberators recently and Novascale does a sheet of NMF Aussie B-24s. There might be more but those are already available off the top of my head.
  9. HAD Models has agreed to scale up their Pete The Pom Inspector decals to 1/32 for those wanting a D (or H with D-style greenhouse nose) assembly ship. Will include the nose art for both Pete (B-24D) and Pete 2nd (B-24H, aka RePete if you ask Ernie). Hopefully preorder will go online in the next few days. After talking with Feri @ HAD this weekend he’s agreed the best approach from a pricing perspective will be to include a cd with templates so that the builder can make paint masks for all the giant yellow circles with their red borders. So. Frigging. Excited. Profile art from their smaller scale sheet for reference:
  10. It took a while but I’ve got the paper plane done up in CAD and have printed a few in 1/32 and 1/24. Managed to build one up and it looks pretty good, see the pic below. Looking pretty awesome!!! Unfortunately I’ve already had the chance to build a knock-off from a seller on aliexpress. You can see the knock-off built up in the shot on the left for comparison.
  11. Maybe not but I’ve been slowly working on conversion parts for the HK kit
  12. Dammit Ern, sorry to hear about the whole situation, that sucks! Hope things go as well as then can for your parents. Hope your brother trips and falls manparts first into a wood chipper. what an @$$hole. Give this a listen, you may get a chuckle since you’re out of phoques. Hopefully a brief distraction, at the very least a good source for more ways to say that you’re out of phoques.
  13. List has been updated with sold stuff removed, and have added an Aviattic Ansaldo
  14. Revell - Mirage III (Italeri) $60 21st Century - Macchi 202 $25 Aviattic Ansaldo A1 Baililla (Italian boxing) $130 Sorry no trades at the moment. Please contact me by email (mikeswinburne@gmail.com) or PM if interested. Postage is not included in the prices, I'll ship worldwide at cost. Paypal preferred. Thank you for looking! Mike
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