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  1. Isn’t any move a big move when you have a model stash? 😎
  2. It’s something I want to do! We’re moving this weekend though so it’s a little hard to do anything hobby related just yet.
  3. Fusion did do a conversion but only in 1/48. It’s a very nice set if you can find one, I build one of them eons ago. I got a chuckle at the timing of this post, as I was just thinking about making one of these in 32nd scale last week
  4. My word, that seaplane tender it gorgeous!
  5. Glad you made it there and I hope you have a great time. Which mike? Speaking from experience, about every 3rd person at the show is probably named Mike 😛
  6. Nothing exists yet unfortunately, with the exception of the old Paragon conversion set
  7. Hey Harv, there’s a guy on Facebook looking for an albatros, he’s been messaging me today. Will connect you with him
  8. Please drop me a line if you have one you'd part with, US only for postage costs please. Thanks! Mike mikeswinburne@gmail.com
  9. You’re going to need to make significant changes to the wings and tailplane… the cowling as well depending which production batch you’re modeling. You can’t just stick floats on a Roden Albatros and call it a W4 unfortunately
  10. I have the 1/24 here - it’s the nicest and best detailed kit I’ve ever seen that wingnut developed, of all kits that have been released. And the wings are dead flat in it too, no curving to fix
  11. Since Floyd isn't a member on LSM, I offered to share his news from his Facebook post. "Sneak Peak: HH-60J/MH-60T Conversion for the Kitty Hawk HH-60H. CAD done by Mike Swinburne and decals done by the faithful Mason Doupnik. Hopefully coming to the IPMS/USA National Convention. A lot of things have to align to make this happen. Fingers crossed" I'm really excited for this one! Floyd got me roped in to do the CAD designs for the new parts; someone else had already designed the radome and short fuel tank. Some parts are not shown in the attachments including a fully new control panel for the -T, parts to add to the existing kit panel for the -J, the older style flir dome and SX16 searchlight. Maybe additional items if needed too.
  12. Oh man, that’s awesome!
  13. Very nice!!!!!!!! If I wasn't building an unarmed assembly ship, I'd be dropping money on these like they were going out of style.
  14. I don’t think it would sadly… Think you’d be doing a total or near-total scratchbuild
  15. Thanks for posting the close-ups, Cees. I'm very excited for the kit despite knowing next to nothing about the airplane. Looking at the surface details on the wings, to my untrained eye they look ...off. Were the fuel tanks (?) outboard of the nacelles really raised up above the main wing surface like that and with such pronounced external ribbing?
  16. The -J won’t work... -EJ is an -E with some different parts
  17. Does anyone in the US or possibly Canada have an F-4EJ kit they’d part with? With or without aftermarket. thanks mike
  18. *edit - a victim of so many aircraft throughout history whose potential was let down by underpowered engines
  19. Ah the X-3, one of so many victims of early jet design let down by underpowered engines... a shame really. I get the feeling there are at least four or five of us on LSM who would be standing outside their door waving money in the air if they announce a 32nd Clunk - myself included!
  20. Is it bad that I'm more excited for the Learjet than the Viggen? And I'm really excited for the Viggen! Having owned one of their skyrocket kits before deciding I'd never really build it (and sold it on to someone who would appreciate the subject more), I can tell you the engineering and finish of the parts is absolutely top-notch. The presentation of how the kit is packaged for both part safety and visual impact is significantly more professional than any other product I have ever seen, and the instructions are very, very nicely laid out as well. Those with Viggen preorders are in for a treat when they see the finished product with their own eyes
  21. Shite... thanks for letting us know, Ernie. I'll drop him a line
  22. Aviattic announced today multiple new items for preorder for Wingnut’s Fokker D.VIIs and the Mengnut Fokker triplanes. Meng/Wingnut Dr.1 photo-etch detail set and screen printed stencil decals, enough for six aircraft plus the corrected “face” for Voss’ F.1. Fokker D.VII decals for U.10 (the surviving aircraft is on display at NASM) and finally, four sets of engine panels for OAW-built D.VIIs: early, mid, late, and a Jasta 65 set. The Jasta 65 set will be needed for anyone wanting to build an accurate Sieben Schwabben (Seven Swabians) and U.10- both of these aircraft featured panels that were not included in any release of the D.VII. Photos and preorder information can be seen at https://www.aviattic.co.uk/news.html
  23. What on earth? Interesting concept for sure, I wonder how popular simulators like this will be
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