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Macchi MC.202 Folgore 21st Century Toys 1/32

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Hi, friends.

After a long time out, i'm back with this new kit.

Is the long know Folgore from 21st Century, who besides appears like a toy, because some caracteristics, like the screws who close the kits covered by plugs, and the unusual plastic, who not be glued by the usual glues, only by CA.

Despite these details, the kit has good fittings, and requires almost no putty.
I filled the depth of the lines, riveted the kit, improved the cockpit and made some more scratch details.
From aftermarket, I only used the resin discharges made for the BF109.
The painting was made with Tamiya acrylic, totally freehand.
I found the nochiola chiaro 4 very dark, according to the references, so I brightened a little. Despite this, it was still too dark.
The colors used were XF52 lightened with XF60, XF61 and XF25.
The radio line is maded with Uschi Von der Rost Rig that thing.




















Comments are welcome, even the bad...


Cheers, Paulo.

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