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MPC Shuttle Tydirium

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I remember my grandmother taking me to see 'Return Of The jedi' for the first time in the Cairns movie theatre when it was released.

Ever since then, the Imperial Shuttle has always been my absolute favourite vehicle from the Starwars trilogy... well,ok, also the Millennium Falcon. When ever I watch the movie again or see the Imperial Shuttle I'm always have reminded of my childhood memories of that time.


In terms of detail the MPC kit isn't to bad but it is showing its age compared to the likes of modern Star Wars kit manufactures such as Bandai or Finemolds. Personally, I think it has a lot of potential, and if you want build up a kit of the Imperial Shuttle it's pretty much the only game in town... if you can find one. Other than that you're stuck with Revell's recent release in their 'easy kit' line which is quite suitable for younger modellers or beginners but unfortunately a little to simplified and toy like for my tastes. 


" If they don't go for this Chewie we're going to have to get out of here pretty quick".......


31585643624_6ffb532eb0_b.jpgDSC_0243 by Peter Olsen, on Flickr


Unlike most flying subjects work did not commence within the cockpit but on the underside of the fuselage instead. 

Here you can see the 'before' shot ....


32276707832_e45b72074b_b.jpgDSC_0141 by Peter Olsen, on Flickr


......and the 'After'


Ok, it's not strictly studio accurate but in the spirit of how the original Star Wars models were built I added details  with plastic strip, solder wire, resin, photo etch and spare parts from other kits. 

I've omitted detail work in the undercarriage bay as I intend to pose this model with gear up and in flight.


32306802161_64056586fe_b.jpgDSC_0223 by Peter Olsen, on Flickr


Some surface detail shots of the kit parts...


32388173386_e8df4df474_b.jpgDSC_0166 by Peter Olsen, on Flickr


32306982611_785d12210d_b.jpgDSC_0156 by Peter Olsen, on Flickr


Raised panel lines....


"Its an older code Sir but it checks out, I was about to clear them...... Shall I hold them ?"


" No, leave that to me, I will deal with them myself !"


"As you wish my Lord !".....


32427868635_bf8405e492_b.jpgDSC_0209 by Peter Olsen, on Flickr



Ok, enough with the Star wars lines. but if you want to scribe your own lines you don't need the power of the dark side, just these few simple tools...


"you have that power too Lea, In time, you'll learn to use them as I have" 


32388207656_52ce19a7c9_b.jpgDSC_0217 by Peter Olsen, on Flickr


Here's a look at some of the other parts in the kit, these will be the next in line to receive detailing. Until then I have a galaxy of scribe work to do. This could be a new definition of pain and suffering as it's slowly digested over a thousand years.


32276958362_835ddd6286_b.jpgDSC_0175 by Peter Olsen, on Flickr


That's it for now.

" Already know you, that what you need."


Happy Modelling,



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