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Wingspan2 Aircraft 1:32 Modelling - Canfora Publishing


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1:32 aircraft modelling

Author – several

 Publisher: Canfora Graphic Design & Publishing

Price: 27€





Being a proud owner of two previously releases (The Nordic edge series and On Display – Post war armour), and being books with quality content by an array of skilled modellers  I was anxious and very curious about the second approach from Canfora Publishing on large scale aircraft territory.

Well, let’s see if the expectations were fulfilled!


So, what’s on the box... ah … book!


Wingspan2 is presented on an A4 Landscape format. A magnificent F-4C is presented as front cover.

The book guides us through 10 1:32 scale models built by 8 modellers.




Every chapter describes a complete build.

In the beginning of each chapter, we’re presented with a visual layout of the completed model a description of the brand, accessories and paint / weathering products used on the article.

One key aspect is the introduction text that makes us fix our attention on that particular build, even if it does not fit on our “taste”.

The historical framework of the model, what’s on the box of that particular kit, looks like if it’s a story that we are reading.

For each build there are several pages dedicated to step by step details. Varying from painting techniques, weathering methods, scratch build and extra detailing.

As a good support, on these step by steps pages, every picture has a correspondent label describing the operation,


So… what about a taste of the content?


As described, 10 builds are included:


1:32 Zero M2B




1:32 Felixstowe F.2A




1:32 Ta-152H-1



1:32 F-4C Phantom II



1:32 N1K2-J Shiden-kai



1:32 Ju-87G-1 Stuka


1:32 AV-8B Harrier II


1:32 Hurricane MK.IIC



1:32 P-61A Black Widow


1:32 Bf-109F4


A final touch


I couldn’t be indifferent for this visual index made by the external frames of the articles.

Each of them have an external frame of a different colour. Nice touch!




I have my fair share of modelling books. I found that some are rather sparse on the key details; some really can go neat picking for rivet numbers.

This one is really balanced. The pictures have nice definition and detail. We can stare at them and find small and interesting details.

The fact that the layout choose was landscape, allows that same pictures to frame the complete aircraft without losing details.

This is a book to be keep near the workbench, to be used in cases of an inspiration emergency, in a moment were our minds ask “how I’m I going to do that effect”, when we are waiting in the car for the wife / girlfriend to finish their shopping or leaving home, and we have that amount of time just to appreciate a good reading!

Yes… I highly recommend this book as great source of inspiration!


To purchase this directly, click here



If you found this review helpful and decide to purchase this product, please tell them you read about it at Large Scale Modeller!


Disclaimer: all photos all in low quality to preserve and prevent all copyright.


A special thanks to Canfora Publishing for the review sample


Ricardo Veríssimo




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