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Stampe SV 4b 1:72


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So gents,

A few weeks ago I had to bring my 3,5 year old to my LHS and he behaved like a charm,

didn't have to tell him once to not touch anything.

So, since he was bugging me for a red airplane and my corsair will be anything but red I bought him (or me ;)) a nice little kit of an iconic belgian aircraft,

the Stampe SV 4b it's an Azur kit and it gave me the opportunity to try some MRP paint and ushi rigging (win win :lol:).

1:72 is really small,

the IP's


I learned a new way to mask canopy's

spray some regular household aluminium with 3M photomount and stick it to the canopy while burnishing it with a wooden stick

afterwarts just cut out what you dont need :D with a new scalpel of course.


MRP performed just marvelous, i didn't expect otherwise.


But how do you do small touch ups, that can't be done with an airbrush ? any idea's


But soon i realised that this size won't do for a 3 year old, you should have seen his dissapointment when he saw that his plane was even smaller than the box it came in.

So i got side tracked again and made him a 1:24 rubber plane by blowing up the 3 view from the kit,

it is not a looker and it does not fly well because i build it like a tank, it's for a 3 year old :), but i had fun doing it.





So back to the main attraction,

I learned about the importance of jigging,



Still I managed to break the front struts, tear of the top wing, twice ! and have a strud pling in to oblivion while finishing the rigging :wacko:

but i kept on keeping on and can now proudly say, my first finished model in many many years.

It's full of my own mistakes and bad workmanship but it's finished non the less and learned me the valuable lesson that it's to early for me to finish the corsair because

i don't have the skillset yet. So i started another kit 1:48 this time, to get a little more experience.

Grtz free

Final photo's:










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