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  1. side tracked again, Se5a 1/20 stick and tissue

    Thanks guy’s i think the se5a will fly sooner then later the trees are close, but they protect from the wind, so it’s a trade off. @coolboxx you are making nice progress, from wood to covering in under one month is an endavour. Chapeau (hats off) I have found a site with realy helpfull and wise people http://www.hippocketaeronautics.com/hpa_forum/index.php Grtz free
  2. side tracked again, Se5a 1/20 stick and tissue

    Hi gents, I just noticed that post image changed URL's and all my images are not showing, I will try to rectify that. Got some concistend flights with the piper, confidence is growing to try the Se5a rest of the turns after a failed attempt, I like the slow stable flightpath I also made a catapult glider, those are real fun, not really scale. grtz free
  3. side tracked again, Se5a 1/20 stick and tissue

    I am waiting for the winds to die down a bit. I’ll keep you guy’s posted grtz free
  4. side tracked again, Se5a 1/20 stick and tissue

    Nice, looks not so easy for a first build. Take a look around on the forum I posted my build, there are a good number of tips for beginners. Try to start on an magnetic buildingboard ( galvanised plate and magnets from your local DIY) it will make it a lot easyer then with pins. Take your time. Grtz free
  5. side tracked again, Se5a 1/20 stick and tissue

    The rubber band is attached to a hook on the propellor side and the loop goes around a peg in the back. There are a number of possibilities at the propellor side, but I am still a novice. Grtz free
  6. side tracked again, Se5a 1/20 stick and tissue

    It weighs 40 grammes balanced, the same weight as the prototype from the designer. Thats the challenging part, adding scale detail without weight. No resin conversion sets here I really liked the scrathbuilding part. grt free
  7. side tracked again, Se5a 1/20 stick and tissue

    @ docrob : this is a kit from Vintage Model Company, based in England. They have an online shop Here. Altough I added a lot myself, this is how it looks when you follow the building instructions I have a build log here Svenson is a well known brand, my dad build those in the 80’s. But I recall they are more 1/8 scale and up wich is rather big. I have seen scale free flight models who can rival with scale plastic builds. So no excuse there sorry for the brainbug, but I think you will enjoy it. Building is just one aspect, afterwarts you can go outside and have fun with it, witch usually results in more building. grtz free
  8. side tracked again, Se5a 1/20 stick and tissue

    Thanx guys, yes, you can fit an electric motor for free flight. And you can even convert them to rc. Grtz free
  9. Good evening Gentleman, The corsair is on hold again, because I found something new to me. Free Flight Rubber models. I finished my first one, I scratched all the rigging and armement. And the nice thing is, they fly this is not the Se5a yet, I need some experience so I made a Piper and that one flies already This pleases me a lot so it will be autumn before I resume plastic modeling Grtz Free
  10. Yet another Tamiya Corsair Birdcage 1/32

    Hi gentleman, found some time to continue, done sanding and masked for spotrepair Primer And painted, i made a mistake by not following a panel line when masking In this picture you 'll see it better There is still a shadow from the repair and while trying to blend the sprayline whit some sanding paper I also scratched the paint (not shown). It is really difficult to have the same translucence on repairs. I am going to think about how to solve this for a while. I think I need to repaint a bigger area, it will be easyer to blend While waiting for paint to dry I did some more fading of the canvas parts. I did all of them but managed to not take pictures, this is the only one I got. Untill next time grtz free
  11. Yet another Tamiya Corsair Birdcage 1/32

    Hola Muchachos, I tried to make my own custom sanding stick and it worked Punched a small disk from 400 grid sandingpaper and glued it with superglue to a bamboo scewer. And it did the job just fine, I will repeat this now with 600, 800 and 1000 and then on to paint. Until then Grtz free
  12. Yet another Tamiya Corsair Birdcage 1/32

    Yes, I dryfitted many times and although they seem to fit fine it's still unclear how they supposed to line up with the hinges. Before I mount them permanently I'll need to take a look at how it is done on the real deal. But thanks for the heads up. And yes I know that it would be very hard to spot the ejector marks, but once I knew they where there, I just could'n leave them. And you can be shure that once I post the RFI pictures, somebody will point out a glaring mistake I did not correct although it was right in front of me all the time, but thats life. grtz free
  13. Yet another Tamiya Corsair Birdcage 1/32

    Hi gentlemen, managed to do some things, hopefully I get back up to steam, i really want to get on with this plane. Hole for flare gun that is not supposed to be there plugged with some streched sprue dipped in liquid cement After pushing hard and let dry for a moment, cut it of and smooth the cut I'll leave this to dry overnight and then hopefully with some carefull sanding and repainting nobody will be non the wiser. In the meantime I attacked something that did not show until I gave it a wash. Ejectorpin marks, I wish I had seen them sooner I sanded them out with a sanding stick cut to size hopefully we wont see them again until then, grtz free
  14. Yet another Tamiya Corsair Birdcage 1/32

    Thanks rob, still trying to get back to the bench, but i don't have the energy right now. Hopefully next week .... grt free
  15. Yet another Tamiya Corsair Birdcage 1/32

    Hi gents, I am back, still need to get in the mood for modelling. I've started slowly with a pinwash, the moment when you say oh no.... but it turns out ok, close up still needs some finetuning. I am posting this build on an other forum and it was pointed out that in corsair birdcages the blasttube and flaregun where never installed. so i got some filling to do until later, grtz free