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Plusmodel 1:35 U.S. Road roller


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Plusmodel 1:35 U.S. Road roller


Catalogue #467




On our everyday paths, on the roads, we come across on same given time, usually when we are late for a meeting (or late for work, or picking up the kids), with a road repair. Usually there’s a machine with a resemblance with this model on review.

On this particular case, Plusmodel presents us with a 1:35 scale replica of a hyster C330A smooth drum roller, on a military or civil paint.

This dual drum roller model in particular has been around since the 80’s.

A internet search using or favourite search tool will deliver us with a ton of highly motivated, beat up machines with a lot of scratch and general tear & wear.


So what’s on the box?



Upon opening the card box, we are presented with several bags containing 106 resin parts (including 4 clear resin parts), photo etch which includes the radiator fan, and the engine cover (bonnet?) grills.  The parts source is completed with a length of copper wire and a decal sheet is also provided. All of this is wrapped on a bubble bag.


The box has more than sufficient space to hold all the parts, but i must admit that some of the most fragile resin parts of this set, could be better protected from the harsh environments that characterize some postal services.

On our review, the front and rear drum suffered from immediate contacts with other parts, resulting in some damage (easily fixed).


As the previous photos show, the front and rear drum are moulded in one piece each. Each of them offers a scale rendition of the real ones.

Let’s then begin

There are some major resin components on this model that sustain all the build, I’ll focus the piece nº3 – the body chassis:



There are some resin flush to remove, but it’s minimal and with a sharp hobby knife, easily removed.

There’s also a resin mould block, that, to be properly removed, I would recommend the use of a small saw.

The location pins for the several parts to be attached on the “chassis” are clearly defined.

The engine – a hidden kit on the kit

This section capture some of my attention

for a long time, due to the considerable sub-assemblies and the detail put in it.

The engine group is compose of several pieces, including, of course, the engine block, with raised and detailed nuts and bolts, clutch housing and location holes for the engine exhaust manifolds and remaining mechanical parts (pumps, intakes, tubing, etc)




Detroit Diesel Power!

Small details as the starting engine, oil pump and filters are also included as separate resin parts.


The cooling system is also present with the radiator and several hoses



as does the exhaust system



Pulleys, several engine parts and exhaust muffler


several filters (oil, fuel, etc)


Moving on to other areas:



Seats, steering wheel and instrument console



Air filter cover, seat rails.



Front and rear drum blades and sprinklers (to clean and lubricate the drums for example to prevent hot asphalt sticking to the drum).



Engine compartment cover


Front drum guide fork.



Rear drum axel covers





Battery pack and front drum drive axle connector.


Clear parts for headlamps

Enter the photo etch fret


The photoetch fret supplies us with the radiator fan, several engine belts (yep, belts..) and engine cover grills



See! photo-etch belts ! (instructions - step XII )

Decal sheet



The decal sheet covers the basic stencils for the decoration options. the carrier film is minimal with a good and well defined print.

Paint and decoration

Plusmodels offers 3 paint options



All dark green


Military decoration with a 80's 4 colour camouflage


A yellow and black machine



The instructions are in the traditional Plusmodel type, being three A4 sheets, folded in half, making a small booklet of 12 pages, with drawings for the several construction stages.



Every year we are presented with a new king tiger, a new Sherman, a new FW-190. this model isn't it. It's a complete approach to a very exotic theme. the fact that comes as a complete resin kit with photo etch could strike fear on some modellers out there. ( i know because i also felt it). But when i started to analyse the pieces, admiring the details, the location pins for the parts, like a regular plastic model, i started being interested by it. I do believe that the real challenge lies on the pieces removal and cleaning, despite the fact that the "flash" is easily removed with a blade. The pieces preparation for paint and it's sub-assembly approach could require a bit of planning and thinking ahead, but in the end it will turn into a very attractive and quite original model.


Our thanks to Plusmodel for the review samples and all the support given. To purchase this directly, click THIS link



Ricardo Veríssimo


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