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FAA Corsair Decals


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Currently building a FAA Corsair from 1841 Sqdn British Pacific Fleet. KD658 is my subject with the fuselage code number 115. I purchased the Eagle Cals set and altered some of the decals to replicate "115" however disaster struck and I mashed one of the "5" decals. I'm loathed to have to buy another set at £20 just for one decal.


I've trawled the interweb trying to find the correct 1/32 scale decals for the code numbers on the fuselage side forwards of the roundels. The numbers are either 18" or 24". Xtradecal  produce a 1/48 set, but not 1/32.


I also have a set of Xtradecals RAF/RN code letters and number with a "5" in the correct font, however they are too small for the fuselage codes and are 4" or 8" for the aircraft serial number aft of the fuselage roundel


Anyone know of any that are available - wet or dry decals, masks, I dont mind which.



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You may not have to find the '5', as Hammy was from my home town, there is huge controversy as to what number he flew, also apparently KD658 wasn't connected to 115....... not sure where all that comes from, but I do have a copy of the 1841 squadron ORB, as well as a narrative from a fellow who was there......and there is some reference to that subject................. now with all that said, it is YOUR model, and you build it as you see fit...... would American numbers work, as they have the cropped outlines?? I always thought that the 115 number looked very American....... just my 2 cents worth.....



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