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Monogram B-24J 1/48 scale Part 2


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My original post "Monogram B-25J 1/48" was moved to "Non-LSM 'WIP' and Completed" this week and now it does not operate properly. It is not included in the list of posts and It is only accessible from a link in the "LSM Work in Progress" forum. Plus, I cannot add any new comments and I receive no notifications. So I started a new Part 2 of my build on this forum.

The wings and engines are finished, foil and all. Weights were added to the fuselage and it has been glued together. Time to foil the fuselage.




I always do research on the internet before I foil and rivet an airplane. The B-24 had thousands and thousand of rivets. Pluss, the aluminum panels were not as smooth as on a modern commercial airliner. The B-24's panels were all "puckered" between the rivets.



This is the what I am looking for as a final finish.




Once again, I applied Bare Metal Foil panel by panel. Rivets were added as I progressed. Eventually, the fuselage was finished.


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Time for the decals. 


The decals that came with the kit are on the bottom of the above photo. Come On!!! Monogram could have done better than that! I purchased a set of decals from Kits-World for an airplane called The Dragon and His Tail. These should look great against the foiled fuselage.


This is a photo of the original airplane after restoration. I do not know if it still is around. Nice art work.


This is the tail decals. It took a lot of setting solution to get that white/red striped decal to flatten out.


Only one decal goes on the left side of the fuselage. Note how I left the bomb bay doors open on the left side.



The right side of the fuselage has the art work. Three long decals make up the art work.  These decals from Kits-World are the best decals that I have ever used. Deep colors, sharp edges no pixilation. The best thing is that the carrier sheet is absolutely crystal clear. Check out the area between the words and the woman's arm. Not even a hint of visual carrier film which means no silvering!!!


The last steps are to add the wings, wing decals, landing gear, turrets and props.







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