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  1. Rob, Well you certainly showed us how to build a weatherbeaten model. love the weathered engine too. Quite realistic. SPLENDID workmanship with a delightful looking Hansa Brandenburg . BRAVO..
  2. Rowdy, I LOVE the exposed engine et al. Jawdropping workmanship! What a brilliant way to depict a model.. simply OUTSTANDING .
  3. Hello John, Its SUPERBLY finished and LOVE the RESPLENDENT look to it. Great job. KUDOS I have missed your AMAZING builds.
  4. Mike, I love your builds and this vignette is EXQUISITE. GORGEOUS figures which are painted to perfection, and your Bristol is SUPERB to look at. MY utmost The whole picture is AMAZING. KUDOS.
  5. Jerry, AWESOME build. You did a FANTASTIC job. The cockpit instrument panel is EXEMPLARY. Looks SUPERB. Bravo.
  6. Kai Your SPITFIRE is STUNNING and GORGEOUS. You have done an OUTSTANDING job on her.
  7. There's a thread over on LSP. The guy wants to commission a paint job. his e mail says. ca( so he must be in canada).. anyway for those lovely Canuck pals of MINE and anyone interested. oh he says he's willing to pay. just wanted to let you have a look... Commissioned Paint Work - LSP Discussion - Large Scale Planes https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/87405-commissioned-paint-work/&tab=comments#comment-1245131
  8. Well done ScottsGT. Good Luck with the kids/school children and have happy,healthy safe classes.
  9. So I have decided to give £200 for MY ZAKAT to Orphans and children's school in India where I know it will be of great benefit to them... The Munshi Foundation. They have been doing this for a few Years now. They are located in a Place called Baruch (or as British Raj used to call it BROACH).
  10. Hello Gus, Thank you. Mind over matter , or food and water in this case. I don't even think about food or water once I am in this Fasting Zone. And I still have to give ZAKAT too.
  11. doing extra 6 Days of Fast as suggested in the Quran from today like many other muslims after Eid yesterday... so 5 more to go... 36 days on total....
  12. Sorry Cupcake.... yes next year God Willing. Never been to Las Vegas...
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