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  1. BB GUNS and air rifles and pellets are not illegal in the UK.. you can't fire air rifle within 15 meters of another property . you are not allowed to fire air rifle/BB gun where the pellets Go outside the boundary where you are when shooting... they must be confined to the area where you are. BB Guns use projectiles..not to be confused with ball bearings. its complicated and answer is too long but it does not come under section 1 of the Firearms Act but all Fireatms cone under section 5 of the Firearms Act.
  2. Phil you can buy them... Loose Steel Balls | Balls http://www.bearingshopuk.co.uk/bearings-bushes/balls/
  3. no missed it... left mid afternoon due to flooding etc....
  4. Phil.... I wandered around speaking with Peter/Airscale, Phartycr0c/Dave and a few others... maybe next time..
  5. Thank you Phil for the photos. it was an Amazing show...
  6. Watch "The First Medal of Honor Ever Recorded" on YouTube Heart breaking to watch . But SO Heroic. *SALUTE* LEST WE forget them.
  7. On Saturday all being well.
  8. Hey Martin.. How good it feels to see someone else being put their training paces! So much physical training ..enough to give you thumping all over your body.. I bet you cannot wait to finish training and go "investigate " crimes. hope all is going well and you are focused on the training Cadet and not on the Squirrels! Give ME 50! press ups ! have fun
  9. I booked MY hotel Room yesterday with the Holiday Inn Express and suites at San Marcos.. not far from venue so I have been led to believe. if I get Lost just look out for ME.. Will be coming to Texas.... so looking forward to seeing old friends and maybe new friends too.
  10. I was away when you posted this thread.. firstly I am sorry to hear that both your parents are going through the "old age " things .... and as for greedy relatives /greedy siblings ..that just sucks when all they do think about is how do they get the money. I did not think one inherits a power of attorney even if you are the eldest... Ernie I suggest you get the Power of Attorney granted by your family lawyers while your Father is still capable of talking with you etc... please dont assume you will inherit the Power of Attorney..please check that out and you should keep the copy in your safe so no one else gets their hands on it.(Unless USA law is different but didn't think it was where Power of Attorney is concerned.) what you need to get if you still have the notion to get things done correctly for your parents (let's face it they are still here and the money etc is still THEIRS ...) is to get their permission * in writing* or get the lawyer to attend with you to see your dad and get him to say that he gives his permission to you to act on his/their behalf by giving you A LASTING POWER OF ATTORNEY so you can handle ALL THEIR AFFAIRS (From finances to paying their bills from their money etc . ) so your sibling cannot quibble about a lawful document. I had that way before MY MOM passed away so she knew she was being looked after and her household Bill's etc were paid by ME .. if you dont then he will bleed your parents money NOW when you know your parents need it for medical Bill's etc... please take care and look after yourself. Greed and lust for money by your siblings will never give them peace as the Good Lord always has a way of dealing with people who are thus. I hope your Dad gets well soon and your Mom has a less stressful and peaceful life now. and that GOD takes care of her.
  11. Hi Gus.... thank you. hope you guys are doing well and Ernie will soon be right as rain! I have been busy and have been travelling for 2 months in Italy and Sicily and Austria.. Climbing ETNA and VESUVIUS volcanoes and highest glacier Glosslockner in Austria all of which was great.
  12. How to Build Dioramas by Sheperd Paine - AbeBooks https://www.abebooks.co.uk/book-search/title/how-to-build-dioramas/author/paine-sheperd/ Shep as most on here know is an exceptional modeller.
  13. this site is impressive as you can read books FREE. Like this o e which shows how to create "accessories ". fs.02.2019 by ukr7337 - issuu https://issuu.com/ukr7337/docs/finescale_modeler_2019-02__vol.37_no.02_
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