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  1. Well done ScottsGT. Good Luck with the kids/school children and have happy,healthy safe classes.
  2. So I have decided to give £200 for MY ZAKAT to Orphans and children's school in India where I know it will be of great benefit to them... The Munshi Foundation. They have been doing this for a few Years now. They are located in a Place called Baruch (or as British Raj used to call it BROACH).
  3. Hello Gus, Thank you. Mind over matter , or food and water in this case. I don't even think about food or water once I am in this Fasting Zone. And I still have to give ZAKAT too.
  4. doing extra 6 Days of Fast as suggested in the Quran from today like many other muslims after Eid yesterday... so 5 more to go... 36 days on total....
  5. Sorry Cupcake.... yes next year God Willing. Never been to Las Vegas...
  6. Hello Dennis, It's no hardship for us at all. thank you. but I do understand where you are coming from... it will be more special when WE DO all get together later for a belated Eid Dinner. Another ,Eid al Adha , comes up after this so it will be same as now.... that I think happens on evening Thursday 30th July and ends on Monday 3rd August 2020. That is even more poignant and special as that was when Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son to show his love and obedience to Jesus on Mount Arafat....but as WE all know Jesus sent a Ram/sheep in a thorny Bush and said to Abraham to sacrifice the animal and not his Son.. So that's just as important if not more so .. maybe our bohemian looking PM may get the news of a vaccine amd WE can feel better. So it's a quiet day in watching Mission Impossible: FALLOUT.. No such thing happening innreal life though Dennis... MY Mission was accomplished and no one fell out..
  7. Yes Jerry , I am doing good. Watching the world slow down, the air become clearer, the birds chirping, the smog and polluted air all over the world's skies has gotten clearer and it feels like I am back in 1950 when the streets were clean and fewer cars on the road. Love being on MY OWN.. Well sorta....
  8. Well I have to inform you all that I was looking forward to seeing once again, but unfortunately with so many restrictions about non essential travel, and 14 days of Quarantine when arriving at the destination yada yada yada.......I HAD to cancel MY reservation at the hotel. yeah I know the Rulz! So Did that early this morning .... did not want to but had to stay healthy . of sorts !! So old friends Sorry... maybe see you in not so distant future. Please those that do go, healthy or with amy underlying health conditions DO TAKE CARE and stay safe and well. dont forget Masks in case you need to wear them to gain entry. and I will see you next time.
  9. So Gentlemen Yesterday , Saturday 23rd May I completed 30 days of Fasting and today Sunday is Eid ul Fitr. But it is decidedly quiet, no fanfare , no frenzied cooking or dressing up in Fine clothes to go visit Families and friend and no exchanging rich food to eat and share with others; while kids play games and run around their hands clutching their "Eidy" ( Eid gifts in form of coins)...Nope none of that..... .....Instead lone time of prayer and thanks to the ALMIGHTY for keeping us safe and well as well as our neighbor's and all human beings. And eating alone and maybe video chat with family members throughout the World....and let ME tell you that would be a gigantic task given there's almost 1000 + in our family on Moms side alone.... so there will be pockets of these chats and passing on of messages... woo hoo. Then from monday I have to do 6 more extra days as stipulated that those that can should try... those that cannot or don't want to then don't..... More Blessing maybe but if Prophet Mohamned(SWS) and Jesus(as mentioned and stated in Quran) could do 40 days and nights I can do 36 days.... So I would like to say a huge thank you for your support and comments and please return next year when I repeat the whole process once more... Insallah(God willing). THANK YOU ALL.
  10. No ... I am far too young for this song and I was born in another country.. :s I love his songs
  11. today is 28th Day.. woo hoo .. getting there..
  12. yeah Doing good Harv. thank you.
  13. Tim, ME too Couldn't imagine anyone else paying homage to the Flag except him..
  14. So The month of Ramadan is slowly and steadily getting closer to its end. Today is MY 24th Day of this gruelling, disciplined Month . I actually look forward to the new day as it gives one a purpose and spiritual thoughts without getting weird. I will miss Ramadan until it resurfaces next year. Eid Ul Fitr at the end of 30 days is going to feel a little deflating as No one will be allowed to see ones families to dine together and partake in Family photos and sublime stories. I guess WE will have to reschedule the Family Dinner with Baclawas and Good rich food such as Chicken Biryani prepped over 2 days, with Gulab Jammu and Jalebis; with yogurt drinks and samosas... and other goodies..... All that will take place together with photos much later and Eid Ul Fitr will probably SO much sweeter having going through Ramadan alone and through this Deadly Virus.. Just hope the Rich food doesn't kill us... Thanks Guys for your support and comments...
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