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  1. Guys Have a jolly time. Enjoy. Sorry I can't make it this year.... 😖
  2. Super STUNNING photos. Thank you.😎
  3. I MISSED something?! 🤭
  4. Hey Martin, Getting older and wiser... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY dear friend. Hope you enjoy this day with much enthusiasm as model building! Sweeet day for you.
  5. Unfortunately I don't think United Kingdom will allow non essential travel yet , so for that reason I will not be coming this year. I had booked a hotel room but cancelled it in mid 2020. Those that are going, please be safe, have a wonderful time and Martin WEAR SUNGLASSES in the Hot sun. I dont want to hear you have burnt your eyes as you did in Phoenix and damaged them a little. SO Behave!! But have a awesome time. Let's hope you do not all have to pay for quarantine when you return home. Lots of best wishes. MARU 5137.
  6. Do you all remember Lothar from Germany over on LSP. In January he fell down the stairs and broke 6 vertebrates and sacrum bones and had 6 hour surgery( LSP members found this out on his Birthdau thread when he stated why he'd been absent ). Now Mozart has posted over on LSP that he's had news that Lothar passed away last night. May he rest in Peace Condolences to his wife Silvia.
  7. Enjoy. Harvey... Hope you are well. and Martin et al....
  8. so these were previous schemes. Scroll down to see more and click on picture to expand to larger photo (then you can zoom in ). RAF Typhoon Special Schemes and Markings - AeroResource http://www.aeroresource.co.uk/resources/raf-special-schemes/typhoon-special-schemes/
  9. https://thelincolnite.co.uk/2021/05/new-typhoon-jet-with-union-jack-livery-unveiled-at-raf-coninsgby/ There's a short video in the link at the start. It shows the Typhoon being "pulled" out of the hangar showing off its new livery. click on 'read more' to see full article. Thank you. Enjoy.
  10. This is how he was described. Dale was an amazing person, drummer, drum teacher from Sydney, Australia who had a long battle of Leukaemia. Dale quoted on Can-Do Musos "I am fighting hard and doing my best to keep playing"... Rest In Peace Dale.
  11. So I used to correspond with Dale a lot via PM on LSP and sent him hampers to make him smile. His profound humor will be sadly missed as he passed away on 22.3.2021. I have been informed by one of his musician friend who had been given MY details by Dale years ago. Rests in Peace Dale MY good friend. May your Soul be at Peace. No more pain but peace with The Almighty. Amen. Australian Drummer Percussionist Dale Cleary | Inspirational Musicians | Musicians with Disabilities | Can Do Musos https://candomusos.com/profile-dale-cleary.php
  12. You're welcome Harvey. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year To you and Bev and to all the LSMers. have a truly scrumptious Christmas and ENJOY..
  13. So this is probably in or on your computer photo saved box . Pictures saved . Go into that place where your pics are. click on it. If it is upside down , wrong way round, you can easily put it right. if you look at your picture on your computer screen(cannot do this on a cell phone unless you have the said photos on your " Gallery" and that's easy to do), at the bottom of that picture should be several little icons like a semi circle with an arrow. that turns the picture till you get it where you want it. to the right you should also have a flat line with with a square in middle if that line... move it along to your right to expand the picture to a bigger size... go reverse and it gets smaller. you can then save the correct side up.the wrong side will still remain as the original. if you had all your pictures on your cell phone that's even easier. Go to your phone photo gallery. choose a picture. you will /should get some icons at the bottom like a heart pencil , triangle joined by 3 circles and a dustbin. Once you have chosen the picture from your phone gallery, if its upside down, click on the pencil icon. That will bring up more icons. Click on the one that is semi circle with an arrow attached to its end. The picture will turn until you want it where you want it. Then at the top of that picture it says Reset or Save. Cl8ck on SAVE. your corrected picture will be right way and presto you look at it normal way. the originals still stay but you can do this to right the wrong. then go into Gallery and choose the one you want to post. Easy.
  14. Hello Harvey, EXEMPLARY workmanship on your model. Keep up the EXCEPTIONAL work you are doing. and here's something to keep you going. Fw 190 A5
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