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  1. Great review of this beauty. It's on my to buy and build list, especially as it'll be a perfect build to my upcoming book Finland at War Vol. 2
  2. Excellent review mate! This is a kit that I've been waiting for and I'll get one as soon as I can afford one!
  3. Excellent work mate! Yes. Kits-World makes great decals...
  4. Looking great mate! Yes, a large scale SAAB 35 or 37 would be like a wet dream come true. At least a SAAB 29 is in the making from Fly...
  5. This one could in fact be the best one on the market thanks to it's sturdiness. I'm extremely tempted to get one for myself.
  6. Nice review! This is one of those kits that is on my list of kits to get when possible.
  7. Excellent review and for certain a model to get in the future for me. Already got two, Revell's reboxed A-5 (Sadly with some damage to it) and ICM's A-14.
  8. Thanks mate, but I'm not that new at the forum. Just haven't written that many posts so far...
  9. Great review! Don't worry about the track links, it builds character after all...
  10. The same error occurs when trying to access any member profile or sending PM's.
  11. Check here! http://www.mojehobby.pl/products/Fokker-F.1.html
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