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Filling a hole in clear parts...ideas?


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I'm working on the rear part of a Bf109 canopy.  The machine I'm making doesn't have an aerial mast or the mounting for it.  The Eduard kit has a small hole to mount the aerial.  I've polished off the top canopy framing but am left with a small square depression (doesn't go all the way through).


Any ideas what I could fill this hole in with that wouldn't show (very much - invisible fix is probably not poss.). I've thought of Krystal Clear or PVA, but wonder if anyone has a technique I could blag...?





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Thanks Grant


I hadn't realised Krystal Clear dried harder....   Future is sooo thin when it dries I thought it'd take a long time to build up even a small amount.  I wonder, anyone used the cement watchmakers put glass into watches with...?



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Thanks for those suggestions


Once I get back from hols I'll have a go with some glue (I can't glue the Eduard part in as I need a completely transparent piece.)..  Maybe super glue would work as it dries like glass and can be polished....



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