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1/32 AN6510 US WWII Era Aircrew Parachutes

Dave J

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1/32 AN6510 US WWII Era Aircrew Parachutes


True Details


Product # TD32508 - 1:32 US WWII Era Aircrew Parachute #1

Product # TD32509 - 1:32 US WWII Era Aircrew Parachute #2


Available directly from Squadron and True Detail stockists.








AN-6510 model Parachute was a WW2 era parachute that was commonly used in Europe and Pacific theatres by fighter pilots and some bomber aircrews. The A/N term means it was a USAAF / US Navy common type parachute design, thus chosen to enhance production abilities and reduce costing in the US military program which was spread across many manufacturing factories. The AN-6510 was also known as the S-1, this type was standardised on May 11, 1928. It uses a 24-foot canopy. Many pilots preferred seat-type parachutes because they allowed better freedom of movement when pilots turned their heads. The AN-6510 saw service into the 1950’s.







TD32508 - 1:32 US WWII Era Aircrew Parachute #1 (facing upward)









TD32509 - 1:32 US WWII Era Aircrew Parachute #2 (facing down)









Both parachutes are highly detailed resin parachute assemblies, sculpted to represent an aircrew chute in pre or post-mission repose with integral pack, cushion, harness and intricate hardware.


Both samples are casted in mid grey resin, that are perfectly casted without any bubbles or casting imperfections. Parachute #1 (TD32508) casting block is a tad thick compared to Parachute #2 (TD32509), both will require some sanding or grinding with a dremel like tool to remove the casting block. Removing the remaining excess of the cast block is faily easily done with a sharp knife blade once the casting block is thinned. There are no painting instructions supplied, so you will have to use reference photos or the photos that are included here in this review.






These samples were primed using Mr Surface 1200 thinned with Two Way Lacquer thinners, and then brush painted using Vallejo paints, and sealed in using Mr Colour Gloss that was sprayed through an airbrush. Mixtures of Raw Umber, Black and Green oil washes were applied to bring out the details in the resin. Once the oil washes were dried, Alclad Klear Kote varnish was sprayed to flatten down the sheen of the paint and oil washes. A dry brushing of a lighter green was then applied to make everything pop. A toothpick was CA/Super glued on the rear, to make handling easier while painting.




















What do we think?


Both parachutes are fantastic items to add to an static aircraft to add a bit more life to the subject, or even to an diorama.


Highly Recommended


Our sincere thanks to Squadron for the review samples used here. To purchase this directly, click the links in the review article.


Dave J.


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