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Plusmodel 1:48 Pilot F4U Corsair

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Plusmodel Aero Line Series

1:48 Pilot F4U Corsair



Plusmodel offers aeroplanes modellers fans, a quick and easy way to complement a simple vignette with a 1:48 scale P-51 Mustang (WWII)

As previous releases and reviews made by me at LSM, the word associated with these products are: simplicity.


What’s on the box?

The clear plastic box shows what you get, one resin piece containing a 1:48 representation of a WW2 F4U Corsair pilot, again as common feature on this series, in a relax pose, with both hands on the trousers pockets. The model is on full flight set, composing the helmet with goggles and a Mae West life jacket.  Hanging from his left shoulder, a holster with service handgun.

Despite no painting guide is supplied, the label’s back is printed with a large full colour draw of the figure. Lots of inspiration on this subject through a quick internet search using your favourite search engine 


A small mold line is detected along the length of the legs and arms, most probably due to the cast process, but nothing that a modelling knife and a 600 abrasive sandpaper won’t fix.










As proof of my writing, I went to my cave and proceed with the mold and resin excess clean.


At the end of 15 minutes work, this was the result: ready for a soapy wash and when dry, some primer.

As by the pictures, the detail is adequate and with a good quality brush and steady hands can create a very appellative complement to our model airplane. Of special notice on a finished model is the contrasting yellow life jacket, on the rather khaki overall flight suit.


This is a nice and easy addition to any 1:48 WWII F4U corsair out there!

Tamiya, Hobbyboss, Hasegawa or Academy!

A simple base with the bird and pilot is always a perfect duet!

Highly recommended!

Thanks to Plusmodel for the sample review


Ricardo Veríssimo

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Ciao Ricardo.

Very  nice and well written review.

Thank you.   The figure looks very detailed.:respect:



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Hi Maru!

Thanks for the feedback!

Indeed it is with some nice detail ! Now where did i put My 1:48 Corsair's stash?




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