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Tiffy 20mm cannons????

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Hey all

  Anyone out there have any pictures of a Hawker Typhoon Mk 1b bubble top with uncovered cannons? All the pictures I can find on the net all have covered cannons. The only ones that I can find are of the earlier car door Tiffy with its guns uncovered. I bought the Master Models brass barrels for it but don't want to cut off the end of the gun fairings if it's not correct. I'm thinking I could use the Master Models barrels for the Mossie instead, but not sure if they would fit under the covers. So what are your guys thoughts.

Ron G 

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Hey Ron,

I have build the typhoon myself, and as far is I know there weren't any mk1b typhoons with uncovered cannons, this was only featured on the car door version, later production models of the car door version had covered cannons. You can use the cannons for the Mossie, I think it's a real upgrade for the model since you can build the plane with the bomb bay open and then they are nice and visible. They will fit under the bottom plate, but then you can only see the very tip of the cannon, and I know that looks very good on the master set, a real upgrade of the plastic ones. So I would use them for the Mossie if I were you,


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