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  1. Yup, I know what you mean, ........................(made the same mistake)........... bottom of my list too......... Frank
  2. Hello Kai, Great progress, but what a hell of a job, I can remember from my mirage that the fit of the nosecone was also a terrible fit, maybe that's why I abandoned it, I don't know anymore. Great to see another build underway by Alberto. Keep on sanding and scribing, the end is in sight! And then the painting stage....... can't wait to see it, Hang in there, Frank
  3. Wow, yet another Mirage!, Nice progress with the cockpit, looks real good, Will follow Your build with interest, cheers Frank
  4. Hello Guy's, Here's an update on the Catalina, placed a bulkhead and glued it with epoxy for the necessary strength, see or yourself... prepared the fuselage for epoxy and glued in, next step was the cockpit area, fitted the windshield after numerous fitting and sanding, first had to cut the windshield in half, Went pretty good, then the roof of the cockpit , I placed the part on a "sausage " of blue tack, in order not to break the part while I was cutting, lined it all out with a piece of dymo tape, and voila.....
  5. Hi Rob, Thanks for the response, an opened up 109 is a great idea, (they do make a scale 1/18 version of a BF1O9E at hph, without an engine), so who knows, I might just do that, the only setback is the price costs "just" €475,- euro's , but I like the idea, and I think no one has done it before in this scale. Cheers, Frank
  6. Hello Kai, Pffffffff, there seems to be no end to the fit issues with this kit. But when you are done with the rescribing, sanding, etc, (and endless flows of beer), you will have a stunning looking Mirage in the end. The reward will come when you get to the painting stage, keep up the good work, Frank
  7. Hello Peter, Wow, the ZM kit is a real challenge, I have been wanting to buy a HE219 for some time now, I am not sure to buy the Revell kit or the ZM kit, the ZM kit is without a doubt much more detailed. I think you are right about the color of the engines, the only reason the Germans didn't paint them black is because the HE219 came out late in the war, and they where running low on supplies, so they made use of what they could get their hands on. The HE219 was by the way the first aircraft with an ejector seat, so the design was very cutting edge for that period. Looking forward to yo
  8. Hello Kai, I agree on the prop blades, looking way better now, and I think color wise also more accurate, this kit is stil for sale direct from hph. (www.hphmodels.cz), for €60,- euro's. I think the price is good, you get a lot of extra's, a pe fret, decals and some wiring. You don't have to get anything extra to build this kit, it's very complete, and builds in to a fantastic (iconic) engine.( They also have the Packard Rolls Royce Merlin as mounted in the Mustang, I have ordered that one too, looks great when mounted on a stand, and I also love the Merlin, talking about iconic engi
  9. Hello Guy's Time for another update on the DB605, really put some effort in to it, got a lot of things done, first I repainted the propellor blades in rlm70, black/green looks better in my opinion, although the HPH color callout says it should be black. I have built a few 109' s, and the propellers where RLM70, so here they are Then I went for the construction of the motorframe/ engine supports. Took a lot of testfitting/ sanding to get the engine properly aligned Had to adjust the firewall a bit to get the side supports in to place, the lower struts were a nig
  10. Ha, Ha, ha, well at least you still have your humor, in the end that is going to save you, (I think you are also right about the color of the blades, I didn't seem right to me too in black, so I think I'll repaint them in rlm70 as you suggested). Thanks for the response, Frank
  11. Hai Kai, I immediately looked at my mirage, I can not remember having those fit issues, but is has been a while for me since I started it, it might as well have been the reason why I shelved this project, but you persevered and you've nailed it, don't be discouraged, in the end when you can begin putting paint on it will all be forgotten....... I do remember that those intakes are a real nightmare to get right, I think you made the right decision to cut them up, one way ore the other you have to make it work for you, but it can be discouraging to a point that you g
  12. Hello Guys, Here's an update on the DB605, done with the prop, put some metal rods in the propellor blades for strength/support, the propellor hub is a one piece solid cast and is pretty heavy, painted the hub black and the spiral in white, looks good in my opinion. the color callout from HPH states that the blades are black, so I painted them in that color (dark green would also have been an option), but look for yourself.. still need to align the blades in the right angle, just test fitting, also build the firewall with the MG mounts and munition feed belts
  13. Thanks, i’ll do my best to make a decent looking model, Frank
  14. Hi guys, I am going for the construction of the famous DB605 engine that powered most of the Me 109's. It's a kit that had my attention for a while now, it's released a number of years ago bij HPH , they also do the Packard Merlin engine in 1/18 scale, ( that will probably be my next build) But here's the kit, The box is full of resin parts, the detailing of the parts is excellent, and in 1/18th scale they are HUGE , I hope I can do this famous engine justice, when done it sho
  15. Hello kai, Great progress, I pulled out my mirage to compare if it has the same issues as yours, I remember that I also had issues with the fit of the intakes (see pictures), what is also pretty annoying is that there is a seam that runs through the Panel from top to bottom, a lot of filling to get that right, why could those guys at Italeri not come with a better idea or design for that? , but never the less it still is the only kit available in 1/32 scale that comes close to a mirage. you just have to put in a lot of effort to get there, and looking at your cockpit I know you will do t
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