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  1. Hello Oz, Thanks for the response, i just searched the internet and found a couple of useful line plans that i have used on my P-47, see pictures below, (they are from a razorback p-47, but a lot of lines are the same), further i looked at a lot of pictures of various aircraft in walkarounds, and there you can find a lot of details, I hope this will be useful for you, Cheers, Frank
  2. Hello There, Here is an update on the P-47, i have been busy with the fuselage and the engine and cowling, added some spark wires to the engine, and some pe parts tot the engine cowling, here are some pics, added riveting to the cowling parts added lead spark wires, and a wash to dirty things up a bit and get more detail Test fit inside the cowling Bought an extra pe update set for the P-47 from eduard containing parts so i could position the cooling flaps in an opened position, and you can see the result when fitted on the fuselage, just enough visible to make it interesting. Decided to use a mix of eduard pe and of the kit itself for the trim tab actuators, drilled a hole in the the covering where the rod comes out, used brass rod and a pe part on the tab itself to finish the job. Replaced a lot of plastic for pe parts as you can see Shot of the cockpit when the fuselage was all buttoned up. Test fitted the wings on the fuselage, looking good, i haven given the wings a coat of black primer so i could see how the riveting looked like, not 100% straight, but it will have to do, So thats's it for today, until the next update, Frank
  3. Hello Cees, I am not able to do this freehand, because i would be all over the place with my riveter, i use a combination of the good old "dymo tape" and a foto etch ruler that is so thin that you can bend it in all sorts angles, and i use rb riveter tools, here are some pics and a few pics of the progress on the fuselage, Greetz , Frank
  4. thanks, i don't see this kit as a collectors item, for me it's just a nice plane to build Frank
  5. Hello there, There has been a lot to do lately about the P-47 " Dottie Mae" , this aircraft crashed in an Austrian lake in the last day of WWII, the pilot could barely get out alive while his plane sank to the bottom of the lake. The aircraft was salvaged from this lake a couple of years ago, and has been restored to flying condition. There are numerous films on you tube about this salvage operation, and about her restoration. The boys at Eduards must have been interested, so they made a limited production run of this aircraft in 1/32 scale with some beautiful artwork and some extra's in the kit. The subject raised my interest to, so i searched the internet for this kit, and found one for a reasonable €80 euro's, shipping costs included. (price at Eduards today €124,- without shipping). I won't do a review of the parts and the kit itself, since there are a number of reviews on the various web sites of this kit, So, on with the build, I started the build with the cockpit, added a lot of pe parts that come with the kit, The instrument panel, Cockpit complete, (still need to dirty up the cockpit a bit with various washes), Started on the wheelbay's, sprayed them in zinc chromate tamiya xf4, Done some work on the flaps, added some pe parts that come with the kit, Looking at the wings, i got the (stupid ) idea to add more detail as in rivet lines that are missing. The kit is basically a Hasegawa kit, and is missing these kind of details, and since the aircraft has a bare metal look i thought i was a good idea to add them to the kit. But what a tedious job!, almost regretted that i ever started it, anyway, here are some pics, before and after riveting, I am now working on the fuselage to add riveting lines, so more picture to follow, Greetz, Frank
  6. Great looking Merlin, definitely has the the look you are aiming for, looking forward to your progress on this build, Greetz, Frank
  7. and it does, great, now Photobucket can ......................... (i dare not say). greetz, Frank
  8. Just testing if this works.....
  9. Wow, great looking G6, love the airbrush work!
  10. Looks real good, i like the layout and the tabs to browse and the tab activity so you can by one touch observe your builds, Nice job
  11. Wow, love this build, and those detail pictures from the real thing are fantastic ! It wil be quite a challenge to give the fuselage and engine the right look. Really looking forward to that, Frank
  12. Hello, Thanks everyone for the comments, i haven't done a lot i must admit, managed to get the engine in and i am detailing it a bit further, I will leave the portside uncovered and the starboard side covered. Also i will show one gun bay opened and will detail that further, (bought the excellent eduard hispano canon set to do this, the detail is stunning) also i am in the process of making my own spark plug leads, so i can show this on the port side as if the spark plugs are being replaced. (they really didn't have al long service life, i believe they had to be replaced after every thirty hours of flight), imagine replacing 48 spark plugs regularly, those ground crews really had a hell of a job keeping those aircraft in the air. Making spark plug leads is pretty labour intensive, first i punched out 48 hexagonal nuts, because the leads end up in a sort of jacket with a nut on top and that is being plugged on to the spark plug. I managed to buy spark plugs from rb motion and i have placed them in to the sabre engine. Also i have further detailed the cockpit withe the side control panels using the eduard pe set.Normally i wouldn't do this, but with the car door version much more of the cockpit is visible with the door opened, it would be a shame if this would go to waste. I have alos opted for some white metal landing gear oleos, as the ones in the kit are not strong enough for my taste and can snap of easily. enough said, here are some pictures, Also working on the electrical wiring using braided hoses with lead strips to clamp them in to place, still a work in progress. When you compare the eduard parts versus the kit parts, than you can see the difference Well that's it for now, hope you like it, Frank
  13. Hello, Some progress made on the Typhoon, basically everything is the same as the bubble top version, except for the pilot seat, I have closed up the hole that keeps the oil tank in place in the firewall, now the fire wall is nice and smooth looking, also closed the cross hole to align the engine against the firewall, now i have a little bit of clearance to play with when mounting the chin radiator. Also placed a few parts on the firewall sooner than the manual says. Normally you should place those parts with the engine in place, but by then it is very hard to place them. Also i gave the firewall a wash with some oils Weathered the pilot's seat, For this build i used the Yahu instrument panel, looks very good in my opinion, i just made the cables at the back of the panel with some lead wire, and beefed the panel up with some black plasticard, otherwise it would loo a little thin. I also bought an interior upgrade set from Eduard especially for the car door version, The set includes the window regulator handle that is not provided for in the kit and some door frames in photo etch, I am going to build the version with the white nose, but because this is an early version of the Typhoon, it didn't have the fishplates on the tail section for reinforcement, so i have to remove them from the frame, Fish plates on Fish plates removed Described an riveted, not entirely satisfied with the result, so i wil go over that again, and after a bit of primer and sanding it will look allright (although sanding in that area is a real challenge with all that detail and panel lines) I am now working on the rest of the cockpit, the throttle box, steering column etc. I have also bought the upgrade set from Eduard for the landing flaps, since i am going to build it with the wheels and flaps down. Well that's it for now, Let me know what you guys think, every comment is welcome and appreciated, Cheers, Frank
  14. Look what landed at my doorstep! The long awaited Cardoor version of the Typhoon. This one will be my new work in progress for the coming months. Couldn't resist to place its bubble top brother in front of the box. Lets see what is different in the box....... No more distortions in the clear parts or cracks, looks very good. The car doors are also on the clear parts sprue The extra Z sprue containing all the parts that are different from the bubble top version The hispano guns can be mounted either with or without the protective shrouds. The cockpit is on the inside a little different, and more is visible now, so that is certainly an improvement if you want to show parts of the cockpit. There are various versions of the canopy possible, i still have to decide what version. So it is time to commence with this build and add a Typhoon to my "squadron". iI will try to do regular updates on this build, lots of the construction is very much the same. I have ordered some aftermarket stuff from Eduard for the interior, because now more will be visible through the car door, and also the Master Hispano's, will look great without the protective shrouds. Well, i will get some styrene on the table now and start the build! That's it for now, Cheers, Frank
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