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  1. Hello Kev, I was just ahead of you, because I already uploaded some images to their site, and they are visible now on the Airfix website, but thanks for the advice, Frank
  2. Hello Jeff, Thanks for the tip, but I already found a copper tube that I could use to run the wire through, so i'am adapting it now so the wire will be invisible, and thanks for the nice comment, Frank
  3. I haven't been able to do a lot, but I have installed the rockets under the wings and I have made a stand under the aircraft, I wanted to put the electric wire through the pipe that supports the airplane, but that wasn't possible, so I had to place it on the outside, I will try to get another tube so I can rub the wire through, but that's all for later, here are some pics,...... I was going to mount the bellytank as well, but that wasn't possible, then the model would top over, the place of the stand is now so balanced that it doesn't tip over. Just about the same angle as on the box.... That's it for now, now I can start weathering the plane, (not to much), but some oil streaks and exhaust streaks, more to follow Frank
  4. Thanks Ron, The spinning propellor gives it a bit of an extra dimension, and indeed I can almost imagine the roar of that engine. Here's a bit of motivation for your upcoming Typhoon build, this is a picture from my build a few years ago, and I have enjoyed every minute of it, but Ron, R.T.F.M, ( read the f**cking manual), the fitting of the parts needs to be very precise, one mistake and further in the build it will come back to haunt you, so dry fit everything! I will be using the same display stand for the Hellcat, thanks for the comment, Frank
  5. I have also built the Typhoon, that came with a pilot in the kit, that's the only thing missing right now. And I am not ready yet, the rockets must be installed, the aerial and wire, some clear parts as the navigation lights etc, but I am getting there, thanks for the comment, Frank
  6. Just for the fun of it, I did install a prop motor in the Hellcat, it's going to be an "in flight" model, so I thought it was a nice feature........... I am now thinking how to get the wiring of the engine as invisible as possible through the display stand, need to get the balance right because it's a heavy cat, I might have to cancel the bellytank, because otherwise the model has the tendency to tip over to the front,..............to be continued, Frank
  7. Thanks for the compliment, I've learned the most from the failures I've made, sometimes what I want or what I have in mind works and sometimes those projects are shelved when it just won't work, it's better to stop then and try again at a later stage, Cheers, Frank
  8. And now both sides are done and glosscoated........... Cheers, Frank
  9. Hey Ron, I have build the typhoon myself, and as far is I know there weren't any mk1b typhoons with uncovered cannons, this was only featured on the car door version, later production models of the car door version had covered cannons. You can use the cannons for the Mossie, I think it's a real upgrade for the model since you can build the plane with the bomb bay open and then they are nice and visible. They will fit under the bottom plate, but then you can only see the very tip of the cannon, and I know that looks very good on the master set, a real upgrade of the plastic ones. So I would use them for the Mossie if I were you, Frank
  10. Looking great John, soon the only thing she will need is a pin up girl,........................ cheers, Frank
  11. Just finished spraying the sharkmouth on the starboard side of the Hellcat, when that's dry I'll finish it with a clear gloss coat, so then it will stand out better I have to do some touch up work, but then they will look fantastic under a gloss clear coat...
  12. I hate decals too, and you are right, I should slow down. I always use masks, and because I was placing decals anyway I thought I'd have a go with the shark mouth, needless to say, NEVER AGAIN......, they are just to big and the curves of the cowling are too great to get them right, and I didn't like the end result so i started masking again as I should have done in the first place, thanks for the comment, Frank
  13. That's okay Sheldon.....
  14. Hello Ron, I've made the same mistake, but if you really look carefully at the drawing from Airfix then they are pictured with the bow down, only when you put them on the engine it doesn't "feel" right, so i mounted them also bow up, and then indeed it's a pain in the **ss to get part J2 to slide over them, I was to late to correct it, and my build is an in flight model so it really doesn't matter for me. Following your build, it will be a beauty when finished, Frank
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