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USMC M4A2 stowage Betio Island.

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The first USMC tank-assisted landings in WW2 took place on Tarawa Atoll, more specifically on Betio Island. Most of those M4A2's didn't survive very long, but two fought on until the place was finally completely taken. 




Did these tanks carry stowage? If so probably not as much as their European TO brethren, but still...

Colorado may not be the best example since a Japanese soldier put it on fire on Day 1 and the crew ran it into the sea to put the flames out...


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Hi Erik,

I believe to recall these Shermans did not carry a lot of stowage.

I'm a little bit out of the armour modelling, but still enjoy looking at a delicately weathered piece of armour though.


One day I might just try my hand at 1/35 again.


So. You're (planning on) building a Sherman?

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