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Gun turret option?


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Something that I miss in our rapid developing aftermarket situation is a selection of aircraft gun turrets.

There are Falcon transparency only sets in the smaller scales but nothing in our scale. Wouldn't

It be a great idea if a selection of British, German or American gunturrets became available?

I could use a FN4a tailturret or FN16 nose turret for the Whitley. Perhaps the HK bomber kits could

Give a boost towards this. Or is the market too small.

What do you think?


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The common denominator is not necessarily turrets, but basically anything that has clear parts in it


The Hobbyboss Spitfire screams for a vaguely correct canopy for instance...


The only thing that has come on the market in the past 1000 years is the new canopy for the Ar196 - and that took like 3 years it seems after the (otherwise excellent) kit came out...


Basically, I wouldn't get your hopes up :(

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Don't forget Radu's 109 canopies...

Masterpieces for sure, but not for mere mortals :0

Remember you have to make the thing yourself pretty much from scratch, and the the materials involved mean that anything with a complicated compound curve surface / profile is a out of the question

I don't think that a gun turret is an option that way - you need someone to provide you with an injection moulded clear part

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Hmm yes, you are correct about that. Building the interior and general construction isn't the problem but

Indeed the clear parts are. Will make a start soon on that FN 4a turret soon to see for myself.

But I am curious what HK Models makes of the Lancaster turrets.


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Falcon have done beautiful canopy and gun turret sets in 1/48 for years, maybe the arrival of 1/32 bombers will persuade them to put something together?  They have produced some 1/32 items for Squadron.


Rob Taurus also makes nice canopies in 1/48 vac...  I have asked him if 1/32 was on the horizon and he said he'd think about it.. Sorry Nick, I know you won't touch vac canopies (I'm not exactly keen on them myself)..


Maybe, given the Arado canopy set, A2Zee would consider doing some further sets in resin? Less intimidating than vacform.....



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