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1/35 Valentine tank turned metal barrels and tow cables


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Valentine QF 2pdr Barrels and Tow Cables

by Eureka XXL

for 1/35 AFV Club / MiniArt kits




Eurela XXL make a wide range of armour and diorama accessories, mainly in 1/35 - you can view their full range here. Today we look at two update sets for the Valentine tank, both comprising turned metal barrel and tow cables. It is not specified that they are made for any particular kit, but any relevant AFV Club or MiniArt Valentine will be appropriate. You will need to check your references regarding the barrel - see below.




#ER-3544 Valentine Mk. I, II, IV - Towing Cables & Gun barrel QF 2pdr Mk. IX

#ER-3545 Valentine Mk. I, III, V - Towing Cables & Gun barrel QF 2pdr Mk. X


The set comprises turned aluminium barrel, two wire towing cables, four resin towing hooks and one metal 'clamp' which was used to clasp the tow cables together. Despite the apparently robust packaging, a towing eye had snapped of the cable end on each of my sets, see below - maybe I was unlucky? Even with CA glue, the repair will be quite flimsy.




Moving on...the first barrel is the fluted version of the QF 2pdr. You will see this gun, and this specific barrel on a number of British early / mid-war tanks, notably the Valentine and the Matilda. The box says this is for marks I, II and IV, which whilst not untrue, does not necessarily mean that all of these marks carried this particular barrel. I suggest - as I always do - that you try to locate the photo of the tank you are making and go from there, but as a rule of thumb these fluted barrels were seen earlier on than the 'stepped' one (#ER-3545).




I compared the barrels against numerous photos and they seem 'about right' to the naked eye, which is always a good start. I also got compared them to plans in both "Into The Valley" (which I reviewed here: http://scaleplasticandrail.com/kaboom/index.php/all-things-military-vehicle/everything-else/book-reviews/1321-the-valentine-tank-and-derivatives-1938-1960-from-mmp-books ) and "Armor Photo History #2", both by Dick Taylor, and they seem to match up quite well. These two books are the best references for the Valentine that I know of - I have the Tank Power XC as well, but would not buy this again if given the choice - too many errors and generalizations.




A closer look at the ends of both barrels:






The tow cables are two pieces of what I believe to be brass, about 13cm long. I do not know if this is the correct length - I need to have a proper read through of Into The Vally - but it certainly seems plausible. The wires show excellent scale detail to my eye. They have also been annealed, and will quite happily be bent into a particular shape and stay there. I would probably anneal them once more to be safe, but certainly most of the work has been done here.




The resin cable ends and towing eyes are also very finely cast, but delicate! They have hollowed out ends ready to accept the wire - I tried one wire in one eye and it fit fine, which is reassuring.






The brass eyelet which is the final piece of these sets was used to hold two cables / both ends of the same cable together. The metal is fairly soft and can be opened and pinched shut with small pliers.




Simple, well detailed and accurate. The only work you will have to do is a bit of reference searching to establish which particular barrel is appropriate for the Valentine or Matilda you are making. Whilst the AFV Club kit comes with a perfectly decent fluted metal barrel, it has now tow cables, so to complete your kit in a more realistic fashion one of these sets will definitely come in handy.


Highly recommended


There is a list of Eureka XXL suppliers worldwide on their website here and a number of shops stock their products on eBay.

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cheers guys

that was my first review done 'from scratch' direct onto the forums and it is soooooo easy

i will do the Eureka barrel set later this weekend


i know i shouldn't say this, but for the first time in ages, this did not seem like "homework", and i actually enjoyed writing a review!


Jim - let me know who I need to credit for the sample btw  ;)

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I'd never heard of Eureka before your review Nick, applause .. it was very informative and I immediately went and looked (and bookmarked) their site. Terrific - thanks.

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have just uploaded my monster AFV Club Valentine II review - seems only right given we have the accessories, might as well have the kit!

feel free to take a look and comment now that I have finished (I was surprised i could fit all those pics in one post - seems we don't have limits like on say LSP for that sort of thing?)


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