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1/32 Northrop P-61 Black Widow Wheels

Dave J

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1/32 Northrop P-61 Black Widow Wheels

For Hobby Boss
True Details
Catalogue # TD32018

Available directly from Squadron and True Detail stockists.




True Details is one of the few brands that is produced under the flagship of Squadron/MMD based out of Carrollton, Texas in the United States. True Details have been releasing resin accessories for modellers since the 1990's, in the way of resin cockpits and wheel sets for all different scales. True Details latest release will please Large Scale Black Widow fans, and if you like me... You will be glad to see the backside of the rubber tyres that are included within the Hobby Boss kit. If you've not already seen it, check out our review of this seriously superb kit.





The P-61 Black Widow wheel set is comprised of the three tyres and separate piece hubs, instead of single solid individual pieces like True Details has produce in past wheel sets releases. Each tyre has a pour stub that needs to be removed, but also the centre section of each tyre needs to remove also. This should be easy if you have large enough drill bit that fits into the inner diameter of the resin wheels.






Each Hub is comprised of inner, outer and axle insert that is sandwiched between the hub parts. There is a small amount of resin flash that needs to be removed from between the spokes on the hubs. This can be easily sanded from the backside of the hub or a sharp knife blade to remove the excess resin.


















Each tyre has a weighted profile to them, with diamond tread pattern. A nice touch included is the actual trademark "GOODYEAR" with logo, which is spelt correctly. Hubs feature the brake hose, which is nicely captured and isn't over-scaled as seen on plastic injected parts. Casting is perfect and there are no signs of any imperfections or air bubbles.







So what do we think?
A great addition to your Large Scale Black Widow! Quality is fantastic and to the same level you would expect from another European Brand that produce resin wheel sets. Looking forward to see what else Squadron has up their sleeve for the Hobby Boss P-61!


Highly Recommended


Our sincere thanks to Squadron for the review samples used here. To purchase this directly, click THIS link.


Dave J.




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Tread is not that impressive in my opinion


I am benchmarking vs Roy Sutherland's stuff - his (and the guys who sometimes master for him) are the business


This would appear to look 'ok' but not up to tht standard



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Guest Kagemusha

The tread pattern's terrible and the design where you have to drill out the centre of the wheel is pathetic. 

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