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I bought the Trumpeter versions of the B-2 and G-2, mostly because they happened to be on an insane discount. As far as accuracy the front is a bit undersized and a quick Google will bring up many articles on that issue, however the Hasegawas have their own quirks and the Revell kits are still the old molds, I believe. Any of them will fool most of your visitors and will likely pass the 6-foot rule so it depends on how much you want to fuss with them. Trumpeter offers an A, B-2, B2/U4, D, G-2, and R. Hasegawa offers the D, D-5, D-8, and G. Revell the B-2 and D. According to scalemates.com.

The B-2 I built ended up closer to a B-1 in several respects and I didn't do anything about the nose (maybe on the G) and it has fooled all those who have entered my display area which is good enough for me (WARNING: the kit bomb load is FUBAR). I didn't build the Hasegawa kits because they weren't the right price at the time; Trumpeter was. I built the Revell kit sometime back in the late 1970's and all I can say about it is that it was probably shot down by the U.S.S. Missouri along the southern edges of Pensacola Bay soon after construction.

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