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  1. That's definitely the good old Aberdeen Pale Dull Yellow.
  2. The Puritans would have stoned those kids in the town square.
  3. Many of those guys won't even live long enough to replace what was lost. Stuff like that is essentially irreplaceable.
  4. This forum needs a dislike button.
  5. Remember, when it comes to rust bear in mind most of these vehicles saw about 3-4 months at best before being totaled. When you look at the allotment orders for the various PzAbt, they were receiving replacements at a pretty steady clip so nothing is getting the chance to get its rust on. The safest bet is always those spots the crew step on and knock into on a daily basis, and the exhaust system obviously. For those I use metallic/graphite coloring pencils to create worn effects and such; the tip gives good control as opposed to the sponge technique which IMHO always looks like 'rural teenagers vs stop signs' if you know what I mean.
  6. I built the nuclear version. And plenty of the radioactive giant insect kits, Star Trek ships, dinosaurs, and even a 10-speed bike. Why I built the bike I do not know. I preferred dirt bikes.
  7. That's so stupid. Everybody knows it's only true if it's Potato with Bacon and Cheddar and half a grilled cheese sandwich alongside.
  8. They say that about PC gaming every year but that hasn't ended.
  9. I wouldn't expect the repair depot chaps to take the time to remove all the tires before repainting, as getting the tanks back in service was the priority and not neatness of random camouflage. BTW, I've started painting roadwheels the same way unless I'm representing a fresh vehicle.
  10. How sure are you that the cause is external rather than internal? There are hardware issues that occasionally affect MacBooks involving the video systems onboard, especially in terms of the NVRAM. If you search 'pink screen macbook' you get a lot of hits on the topic, but any more info you can provide can help narrow that search. BTW, I am a certified Windows tech so I can't help you with specifics, unfortunately.
  11. Oddly enough, these reactors can also be modified to use waste from uranium plants as fuel, in addition to thorium. The salts used for cooling are themselves relatively resistant to becoming irradiated under the neutron bombardment in the reaction chamber, so they aren't nearly as hazardous as the old school plants. They aren't 100%, obviously, but nothing is and quite frankly the pros far outweigh the cons IMO.
  12. These have been in operation in one form or another since the 1960's, but never to the degree traditional uranium reactors were because of the need to generate by-products for use in the production of nuclear weapons. Reactors were burdened with many regulations to begin due to the public fear/ignorance of nuclear power, and the few accidents over the years tightened regulations, added more, and reduced funding for new reactors, at least in the U.S. All of this contributed to slowing work on these projects and so they haven't attained the economy of scale uranium has. But, they are not as complex to build and thus cheaper and operable in a shorter time frame. With the renewed emphasis on green tech and reducing fossil fuels, interest in thorium has risen again and several countries are looking into it, such as India and China. Both countries have rapidly growing energy demands and we can hardly afford for them to begin dumping even more crap in the atmosphere. Now, the crazy lady in NYC wants to ban nuclear along with fossil, but I am hard-pressed to see how she thinks the States can run on solar panels and windmills. And I don't understand your emphasis on it still being a nuclear reactor; so is the sun. What is your concern exactly?
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