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  1. Yeah, but these are Carolinians.
  2. I would be interested in knowing how old most of the suits are in this company. I have found more often than not it is newcomers in a company who swoop in and decide to count pennies, and having no relationship with the workforce make decisions based on pure economics. That is one of the things that killed Borders Books; when the long-time CEO retired, he was replaced with a younger man with no experience in the retail book industry. He had no established relationship with anyone in the company and the decisions he made were destructive enough to crater the stock value of the company (from which it never recovered) and the board was forced to buy out his contract to get rid of him before he totally wrecked it. However, none of those who followed were much better and mandated that payroll would always be the first area to target for trimming.
  3. Oh, and another thing: Has anyone done a comparison of the AK pencils to standard watercolor pencils?
  4. Probably still not as fast as the actual Russian factories, I'll bet.
  5. Or you could wait for Hph to finish their resin kit.
  6. With a little scratchwork maybe you could use a few of those Revell squirrel kits for the horses.
  7. FAMO would be a bit of overkill, since those were primarily for hauling tanks. The SdKfz 10 would be sufficient.
  8. Not sure how the SdKfz 250 page at Tanks Encyclopedia will help with the 251, and sdkfz251.com is all photos of 251s with no text data. The /4 was the only variant designated as an artillery hauler, and as far as I recall only AFV made that variant.
  9. It actually does; the Tristar followed extremely closely by the Dragon. The Tamiya and Italeri fall far behind with Tamiya losing due to age and the Italeri due to accuracy and molding issues. I assume Trumpeter's either wasn't considered or wasn't available yet. It has PE gunshields like Dragon, but no plastic option.
  10. And as for German vehicles, David Doyle recently released a nice hardcover called The Complete Guide to German Armored Vehicles. https://daviddoylebooks.com/son-of-sherman-1/german
  11. Not to be a poop head, because much of what you got there is nice, but you should be able to get the odorless thinner in larger volumes and cheaper at art supply shops.
  12. Are you saying you've seen variations of the 251/4, or just variants of the 251 in general? The /4 is a variant within the 251 series of vehicles, which runs up to around 22-24 types depending on sources. Layouts changed according to the specific type, such as the /1 being the common infantry mover, the /2 being equipped with a mortar, /3 being a radio vehicle, /7 being the pionier wagon, /16 having flamethrowers, etc. The /4, which towed the leFH18 was modified for ammo storage and associated gear for the artillery piece and I believe the crew followed alongside in a standard 251/1. Much of the time the leFH18 was towed by the SdKfz 10 or larger; also the Demag and even the RSO was used.
  13. Usually they were limited to the 7.5cm Pak 40 and smaller, but the 251/4 variant was used with the leFH18 later in the war. The interior layout was different. Especially from the ones buildable from the kit.
  14. Also, might I suggest this site for all your Flak 38 comparison needs in the future? https://www.perthmilitarymodelling.com/reviews/vehicles/flak38/flak38.htm This might have helped you, Wumm, in figuring out if you could mix and match the different manufacturers. They do a lot of kit comparisons. I suggest everyone check here if you want to find the best kit, prepare for potential surprises, or see if part swaps are feasible.
  15. Am I the only one who doesn't really have an issue with Dragon's instructions? Almost my entire stash of armor is Dragon. Just read them through a couple of times and make notes.
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