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    Modeling, obviously. Any and all German WWII vehicles that saw production beyond the prototype stage (with a couple of exceptions); WWII aircraft of all nations; some Sci-Fi. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror genre book collector for over 40 years. Air-cooled Volkswagen enthusiast. Cat person. Role-player/card-flopper and PC gamer. Former college radio disc jockey specializing in American 80's Punk and underground metal with a ridiculously large music collection I will not live to listen to in totality.

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  1. Your post seems to indicate it is... Don't worry, though. Just picture the last place you would ever look for it and go straight there.
  2. My Liberator finally finished its journey from Poland yesterday. Only two and a half months.
  3. If not, Ocasio-Cortez will attempt to shift the U.S. to full socialism and then we'll love whatever we get.
  4. Never did the DNA thing as I am not keen on giving corporations more than they need to know. However, paternal granddad did some digging around years ago and got that part of the family to the Virginia colony in the early 1700's, with our part branching off the part that would become the political Bushes around that time. Yes, I am related to that family. I only get back to the late 1880's on my mom's side. German, Irish, French in my background for certain.
  5. And the old Revell prescribed to frustrate them.
  6. Japanese trainer coming as well! EDIT: Have just become aware it is just the Bu131 in Japanese markings.
  7. Get into the groove, boy, you're gonna show your tip to me, yeah. Posting your little video, yeah, you made in your studio, is a great help to me.
  8. I like your table cloth. Do you like the link'n'length tracks or would you have preferred all individual links? They certainly save time and aren't as tedious but for German tanks you lose the ability to set your own sag -- and all I build is German. I've only built Takom's 12.8cm twin flak gun, which was an early kit with some fit issues but I have a couple of tanks in the stash that are more recent. How is this kit comparing to other brands you may have built if you are able to rate it yet?
  9. But dude, you're Bomber_County! Surely you have more than one in you.
  10. I heard they wait until a kit is generally available before putting individual sprues on sale.
  11. I live in the U.S. and order mostly from overseas.
  12. Stopped at an antique mall in Lavonia, GA, on my way to NYC last week and found this on a shelf of military-themed books: Anyone here familiar with this book? A quick search doesn't turn up a second volume, although from perusing this volume I am not sure what is left to cover. This book is full to the brim with awesome, and nearly makes up for the hellacious four days of driving I did over the weekend which was full of the worst traffic I have seen in years. Only had time to visit the Strand in Manhattan as far as books go, but I never find anything good there.
  13. The rust on mufflers isn't from water/rain; it is primarily heat cooking off the paint and oxidising the metal.
  14. A Liberator and a half-dozen Dragon armor kits, plus some large jars of pigments. Also going shoe shopping during the after-Christmas sales to get a pair of Doc Martens.
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