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  1. It's also the opinion of a lot of medical professionals who are being ignored by governments. The world leaders are so fixated on the 'Zero Deaths' solution, which is an impossibility, that they hang onto in the hopes it will all be justified in the end. http://www.bgdeclaration.org
  2. Well, regardless of where people stand, I prefer a more reasoned approach to all of this which is why I support professionally-esteemed doctors like Martin Kulldorff and Jay Bhattacharya, because they and their fellows have thought about the consequences of a sustained lockdown and know it is another example of cure worth than the disease. Dr. Fauci was supposed to offer a 0%-death rate scenario which can never actually be achieved when you consider SARS and HIV let alone seasonal flu, and that's what he has done. But it will wreck society getting there and even he has acknowledged that. He wa
  3. Ha, I was editing my post when you replied. Wanted to add a few more things I remembered. I saw the notification pop up and was like, "What's he going to think when my post completely changes from what he just read in no time at all?"
  4. There have been quite a few posts about it. Are you aware they are offering resin accessories for various areas for those want the full experience? The base kit I believe is mostly closed up for those who complain about paying for stuff you never see. As I really want to display the bomb bay open that might be the set I spring for; I don't do anything that requires my model be picked up and peered into so I don't really do engines or cockpits too much. I guess we'll see if the kit is worth the price for the basic alone considering. I believe there will be two boxings as well, one being Pacifi
  5. There is a consortium of medical experts around the world who want the lockdowns to end before the global situation gets worse, but I am pretty sure it's a bit late for a lot if people. Glad I don't work for Regal Cinema. Among other places. This sucks, man.
  6. Nolan is another of those people that I don't get the fuss about.
  7. I watched it strictly to see '131'. Not a fan of Pitt nor phony war movies in general. I prefer ones based on an actual event providing they don't f'it up.
  8. Thought the cops were too busy arresting pregnant women over Facebook posts?
  9. Since this seems directed at me without having the courage to come right and say so, I will point out you assume too much with the typical outcome of that approach. I can read stats; I can read graphs. I taught high school Statistics and use graphs all the time. I also understand medicine as I have several family members in that field. You are also off-base in assuming lack of compassion on my part simply because I accept the reality people die in these situations, or that I somehow think they are less worthy. Do you even look at the actual data published by the various American cities and the
  10. And yet here I am, a fellow who has spent the whole summer in a 20x20 room with my TA and 10 students wearing a crap homemade mask because my work requires us to wear them, while the students refuse to follow social distancing guidelines and are constantly touching each other and trying to high five me and crap. My TA had a 100.4ºF temp a couple of weeks ago and was sent home but turned up negative. Three of my students tested positive and yet I have tested negative every time. This virus doesn't care what you do or where you are; you get it or you don't. All the tracking being done illustrate
  11. Well, ultimately it is your kit and you can build it as you want, but you might need to study the effects of weather on vehicles in the short and long term. At the time of Kursk they were only experiencing the normal summer rains. I'm sure Mig Jimenez would appreciate your style.
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