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  1. Any program designed to block that stuff can be worked around with time and diligence. ANY program.
  2. I think what some people do is look for the gun pod sprue on ebay or similar to see if someone built it as a non-gun plane and are selling those parts. Chances of getting one from the manufacturer are slim since they don't make spare parts--they just rob complete kits until those are used up.
  3. On the real plane, the gun pods are the same but on the kit they made them mirrored, if you get what I am saying.
  4. I'm in, and I think I have stuff to offer up as well. I will get back to you on that.
  5. It's black, so maybe they used tar paper for that one.
  6. Then how is there a Beaufighter hanging in my room, when I only build 1/32?
  7. Dragon is very close mostly because they started doing more specific production runs of certain panzers, like Panzer IV's built from October to November of a year and crap like that, where there were really only a few changes from the neighboring production runs.
  8. I'll pass. I know people like Tamiya's 'shake and bake' construction for their armor but I am less than pleased that they make some detail concessions for this and they don't carry a broad range of variants within a type, specifically the German armor. That and the fact that there are actually very few German vehicles they make in 1/48 that I don't already own in 1/35 courtesy of Dragon, Bronco, Hobby Boss, Trumpeter, Amusing Hobbies, AFV Club, Takom, RFM, Meng, ICM, and Zvezda. Seriously, do they have 220+ German WWII kits in 1/48?
  9. I don't build 1/48 so I'm not that familiar with Tamiya's catalog in that scale, but I would vote for any Japanese plane not already available in 1/32.
  10. If you search around you can find better grade BB's. At any rate, I go through my Tamiya fairly fast as I build a lot of German armor and am turning those grays, browns, greens, and yellows over every couple of months.
  11. I put one in the dropper-type bottles and two in larger bottles and jars.
  12. Phil - Are BB/pellet guns legal in the UK? I ask because I see you bought some of the paint mixing balls. Here in the U.S. I bought a container of 1000 for about the same price you paid for those, so I had enough for every jar of paint I own and more for the future. And a few extra to shoot at garden pests.
  13. Personally, I think that Bellis is a major douche. Most all of his comments are condescending and/or dismissive of other people.
  14. Well, maybe if Trumpeter notice people want to see more He 111's they might decide to pump out their own version and who knows?
  15. Well, you could always venture into the smaller scales if you want one. Only about 28 B1's got built so I doubt they'll kit one in the One True Scale.
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