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    Modeling, obviously. Any and all German WWII vehicles that saw production beyond the prototype stage (with a couple of exceptions); WWII aircraft of all nations; some Sci-Fi. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror genre book collector for over 40 years. Air-cooled Volkswagen enthusiast. Cat person. Role-player/card-flopper and PC gamer. Former college radio disc jockey specializing in American 80's Punk and underground metal with a ridiculously large music collection I will not live to listen to in totality.

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  1. Everybody expects that a lot of camouflaged Lancs are going to be built; lots of guys want to pay tribute to relatives. But you have done what few people did expect and show a seldom seen element of that aircraft's service life, that was in itself also of historical significance. A stunning piece of work and whether you agree or not--because that is the perfectionist in modelers trying to push their abilities--but for all intents and purposes you have knocked it out of the park and a sports reference from a 55yo whose idea of sports is to hold down a mouse button while playing PUBG can be regarded as canon henceforth. Well deserved. If I didn't confine myself to WWII subjects, I would love to have such a beautiful plane in my collection.
  2. Over here in the States, we have a politician who referred to it thus, " CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties " We know who did it, and what that was. Elephant and room, together again.
  3. Which 10? The first list that Moses smashed or the second? If you read them you'll notice they aren't the same.
  4. I survived, and I refuse to be quiet about it. That's how it gets forgotten.
  5. Not a coffee fan myself; all I can smell are burning oils whenever a pot is brewing. The irony is I was a café manager for a while.
  6. Even worse are the kits that weren't even paper panzers but 'what-ifs' people came up with trying to extrapolate what would have happened if the war continued. May as well build Sci-Fi models if you're going to play make believe.
  7. I've been seeing a few of these get built recently, so I'm guessing they aren't as rough as he said. Not that they aren't fiddly, but they seem doable. Like Special Hobby's Tempest, which many people have griped about but there is one guy who has managed to build about a dozen of the damn things in record time. I have both and will build them once I clear my 'in-progress' kits off the bench.
  8. I believe you mean 'hole'.
  9. Well, I know I have my local Hobby Lobby beat and there is a LHS a town over, although admittedly RC is their focus, that I also dominate. But I ain't selling nuttin' to nobody!
  10. Merrill Lynch used to have an office over the Borders Books I was a manager at. But it caught on fire after a tower fell on it and my whole building had to be demolished and dumped in Staten Island.
  11. I managed to buy a bunch of Mr Color in German and Japanese colors from a guy a few years back. Probably 2-3 bottles of every color for about a thirds of the price. I like the colors and I don't have to mix anything.
  12. Since you're just up in Woodstock, are you able to get to the HobbyTown in Kennesaw? Their armor selection has been shrinking, and they don't seem to get many 1/32 planes but they have lots of supplies. I am so stocked up now I only get there every few months but driving the 70-mile round trip for Tamiya and the rest still ends up cheaper than ordering them online.
  13. That will be an extremely long time considering he won't be Captain of the Enterprise in the new crapfest--I mean show--he is doing, and he will likely be dead before he gets another Star Trek series.
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