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  1. There might be a space for you too! Mike
  2. I will be there on Tuesday through Sunday. I might have a floor for you on Wednesday! Mike
  3. The hotel links are hot for reservations. Rooms are going fast. www.ipmsusa2022.com Mike
  4. Looks like it is the MCID intakes. mike
  5. I have the Tamiya F-16, which intake/exhaust do I use. Not a rivet counter so not concerned about the landing gear. Thanks for your input. Mike
  6. What is a good color match for the above paint? I am going to start my ME-262 and I need this color of paint. Thanks, Mike
  7. On our way back from Vegas we stayed in Rock Springs Wy on our 1st night and grand island Nebraska the second. long drives but doable.
  8. I know it is only 11 months to go but I thought I would start a discussion about the convention. I plan on going and bringing 3 or 4 planes to the show. I was hoping that we could get a good crowd together for this one. Hope to hear from everyone, have a great year of building. Mike
  9. I have GT resins conversion. Going to build that one. $300.00 is too expensive for me. Mike
  10. The F-4 diorama looks like a 1/48 scale phantom and 1/32 scale revetments. Mike
  11. He also mentioned that they are looking to release it in the spring of next year. The cost is around $300.00. Mike
  12. Talked with the people here about thePhantoms and he said that the “B” will be the 1st one. Mike
  13. It looks like a record number of LSP’s for the convention! Mike
  14. I still want to get the bomb bay am set. I would also like a cockpit upgrade set for mine. Hoping to have mine done for Omaha along with 2 or 3 other planes. Mike
  15. For those of you driving west of Denver on I70, there are problems with mud slides. It is closed now and you have to use a detour. Mike
  16. So all the holes need to be drilled out on the flaps correct! Mike
  17. Very interesting! mike
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