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  1. Looks great, did you use any Eduard on this one? I am getting ready to start mine and have the Eduard interior set. Mike
  2. Our meet and greet is on the seminar schedule. Mike
  3. Are the seat belts from the kit or AM? Mike
  4. I am in the process of building this plane and I will hopefully be able to post pics this week. I have one question, on the IP there are 3 screens , when the aircraft is parked would the screens be green? Thanks, Mike
  5. So sorry for your loss. Have a safe flight. Mike
  6. Well I just thought I would ask to see if there was any interest, if there is I will try and arrange something if not than no table. Mike
  7. Is anyone interested in doing a Special Interest Group table for Large Scale Planes? Mike
  8. I will wait until I see what tours are going to happen and what days. Ernie, Did you ever let them know about sponsoring a category for the Mafia? Mike
  9. For those that are going, which day and time would work for everyone for the meet and greet? Mike
  10. I am looking at working on the following: 1. F-18C 2. A-1E conversion 3. USN Dauntless 4. Various German WW2 armour 5. At least 2 F-4's. 6. Forgot to add a Corsair -1A. Mike
  11. The other plane is going to be a F-18C. Will be starting it this week along with the Dauntless. BlrwestSiR, I live an hour away from Oshkosh maybe we can get together for lunch! Mike
  12. Right now I am planning on a Dauntless and a couple of armor pieces. Could be another plane, I will have to check to see what I could bring. Mike
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