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  1. The reason I ask is that LSP sponsored categories usually go pretty fast.
  2. Are we going to sponsor a category and special award for this show?
  3. Got my room reservation. Looking forward to this convention. Mike
  4. I will be on the base and hopefully get some closeup pics!
  5. Who else is planning on going? biggtim, any shirts for this one? Mike
  6. I believe WNW had that at Phoenix IPMS convention! Mike
  7. Can you make a ANG F-16 from the SUFA kit? mike
  8. Their website is supposed to go live on Wednesday. Mike
  9. I am having trouble fitting the centerline tank to the plane. I am using the early tank and there is a big gap when I try to mount it per instructions. Am I doing something wrong? Mike
  10. Happy Birthday!
  11. The convention has been cancelled. It will take place in San Marcos in 2023. Mike
  12. Happy Birthday Sunshine!
  13. Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it. Mike
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