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  1. recon

    Chattanooga 2019 convention

    Sounds like the Marriott is sold out, rooms are still available at the Days Inn and The Read House. Mike
  2. Who is planning on going? Mike
  3. For those of you going to the IPMS USA convention in Chattanooga next year the links are hot for the hotel rooms. Mike
  4. recon

    Group Builds

    I like the idea of the "contest bound" GB. I'm in for this one! Mike
  5. recon

    57th FIS Phantom

    Tamiya with custom decals. Mike
  6. recon

    57th FIS Phantom

    Can you please move this to the appropriate place. Thanks
  7. recon

    Posting pictures

    Yes it was. Mike
  8. This is my 57th FIS Phantom. It is 1/32. Mike
  9. recon

    Posting pictures

    This is my 57th FIS Phantom. Mike
  10. recon

    Posting pictures

    This was a test.
  11. Can we post pics from our phones? Mike
  12. recon

    Polish Mig-21 cockpit color

    I am going to try Vallejo Emerald. Mike
  13. I am building the above aircraft circa 1995. What is a good color for the cockpit? Thanks, Mike