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  1. Which is the best 1/32 Stuka on the market? Mike
  2. Looking for the above sheet. I have 32-075 for trade if interested. Mike
  3. I am looking for 2 of the following Tamiya parts for my Phantom: C-1 thanks, Mike
  4. Is there a list of all the companies/individuals making am for the D/J and what they are making? Thanks Mike
  5. recon

    Big Day

    Hope everything went well today. Mike
  6. Working on a RF-4C. This is an adventure, hope to post pics when I am done. Mike
  7. Who makes the best F-4 exhausts for the Tamiya F-4J? thanks, Mike
  8. The reason I ask is that LSP sponsored categories usually go pretty fast.
  9. Are we going to sponsor a category and special award for this show?
  10. Got my room reservation. Looking forward to this convention. Mike
  11. I will be on the base and hopefully get some closeup pics!
  12. Who else is planning on going? biggtim, any shirts for this one? Mike
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