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  1. The convention has been cancelled. It will take place in San Marcos in 2023. Mike
  2. Happy Birthday Sunshine!
  3. Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it. Mike
  4. Does the tamiya kit come with the big or small mouth intake? The unit I plan on doing is a block 30. mike
  5. So what is needed to build an ANG f-16? I will be using the Tamiya CJ. mike
  6. What is the quality of these decals? I heard their phantom decals had some issues. Mike
  7. I am curious as to when they have to make a final decision if the convention is a go or not? As of this morning it is still on.
  8. I just cancelled my registration. Looking forward to Vegas and Omaha. Mike
  9. Change of plans, going to finish my A-7 than start working on the A-6.
  10. They just cancelled the 2 tours. We were planning on going on the San Antonio tour. It is not looking good!
  11. I finally got my decals for “sleepy” and the fs number they listed is 30480. i couldn’t find any supplier for this color. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks Mike
  12. This is the part I need. thanks Mike
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