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    History of the great war on land and the great war in the air.
    1/32 scale ww1 Models and super detailing.
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    aaaaaand Wingnut Wings kits :-)

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  1. Nice project, and a very nice model. In my eyes much nicer than the successor, the D.IV. But it takes a lot of work, patience and dedication to create a piece of jewelry out of it. As far as I can judge from your previous models, you will create a really outstanding model. Also the ingredients you use (the after market parts) are very promising. Servus Bertl
  2. A (dusty) Hansa Brandenburg W29 is also waiting for completion on the shelf ...
  3. Also unfinished for years, Wingnut Wings Fokker E.I . The version with higher wing.
  4. Also on the workbench, Wingnut Wings LVG C.VI Started years ago, no end in sight.
  5. 1x Roden Albatros D.I, 1x Wingnut Wings Albatros D.V and 2x Wingnut Wings Albatros D-Va at the same time.
  6. Thank you so much, Steve. I'll try to get in touch with him in some way. Unfortunately, I'm not a Facebook member. But the information that he's okay is really nice. Thanks again for your help, Steve. Biggest Biker greetings from Bavaria. Servus Bertl
  7. Hello, everyone, I don't know if this is the right place for my question - if not, then I apologize. I've been trying to get in contact with Michael Scarborough for a long time. He is a member of this forum. I can't get any further via his mail address or his website either. Does anyone have any idea how I can reach him? Or an idea about his whereabouts, is he OK, is he not OK? Since October 2019 the connection to him is broken. Thanks for your help. Servus Bertl
  8. 78 Wingnut kits? I have 58 on my shelf, also all four duelist boxes. It's no wonder Wingnut locked up - they simply don't have any models to sell anymore.... Servus Bertl
  9. I had already followed the construction of this model in another forum at times. Nice to see how Gotha has grown in the meantime. Again and again nice to see, but unfortunately often very rare: Superdetailing, which comes very close to the original. Here, on this model, excellently realized. Bravo! Servus Bertl
  10. Coool this works!! I left this forum when Photobucket had decided to become bandits. Over the years I was always visiting as a reader, but not for posting. I think this will change again with this clever function to post pictures. Greetings from Bavaria Servus Bertl
  11. A test whether this actually works Cockpit from Wingnut Wings Albatros D.V "early" Werksnummer 1187/17
  12. I think you need those little things here, Herr Graf? http://www.brengun.cz/e-shop/1-32-accessories-31/cowling-fasteners-wwi-(50pcs)-934#!prettyPhoto
  13. ".............After five Wingnuts kits in a row, I think I'm ready for a change of pace.... " Michael, you traitor
  14. I really love your work, Master Michael - excellently implemented. Servus Bertl
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