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    History of the great war on land and the great war in the air.
    1/32 scale ww1 Models and super detailing.
    ww1 flight sim ROF.
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  1. How high did we fly over the front, Herr Oberleutnant? Thanks a lot for watching and your kind comments. Servus Bertl
  2. Here now pictures of the finished whale fish. All markings were painted, also the mouth. The teeth are the Wingnut Decals. I cut them carefully with a scalpel out from the rest of the mouth decals. The black thin border around the mouth is partly painted with oil paint.
  3. Here the step pad made of plywood, painted with camouflage. for the mechanics on the lower left wing. This pad is of course always very heavily stressed by the mechanics' boot soles - this is how it should look on the model.
  4. Metal fittings, covers and maintenance flaps were also assembled "just like in real life". First the raw aluminium, then the primer and then the camouflage paint - then again aged, weathered etc.
  5. The glass (windows) was also cut much thinner to make it look more realistic.
  6. The paint was applied just like "in real life", - first the raw aluminium, then the primer, then the camouflage paint - and then aged and weathered.
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