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  1. My set has now arrived: if anything, the pictures in James' review don't do it full justice, the prop (and pipe, in my set ...) look superb "in the flesh", and all arrived presented and packaged very well indeed. A great product, and I can recommend them if you have the slightest need for any of the varieties of prop offered. Thanks to ProperPlane for a great product and great service!
  2. The timing, and a wait for the items, isn't a big deal, and your site does refer to a 4-5 week production period; but the item in question said - and still does say - "in stock". I would have ordered one anyway even with the 4-5 week wait: but to me, in stock means in stock, i.e. you had taken the decision to advance manufacture some, and they are already available. IMO, the items should not say in stock if they are not ... As for Liquipay's response that you quote above: I do appreciate your concern, and taking this up with them: but even if (IF ...) this breach is anything to do with their systems, they would not be involved in any later fraudulent use of the card details, and would know nothing about it. The contact would then be between the finance provider (which could be anyone / anywhere) to the online store to which the fraudulent order was made when they request the payment, and my card provider to make the payment, who as I say declined the transaction anyway. I'm still looking forward to receiving the prop and pipe set: hopefully it will kick start my build of the D-1!
  3. I placed my ("In stock") online order, as above, on 2 January: a few words of caution: I received an immediate automated email response confirming my order: but as of today, 10 January, it is still shown as "processing" ... Not THAT long a "delay"; but what else has also happened in the few days immediately following the order is a hacking / compromising of my card details, with two attempted uses of it for fraudulent transactions (one £0.26p "test", and a £1,300 substantive fraudulent purchase attempt). I did confirm to the card company then that the Proper Plane / Liquipay (?) transaction was genuine, and AFAIK this payment was made before the fraud problem. My card company had already declined the above two transactions before contacting me, so I have not lost out financially: but I do have the hassle of changing the card, and notifying various companies of the new number, etc. etc. I have absolutely no evidence that this is anything to do directly with Proper Plane: I assume that they never see my card details in handing off the payment process to Liquipay. I have never before heard of Liquipay before: no evidence about them either ... But the timing coincidence (and the use of the card details in Germany, when I reside in the UK ...) makes me concerned about this specific "foreign" transaction. I keep the card (with a low credit limit, in case of occasions such as this: a total loss to me of up to the card limit would be a pain in the wallet, but not a financial disaster) almost entirely for online use, with a limited number of businesses that I use regularly, with no previous problems. This first "off piste" use via Liquipay and the fraudulent activity are timed neatly together? But I may of course be adding 2 + 2 and getting 5 ... My aim isn't to put people off buying from Proper Plane, but I felt an alert was justified in the circumstances.
  4. Given that nobody was hurt too badly, I was able to enjoy the woman SUV passenger's emphatic declaration that "we did NOT pull out in front of an airplane": one would think that they'd just had an experience which proved exactly the opposite! Remarkable the things of which people can convince themselves ...
  5. Without wishing to upset Radu (I've used his radiator grilles and seatbelts before ... great products), I checked on the ZM website to find the UK importer details, who are Tiger Hobbies: https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/pre-order/Zoukei-Mura-SWS13-1:32-Kawasaki-Ki-45-Kai-Toryu A rapid answer from Tiger Hobbies to my email to them says that the kit will be in the UK in March, so I'll have to restrain myself for a while ... They offer post-free in the UK for a kit of this price, so it looks like being considerably cheaper for me.
  6. Not to do down Plastmodel, but just in case it's easier for anyone ... Hannants do (at the time of writing) also now have this set in stock: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MR32113
  7. Me too: after James' clear and helpful review (thanks: great pictures!) I've ordered the same set for my D-1. I have "only" two other WNW in my stash: a Camel and a Fokker D.VII, and if the items are as good "in the flesh" when they arrive as they look in these pictures then I'll probably add those also.
  8. Very nice! I like the subtle exhaust staining down the fuselage side behind the cowling. Inspiring me actually to finish something ...
  9. Ireland IS close enough ... thanks for the info and link. I did start an order, but ... - though the item page shows two in stock, as you say, trying actually to make an order for one gets an "out of stock, I will order it for you ..." message; - I was still going to go ahead and wait for it to arrive (patience not being my best virtue ... ), but the approx £160 kit cost would have a further £60 postage etc added to it, just to get it from Ireland to the UK. This latter bit was too steep for me, so I'm still on the lookout for one. Hopefully they will become more widely available in the UK ...
  10. I have just caught up with this: great, comprehensive review of what looks like a fabulous kit. You've sold it to me, I'm now trying to source one from in the UK ...
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