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  1. Hello Jeroen Do you sleep sometime? Lol Fab
  2. http:// http:// http:// Three upgrade to avoid something right..grrrr love this hobby...
  3. Ooooooh yeah! Rag n bone man song revisited....is he only an human? Amities Fab
  4. Hello! After a break (ski, paragliding,my country is soooo nice for that sort of serious job, euuuuh hobby) and rainings days, contemplating the fabulous jobs of Jeroen and 109 ...I ve to come to the office and to blow dust on the bench... So, a quick update on the Dora.... The back of the old Haseg is wrong...the Aires kit is too short, the Eduard (as often) false, the Cutting Edge need little corrections, kitbashing was imperious... The slide of the canopy need to be also added...isn't it 109 ;-) More photo will come soon... Fab
  5. Hello Mikester! Any news? I presume you read the thread on an other forum about a vacuum canopy from Tasman product (falcon) for the g4... Amities Fab
  6. Hola! Gracias por tus comentarios Jorge! Fab
  7. Hello Have a sight on the cockpit dimension, to include it with the Rutman fire wall, it need to be cut of 2mm... The details are correct for this Am from the past...not need to be very upgrade Fab
  8. Hello Sorry for the lack of comments with the build. It's an handlebar inside the fuselage, just on the side of thefine-fuselage section, near the oxygen bottle...I cannot post a picture, PB is out for upload...next time Fab
  9. Hello Merci Coolboxx An other update Due in course Fab
  10. Hello Thank you, Youngtiger! As Jeroen is running fast and strong, I ve to update .... Quick view...all is not finish, seeking about others informations about the side wall...of course, all will be invisible when the fuselage be closed, but I know it's here, and it's the first time this parts I see this section made in 32....hurry up, ZM do a 190! Amities Fab
  11. Pfiiiiiiiiiii very sorry for the same picture... .
  12. Hello! Just a quick update, element of the control horn... Bon week end Fab
  13. Hello Thanks you for this review Jeroen Great idea from Radub to do a complete set with the antenna mast. For the wiking, is it a real super-value? For the tires, there are nice, to memory, two set from Signifer are existing, as for me egal in quality and they are still available. Two last question stay now, will Eduard do a brassin resin set and which 262B1 is the best ??? :-) :-) Amitiés Fab