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  1. Phantom F-4C from 1:32 Tamiya kit

    Added fins and other little detail to the tank. Alberto
  2. Phantom F-4C from 1:32 Tamiya kit

    Sorry for the double pictures, I don't understand why it happened. Alberto
  3. Phantom F-4C from 1:32 Tamiya kit

    On the Phantom, my first concern was to correct the intake area. Besides there are still some little gaps, the job is almost done using plasticard and putty. Second, I tried to take care of the several raised panels that, I understood, were not present on the real bird. And finally, at least for the time being, the pylon for the belly thank.
  4. Hi everybody, when I retired from business, in early 2008, I resumed my old hobby and started building plastic model kits in 1:32 scale. From the beginning I concentrated on props, with two significant exceptions: A Canadair CL-13 under Italian flag done in 2009 and Thunderjet, still under construction. Then last Summer, I had the opportunity to read the very nice book on Robin Olds and decided that the F-4C will be my first "modern" jet. Some details on what I've done so far in the next post. Alberto
  5. Hi, I will start soon my own thread on my Phantom model, but just to complement the above, I post a couple of pictures of the pylon I obtained after some ours of cutting and filing. Just need to add the two little wings on the back end some refining. Alberto
  6. Thanks for your suggestion, but these book isn't available any more, neither new nor second hand. Or, at least, I wasn't able to find it on the web. Alberto
  7. Many thanks Kirk, your pictures and explanation are very helpful. The relevant pylon isn't included in either kit, so I suppose it has to be scratchbuilt. The same for the sway braces, not a big issue, by the way. Alberto
  8. Many thanks Kirk for your answer, I just received GT Resin kit today, I think I will use Airscale dials as well. One question. I also got from GT Resin the 600 gallon centre line drop tank. Instruction supplied with the kìt are good but I would like to see a few pictures on how it is attached to the plane belly, do you have anything to share? I searched the web but I found nothing good enough so far. Many thanks in advance Alberto
  9. New kit ! 1:32 Reggiane 2000

    Just received my box, looks very nice indeed. Did some dry-fit assembly of main component (fuselage, wings etc), they go togeter very well. I expect that the need for putty will be very minimal. Alberto
  10. I had the opportunity to read Robin Olds book last Summer and it was the inspiration for me too to start exactly the same project from Tamiya kit and I have a question for Iceman about the GT Resin cockpit set: did you painted yourself all dials on instrument or they comes in form of decal or similar? This resin set is quite expensive here in Italy, also considering freight, and the more I know the better. Many thanks in advance. Alberto
  11. Introducing myself

    Hello everybody, I just joined this forum because my main interest is modelling aircraft in 1:32 scale. I'm 68 years old, married, retired from business 10 years ago and I live in Milan, Italy. When I retired, I started again my old hobby: aircraft modelling. Just for your informantion, here following are some of my builds. Cheers Alberto