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  1. Some pictures of the w.i.p. Unfortunately only a very small portion of the engine will be visible ... so I added just a few detail, just for the pleasure of doing it.
  2. While I was working on completing my Israeli Mirage, I also started working on a new project, the replica of a VA-144 Roadrunners bird based on Trumpeter kit, with some extras: AGM-45 from Brengun Reskit wheels set Eduard interiors and Mk.82 w/ Mk.15 Snakeye Fins Aires Cockpit Set AOA Decals
  3. Hello everybody, the abo will be my next project and I wandering if someone would help me because I'm searching docs telling me additions and modifications are necessary to convert original US heli into the Israeli version. Many thanks in advance Alberto
  4. Hi everybody! Finally I'm posting pictures of the finished model with all the wing loads and canopy in position. I hope you will like it.
  5. Some updates on my w.i.p. First of all I replaced David's stars with darker ones and went on with some more details. More to follow soon Alberto
  6. Yes, very helpful! So that stem from the back of canopy goes through the hole behind the seat!
  7. Hi Kai, my model is progressing well, I will post some pictures very soon, but I have question for you, could you please post an other picture of the canopy positioned in open position? I'm struggling to understand how it's fixed to to the cockpit. Many thanks in advance. Alberto
  8. Hi, many thanks for your comment! taxi-lights will soon disappear from my model! In the mean time I've found that blue color of Israeli star is probably too pale and I'm preparing new darker ones.
  9. Hi everybody, after some time I'm coming with some pictures of my Shahak with some decals on! Some more will follow soon, also because I'm consideering to replace David's stars with darker ones! Alberto
  10. Many thanks for your nice comments! By the way, during last Summer, when I was in my holiday place, I started a little project that I just completed. It's totally different from my usual subjects, it's made by an Italian company called "Revival" and it's in 1:20 scale. Look here:
  11. Hi everybody, some more pictures of my "in progress" Shahak: added landing gear and further detailed the pipework. Also painted and decalled supplementary fuel tanks. Next will be to work on fading upper surface colors. By the way, Happy New Year !!! Alberto
  12. Again an impressive project, I will follow with great interest, even if a 1:32 Tornado isn't in my plans, mostly because I will have no place big enough to store such a big kit.
  13. Hello everybody, after a lot of time I come back to my Shahak project. In facts, when I came back from my vacation place, I got almost immediately involved in a big commitment regarding the inauguration of the new church just finished to build in the area where I live, so modelling was put aside for another two and half months. But eventually, I stared painting the camou, see pictures if you like.
  14. Hi, not finished yet! On early June I left Milan to go to my holiday place in Tuscany, I will continue the job when I will be back in September. Before leaving I just gave a coat of the lower surface color and a coat of the main upper color.
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