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  1. Stunning Mossie Peter with beautiful detailing! Love it!
  2. Thank you Rob! Just started today with carefully sanding the primer with 12.000 grid cloth to have an even surface for the color.
  3. Thank you Peter. Now the real fun of this special build begins! I haven’t counted the hours when I did „rework“ on the kit…
  4. Misunderstanding Gary: Do you have a foto of the original tank with this camouflage?
  5. Wow, that’s what I call a fast build! Looks really great so far Carl! And it is really big!
  6. Great work Gary! Can you post a picture how the final result of Dunkelbraun over Dunkelgrau should look like in the end?
  7. That is very interesting Gary. Can you describe what are the main differences? I never build airbrushed an armor model so far.
  8. When I remember how difficult the painting of your 190 was and how it came out this should be kein Problem for you Gary!
  9. Priming finished now. Everything ok for further painting: The rudder is already painted white. Will get a decal on with red diagonal stripes. Next step is to polish the primer for the preshading. But this will be done tomorrow. Should dry overnight.
  10. Simply amazing, stunning and beautiful! Perfect painting and weathering! Love it!
  11. Great build so far Gary! This is really big! The chains came out looking awesome! Curious how it will look like with paint on it!
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