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  1. Hi again, Today I finished the Diorama for my Mirage III CJ of the Israeli Air Force. I used a set from Videoaviation from Italy consisting of 2 mechanics and firefighting-equipment. Had to change the poses of the figures a little to fit. The mechanic with the naked body was a real challenge to paint. Next project will be an anniversary Dambuster Tornado with build in electronics.
  2. Great work Gary! The camouflage is stunning as the complete build. Beautiful attention to detail! I love the chairs MK2 (thank you in advance for sending them Gary, I will come back to your message separately!) and the parachute.
  3. Great result and stunning camouflage Mark. I love wraparound schemes and you did it justice. Is it really finished? The bangseats look quite unusual to me. Even as if they are unpainted?
  4. I love this camo Gary. And it’s execution is done perfectly by you. The Marder is so nice because of all the details visible from the outside. Your detail work fully pays off here. Didn’t know how tiny the Marder was.
  5. The details of the beast are amazing and you picked them all out perfectly Mark! The further you get the more I get nervous to get mine on the desk.
  6. I would have gone mad if I had to do this. Crazy but simply stunning Craig!
  7. Stunning details. Looks like the real thing!
  8. Great progress Mark. This kit has awesome details. Thanks for the tipps Mark. Absolutely welcome!
  9. Thanks for the tutorial Carl! The painting on the vertical tails look awesome. I also ordered DN masks for the splinter camo for my Viggen. Your special livery will really be an eyecatcher!
  10. Can only copy the others and like Rob said: You have a stunning speed in building models in such an amazing quality. Unbelievable! It would have taken me years to build the models you complete within weeks! What will be your next project?
  11. You are really a master modeler Rich. All you do is simply amazing.
  12. This is simply amazing Oliver! Have no other words for that.
  13. Stunning progress and thanks for the tipps Mark!
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