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  1. Short update: Nose and part of the pitot painted flat black: and the grey antenna-cover-decals attached. Was too lazy to paint them since they fit very well and their color is good (printed by Cartograph): Grey panels along the fin. and one behind the Cockpit. That‘s it for now. Next step is to do some small touch-ups at the intakes (I removed the masking inside them today) and painting the accessories (Shafrir 2-Rockets and Wheels) and then preparation for decals. At Hubert: Isn‘t ready yet but one more step done!
  2. Taking this into account I will even speed up more Hubert! I don’t want to be responsible that you hate popcorn in the end (and have some more kilos that have to be trained away )! And you should keep something for the other beautiful builds here. Or is it my duty to fill up your storage…?🤔
  3. At first glance I thought I looked at pictures of real planes! Awesome work and pictures!
  4. Great progress Mark! Looks awesome! Love the details!
  5. Thank you Mark! Thank you Hubert! To answer your question: You still have to buy some popcorn. Thank you Gary. The camouflage scheme was the most complicated and time consuming. Hope that I can speed up with the rest now.
  6. Peter, Rocky Balboa just won the fight against the peeled off paint: nothing visible anymore… and corrected an overspray here: The exhaust nozzle is really a contrast to the sand color: Now on to the grey panels on the fin…
  7. Thank you Peter, you are right. But this was my fault when cleaning the surface for the primer. Nothing Italeri can be blamed for … But I will win the fight (at least that’s my goal)…
  8. The black-yellow triangles are finished. First I sprayed the surfaces which would become yellow with a white basecoat: The the yellow was airbrushed in several layers with 12.000 grid polishing in between the coats: Finally I removed the masks. In 2 places surgery is necessary because the paint peeled off. But nothing critical to correct: After the surgery I have to paint some grey panels on the fin and then the camouflage is finished.
  9. Thanks for this great link Rob!👍 Nothing more needed!
  10. Thanks for your tipps Rob! I think I will copy this! Looking really very good! And lots of light which is essential for modeling and airbrushing.
  11. For my Lancaster I needed 20ml RAF Night, the same amount of Dark Brown and 10ml of Dark Green. For the Sunderland I think you even need much more because it’s much bigger…
  12. Your rocket-tubes and the attachment parts look great Gary. I don’t think that the angles of the brass-rods will be visible anyway when finished. Models with these weapons are seldom seen! That’s why I like it so much! When I build mine I will drill holes in the wings and the tubes. Hope this makes alignment easier. But that’s not possible with the metal tubes. That’s lots of fiddly work and the anchors look awesome! Curious how they look like painted and attached.
  13. Thank you for the feedback! Peter and Gary, I have a (self constructed) spray booth but no extraction unit. Therefore I use a professional mask when airbrushing: But a real spray booth is on my wishlist for Christmas…
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