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  1. Looking quite good, Harv! Did you scratch the reflectors from clear sheet? How thick are they?
  2. Forgot to say: I would just glue it to the back of the intake...
  3. Here’s another picture showing clearly the need for shortening the MLG:
  4. I had to build all engines for my Lanc due to rotating props. But if I look at mine, the front face of the radiator is exactly at the rear of the intake. No space in between. Hope this helps a little...
  5. For sure it helps Ian. It‘s over for mine but now I understand what you mean! Thanks!
  6. Absolutely gorgeous that sharkmouth and very nice mottling.
  7. Well done, Ian. This is really a must. I can’t understand why HK made this mistake. You mentioned before that you have to shorten the legs. Where do you have to shorten them and how much?
  8. Really looking awesome, Ian! You rock it! And all for your Lanc-Diorama: This will be looking gorgeous when finished!
  9. Nice work! The cobra on the fin is looking great. Haven’t seen this before. Which Sqn. does the Rhino belong to ?
  10. Copy this! Will be gorgeous in the end! I like the idea with the inert sidewinders!
  11. Very good, Harv! The result will pay for the effort. I also have a set from Eduard for the TF-104G on which I will test it.
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