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  1. Und Next update of the Drama. Again against the instructions I first test fitted the intake plates and found out, that the pins on the backplate were too short when the brass-parts attached. So I had to lengthen the 3 pins on the backplate. Also the flow-parts on the fuselage below the plate were improved with plastic sheet. Otherwise they wouldn’t have touched the backplate: Then I glued all parts to the fuselage. It was a bit fiddly, but the fit was ok. Then I compared the result to photos of the real plane I s
  2. And now next step: we want to see Sasha, the welding girl!!
  3. The landing gear really looks stunning! I also should give these AK extreme metallics a try. Used Alclad up to now. I‘m really curious how this Mustang will look like with paint on.
  4. That looks great Frank! And the propeller blades are much better now ! Your work really make me think about to buy one too. Have to look if it’s still available and at which price. Looking forward to the next update!
  5. This is airbrushing master-class! Stunning!
  6. Wow, this looks like the real thing! Awesome!
  7. Peter, I can fully understand you! With so many beautiful models in your stash the Mirage III C wouldn’t be my first choice as well. The Tamiya 48 scale jets are really beautiful kits and always well engineered! Will be fun to build. The F-4 is also one of my favorite planes. Although I‘m a 32nd Scale addict I have some Hasegawa, Academy and a ZM in my stash. Instead of bringing a new F-4 in 48 scale to the market, a 109 or 190 in 32nd scale with the quality of their Corsairs, Spitfires and Mustangs would have also been a good choice or even a new tool F-4 in 32nd Scale.
  8. Painting on national markings is at least the best method because you can include them easily into to weathering process. You are often going the extra mile. That’s what I really like! Thanks also for the explanations to the Africa-diorama. You are not only a very good modeler but also photographer. Except the eyes (like Wumm said) the face-colors of the Soldier are looking really good. Kai
  9. This is not a model Rob it’s a piece of art! This looks more than stunning. Looks as if it starts walking when you press the button! Great work Rob! I love it!
  10. I‘m impressed what you do to get everything correct! Great effort for a great result in the end!
  11. Wow great variety of beautiful models. The diorama with the 2 Tanks in Africa is stunning! Also like how your old Revell Me-109 turned out (Eagle Cals). I also mix colors when needed e.g. to create another shade. Just testing is important. For this I have an old 48scale DC-3 fuselage which consists of >100 () color layers in the meantime... Now finish your StuG Gaz...
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