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  1. Not officially named yet. I'm open to suggestions.
  2. I got distracted by another squirrel.... I brought this classic home. I've always dreamed of having a classic biplane and I finally got one and it's my first airplane too. You can ask Ernie, I'm walking around like the proudest peacock!
  3. TJTX


    I've been absurdly busy lately with commitments to multiple jobs, a 2 year old, EAA leadership position, and other hobbies and passions. I think I got burnt out during covid because I couldn't do anything other than build models. After a 2 year hiatus I have pulled out an Italeri F104 to start working on again.
  4. If I had the time, money, and resources I'd do it in a heartbeat! Maybe my next project?
  5. Beautiful build John. It really does spice up the display case. I still have some racer decals I plan on building up once I get back to building again.
  6. Final paint scheme has been settled on and progress continues. Main wing spars are getting built up with strengtheners and mounting points for struts and spar carry through attachment points. I'm taking most of April off so it's my hope that all wing components can be completed around that time and I can piece together my wings this summer. I do keep eyeing my partially completed Tamiya Spitfire, thinking I need to spend a bit of time on it too.
  7. First wing spar is done. Ribs fit for trial and photo.
  8. Thanks Peter. I figured you gotta just jump in at some point and figure it out as I go. I downloaded and taught myself how to use a graphic design software so I could better layout my color scheme. Changed my mind a ton but I've settled on this.
  9. She likes to go out and look, but its been too hot for her to spend any appreciable time out there. I have found a cub to fly till mine is built, so her first flight hopefully will be in a Cub.
  10. Wing ribs are coming along nicely. I'm able to get one a day built as long as I'm home. I've got 6 ribs and 2 false ribs built. Now I'm starting on the jig to build the wing spar. Shes just a big ol' model airplane. Trim, fit, sand, glue.
  11. First things to do are wing ribs. So, today is rib jig day. The wife is working so I'm trying to get a full days work in.
  12. And we're off! I picked up the wing kit today and got it in the garage. Now comes parts inventory and then going over the plans and preparing to start. Heres an overview of on the the blue prints. This one isnt full scale, but an overview of the wing.
  13. Garage is almost ready. The final tabletop adjustments are being made and I've built some shelving under the table too. My wing kit arrives this week and I'll ne able to get it next Saturday. My first ever fathers day as a father and my gift is my ultimate dream project arriving! We have decided on a base concept for our color scheme. With my father's background in the Marines including Marine aviation, we looked into how to involve Marine Corps aviation. So, we have decided to honor VMO-6 by painting our plane in a scheme similar to theirs. They flew in support of Okinawa and then later The Chosin Reservoir. What better squadron to use as a Marine bird!? Itll be wearing a similar scheme to what the OY-1s wore during The Chosin Reservoir battle, with a slightly modified blue color and possibly our own nose art.
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