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  1. Holy crap Ernie! You once again have gone way above and beyond what any of us here deserves.
  2. Here is my contribution, 2 kits to be entered as two separate prizes: A Special Hobby Tempest Mk2 and Eduard Bf109e-3 with Werner Wings with V-14 conversion.
  3. Please enter me in the drawing and I'll post my prize offerings tomorrow.
  4. "Oh holy night"......... Now you know how the song got that verse!
  5. I've been in my meager stash and believe I've found a few good things for Santa to share. But what could they be?.....
  6. Looks like the forum upgrade dumped a lot of posts here.....
  7. No, I dont believe so. I want it to stand out and have a presence with its size.
  8. And per request of the guys at FPL, here is our Subject:
  9. She's a big girl for a single engine aircraft. Next to a Tamiya Mustang:
  10. P-38 Spitfire Mk I Just those two would thrill me to no end.
  11. I really dont have space dor a full Lanc, but this is very much a probability for me. I only wish HK did ththiththis with the B-17 and Hobby Boss did it with the 24. All the cool nose art options....
  12. I'd say build it to the photo your trying to replicate. Everyone (especially certain people) swears they know exactly what is right, yet they've been disproved many times. The right amount of weathering is what makes you happy. Panel lines are a great example. I've flown quite a few aircraft over the years that you could easily see them from 40' away. They do collect gunk and other crap, it just depends on the type of aircraft and how often they are cleaned. I tend to build cleaner, because I'm not great at weathering. As long as you are happy that's all that Matters. And even better if you have a photo to show them and tell them to......you know what.
  13. Ernies on the case! I'll be happy to help in any way that I can buddy.
  14. Just a little bump to try and bring in more traffic. Of course you're welcome Maru, and I'm glad to see everyone who is here so far.
  15. It's a reconnaissance Mustang and the TBM firebomber. The props actually taken a lot of work so far because its Trumpeter and not the best molds.
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