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  1. I believe I read it's a 1mm drop to get it to line up correctly.
  2. Looking great Ernie. Those easy uncomplicated builds are great palate cleansers.
  3. Beautiful build Mark. Love the paint work on the pilot figure.
  4. Dale, I'm so very sorry to hear that. I've absolutely come to enjoy seeing all your post, and laughing at your wonderful wit. Please do stay around here and keep posting. You may not believe it but your an incredible inspiration to many of us and someone we definitely call a friend.
  5. And next to her older sister:
  6. This didn't come out exactly as hoped and it almost ended up in the trash can once, but here she sits. Not an award winner but a wonderful exercise in learning Alclad and gaining confidence in working with it. I didn't forget the upper wing insignia, this bird didn't wear them. Next up is a few less complicated builds.
  7. Been extraordinarily busy as of late, but there has been a bit of progress on my bench. After this I'll be taking a break from big complicated builds and putting together a few Hasegawa kits to remember the fun of just building for fun.
  8. There was one for sale a few years back for something like 70k. It needed a bit of work, but man was I tempted to try and find some cash. I woulda had a blast running the airshow circuit.
  9. Dont use all that junk on the inside of the Trumpy P-47 and it's an easy really good build. Only fit issues are the gun doors. I have a Has P-47 I may jump in with. I'll need to see what my schedule is like.
  10. Tail planes look WAY better Dale. Keep it going your motivating me for my build.
  11. Yea, I've been over the outer airframe with Jeff and Mario from FPL. There a couple vents. 1 on each side and two forward of the tank under the nose. 22 had the rear "door" painted over so you can't really see in there. I'm going to open up the vents and use mesh and plasticard to build the side vents. I'll run a but of internal plumbing to show the vent heading into the fuselage. Also, great catch on the handle there Mark. I may have to move that lower.
  12. You'll love them Hubert. They really spice up your display case.
  13. Thanks Harv. Its been fun digging into the airframe and problem solving the how tos.
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