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  1. Yup, the sprue shots say it all. That's the Wingnut molds.
  2. I know! There is a bit of engine work on the Mossie occurring, but I just have been having fun with the Albatross. And, I need to practice so new wood techniques for my Mosquito.....
  3. Thank you! Ernie has kept me in check on the T-28 and what's right. No mosquitoe pictures yet, just painted a few engine parts so far. I actually had a few flights lately (thank goodness) so I've been away from the bench.
  4. That's still a healthy trip to drive unfortunately. I love Omaha but I'm not sure I can make that work with work and family commitments. I'll evaluate when the time comes.
  5. Yea, I cancelled my hotel reservation a few weeks back. I won't be attending either and Vegas won't work for me. I'm frustrated that the one Nationals I could have gone to was screwed up by this fiasco. Maybe in another couple years it'll swing back this way.....
  6. That's good news Ernie as I grabbed one when Mark posted this. It's funny, this Wingnut fiasco has reignited my desire to build them. Happily working on an Albatross right now.
  7. I do like it a lot. I've wanted to "busy" up the look of my cockpits, but not stear away from the correct colors. I'll be trying this for sure.
  8. I'm quite pleasantly surprised by how well the kit finish looks. Is there any issues masking over it?
  9. Also, the join in the tail for the B/D or C parts doesnt fit great and creates a fictional panel line. I went ahead and threw some sprue filler over it to get rid of it and I'll reapply rivets later. Got a lot of larger areas drying and I'm frustrated with the flaps so I'll take a little break on this and work on my mosquito for a bit.
  10. The kit cowl flaps suck. The dont fit in anyway like the real ones and I just couldn't shake how they were sitting. I slept on it last night and came up with a solution this morning. I thinned the kit parts, laid a thin sheet of plasticard over the kit parts and sanded to shape. A little piece on the side to extend the sides up as well makes a much better looking piece. Next I'll work the right side in the same way then I'll see about the lower door.
  11. I just wasnt happy with the cowl flaps, so at this point might as well go all in. Pulled them off and I'll try and rework them.
  12. Wings are on. Fill, sand, and prime now in multiple areas over the fuselage.
  13. As I reach a point of letting things dry on and off with the Trojan,I pulled out my next project. I wasnt going to work on it yet, but it kept calling to me. I've got an ambitious goal for it, so we'll see if Ican do it.
  14. 40 little rockets installed.
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