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  1. Holy smokes that is AWESOME! It's a great model because it looks incredible from any distance or angle. Excellent build.
  2. I like to "put my bench to bed" when leaving for awhile. Heres how it looks as I leave it be for a few weeks and all 3 projects I have actively going. I like it this way in case someone visits while I'm gone it looks respectable.
  3. Thanks buddy. I've got to make progress when I can.
  4. Here's the color callout from Montex. I do like the look of the brown, but I think it makes sense they kept the original colors. It'll give me something to ponder at night during training.
  5. Got paint on the cockpit parts and started assembling the wheel wells and wing parts.
  6. Love the pictures Martin. They may help with a possible base for my build. I'll probably go with the standard colors since Martin has never steered me wrong yet.
  7. Build it for 2020 nationals. We can have a few Mustang racers there.
  8. I was just planning on following the Montex call out. But....that may not be correct. If anyone has any clues as to what to use I'm all ears.
  9. Is RLM 66 correct for the cockpit color? Answered my own question...yes.
  10. I am looking forward to the build and here's what I'll be going with. The Hasegawa FW190A8 kit and Montex Mask for the color scheme worn by JG2 on D-Day. I'll be using aftermarket seatbelts, but past that it'll be OOB. I've got 2 days before I head to Orlando for school for 2 weeks and I'll try and get some done before I leave. Most of my time will come in July and August and that's when I hope to dig in and make a lot of progress. Thus far a bit of cockpit work and taping the major parts tough to check the size and fit.
  11. What do I make the casting block out of? Plastic, putty, etc...?
  12. Had to piece it together a bit. This may become my favorite build if I don't screw it up. The drop tanks and prop just adds a neat look to the airframe.
  13. This is priceless! I couldn't quite picture how to accomplish this but the drawing helps immensely. I've shaped all 4 blades now so I can experiment a little and not be terrified if something goes wrong.
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