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  1. What about just a Marine J? Would that work or must it be an EJ? What about a Marine J? Would that work?
  2. Please do show some pictures. I've got a Mustang build coming up.
  3. Fuselage halves are together and drying. Now I'm turning a C wing into an E wing with the AML set.
  4. That does look very good. Perhaps my Zero will be a dirty bird that I can play with. I'll be building one that was rushed onto Rabul for defense of Guadalcan. It was crudely painted and should have been very dirty operating in those conditions.
  5. Yup, that's something I struggle mightily with. I'm always too scared to mess everything up by weathering. And because I dont try it, I dont get better at it. Im stuck in a vicious circle to nowhere.
  6. That's something I have6tried yet Mark and it would probably help spraying a flat on it. Heres literally a two minute experiment. Original left and quick wash and pastel on right.
  7. I decided it was bring your kid day, I was lucky enough to have the airplane at an airport about 15 minutes from the house. Went to lunch with the wife and kid before heading out on the next trip.
  8. Cant seem to get a good picture, but a quick test of applying a fast enamel wash and brushing on some pastels and the belts look great. Then I put in water and removed them from backing paper. Dont think it's very easy to ruin that vinyl.
  9. One thing that also doesnt stand out is the "texturing" in the seat belts. It's got that thick seatbelt fabric stitching too it. I've got two more sets for my Zero and Mustang and I'm going to try and give then a wash on the backing paper before removing them.
  10. Yea, I was playing with that a bit. That's my only knock that they're a bit shiny. I'm gonna go over them with some pastels and maybe try a wash real quick to see how they look after that. I will say they do look more realistic to the naked eye when compared to photos on my phone.
  11. Cockpit is almost wrapped up.
  12. Shes doing great. We had her in an airplane shirt to come visit Dad at work of course! She doesnt say anything yet but boy does she talk a lot!
  13. Just to clarify, the cockpit looking that good has nothing to do with me, it's all the Quinta sets. I've got a second set for my Mustang and another set coming for my Zero. I'll be buying another set for my 2nd Mustang and a set for my Corsair when they have that as an option.
  14. Did you guys get any of the storms yesterday? We were supposed to get some here in the metroplex but just a few rumbles with some rain is all that showed up. Definitely cooler today though.
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