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  1. An old build being reworked. I was always happy with my Spitfire, but it was way to clean. I tried a new weathering product on my Mig, and thought I may be able to go back and rework my Spit. Sure enough, it works a charm. Just 1 wing done so far.
  2. Thanks. I've never messed with the fancier colored pencils available at places like Hobby Lobby, so I was not sure if these were the same or not. They might certainly be worth a try.
  3. Interesting. Is there really a difference between these and other colored pencils I could get at an art store?
  4. Love this. Ive thought about getting this kit so many times and builds like this are the reason why.
  5. Jeff, not only that, but I was flying freight while my car was being built up in Canada. Our primary customers were the car companies and we would run parts from Mexico to Canada. I flew a number if trips to run wiring harness up to Hamilton while my car was on the line. So, I most likely delivered parts for my own cars construction.
  6. Heres my ride. It means a lot to me since I purchased it as a reward for years of hard work and dedication. I custom ordered it from the factory and it is one of the last Challengers to have black pearl paint from the factory. It was being built when the tsunami happened in Japan and destroyed the paint factory. After my car they switched to just solid black. I also purchased it 3 months before I met my now wife, so it has a lot of history in it. Also, the other toy is fun!!
  7. Are you sure you aren't actually building a kit from Trumpeter? Those seem to be sysptoms associated with their kits. In all seriousness we're all rooting for you buddy.
  8. Thank you. It was my gift to myself when I made captain for the 1st time. Paid it off 4 months early as well. I'm happy in that picture because it just got done playing in the other toy. Can you tell I like fast and loud toys?
  9. Yup. Normally it's a lot cleaner...but it won't stop raining here.
  10. Picked up a 1/18 P-38 today from a guy at work for $35 bucks. I'll rebuild it in time and try and make it real nice.
  11. One more thing to keep me away from finishing my B-25. It starts as soon as my Mig is done.
  12. I guess because it can build both the 13 and 14 from the conversion?
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