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  1. This was my understanding of the "unwritten rules" as well.
  2. He absolutely can, I've looked into that before and as long as you haven't won specifically at nationals your good. This bird had a crowd around it all day and rightfully so. It is stunningly beautiful in person.
  3. I wanted to brag on our boy Ernie. He cleaned up today at the IPMS Ft Worth Scale Model show:
  4. Pretty close. There's some differences with accessories colors but the red and bnf covers are spot on.
  5. The most important part of the build has arrived! I also went ahead and ordered HGW seatbelts. I had extra Archer rivets but those apparently got accidentally tossed in my great spares box clean out last week. I'm so mad about that!! I'll work on the engine starting this evening. RB carried a pretty neat looking red engine with polished aluminum covers. I'll close up half the nose and leave half open to show off the unique engine colors.
  6. TJTX


    I just cant get myself to step away from the old school ways. Perhaps its time to capitulate and go modern. I just love the old school ways and sipping whiskey or having beer in my rocking chair monitoring the temperature.
  7. TJTX


    Looks awesome Carl! I gave up on brisket because I didn't have the time to sit outside for 12 hours. Now I do primarily ribs (6 hours) or pork butt (4 hours) if I'm smoking something on the grill.
  8. Awesome! I'm very excited to finally meet everyone.
  9. That's an ambitious but doable goal. Think I'll have 3 with a possible 4th. Corsair, two Reno Mustangs, and maybe a Dauntless.
  10. Just booked my room at the Courtyard just down the road from the Embassy. Thankfully my life in hotels pays off and I was able to just use my Marriott points.
  11. I think I need a Tamiya Mosquito. I want to have all the great Tamiya kits and that's one of the last ones I haven't built.
  12. Also, do it....do it.....do it..... We need more non-standard builds in the model world. I'm planning on having 2 at 2020 nationals, Ernie will have at least 1 if not 2, I think Mark mentioned bringing 1, now Hubert you can build 1 too! Remember, Tamiya USA has the Mustang on sale for $99 shipped.
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