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  1. Got a bit of a Thud crash sight on the bench right now. Decided to give the Black Box gear wells a try.
  2. I'm working on my Thud cockpit and can't quite figure out the best way to get the mirror look on my mirrors. Polished foil, a paint, anything else? Any ideas from the masters would be great.
  3. For someone not building a kit you sure are building a lot! I'm gonna start telling my wife I'm not drinking whiskey, I'm just playing around.
  4. TJTX


    Yup, last few days the filed bankruptcy
  5. TJTX


    Yup, dunzo. They were horribly run in the end. Terrible business practices and failed to listen to what their customers were saying. It should have been a very easy fix and there's no reason they couldn't have given Sprue Brothers a run for their money.
  6. Did some digging and they are enamel based. I may try them on my F-104 build since theres a lot of masking metal sections on that.
  7. I assume your talking about the circular hole below the probe. Also, a very interesting observation. The refueling door is depressed. Is that its normal position or is that a result of sitting outside for years on display?
  8. The GT nose does really make a difference. Just looks "right" compared to the kits.
  9. Looking great. I can't decide if I want to go with the GT Resin dorsal fin or the Quickboost one. I have both of them and keep going back and forth. Right now I'm leaning towards Quickboost. Loving the tutorial as you lead the way for this resin dummy.
  10. Got the nose cone test fit and got a bit of painting on the cockpit. Lesson learned on measuring 5 times before cutting plastic to add resin. That's why the evergreen strip is on the nose! That'll be it for about 2 weeks. I hope to accomplish quite a bit on my days off in Feburary.
  11. Took a few minutes today on the thud. Starting to try and fit the aires cockpit and worked on fixing the fit of the gr nose cone. Also did some test fitting on the canopy.
  12. I've found much comfort at the bench recently as well. With worries at work, home, and everywhere in between its amazing the solace you can find in a bit of plastic. I'm certainly an OCD control type and having very little control in most things right now, I find it nice having something that is fully a result of my own actions and decisions. Even just being in my office and enjoying my completed builds has been very therapeutic lately.
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