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  1. Hello to all. I am really happy that you enjoyed my work and above all I hope I have been helpful in providing you with some ideas to create your models with the help of the scenary displays. Thanks again for your attention and your time. George
  2. I love the Canary Islands and when there is an eruption my thoughts turn to all those who can lose everything ....... even their life unfortunately. I live in Italy and here the eruptions are quite frequent and also beautiful ... just to watch! We hope that everything will be resolved quickly and without too much damage to the inhabitants. Thanks for sharing the photo and your thoughts. George
  3. Hi to all, I would like to share this model produced in 1/35 scale several years ago (about twenty) by Dragon for the 'Nam' series and in which I have always been interested: Huges OH-6A Cayuse nicknamed 'Loach' omni companion of the Bell Huey UH 1 -D "Iroquois" (but also of all the other versions present in the South East Asian theater). The version chosen is the E TROOP, 1/9 Cav, 1st Cav. (AM) Lai Khe, Vietnam 1970 and this work is part of a larger project that is nearing completion: 'American Chopper': As anticipated, the project (which will be available shortly) and called 'American chopper' would like to represent the end of a mission having as its object the extraction of American soldiers fortunately landed at the base with a wounded and in the background, Vietnamese (proposed by Noy's Miniature) the two helicopters undergoing maintenance to get ready for a new mission. This is the photo image of the project: The Dragon Kit: The kit has all the merits and above all the defects of the older models such as the too obvious rivets, at the limit of the scale, extractors in abundance, closures not always perfect and plastic without going beyond the decent. Moreover it must be said that the model in question, despite everything, was at the time I bought it (online from Russia) absolutely difficult to find in stores and also online, which is why I trusted my instinct and not only had Lucky enough to receive the kit (albeit just damaged but from time to time the seller was correct to mention it in the negotiation) but I was also able to find the Eduard accessories (now out of catalog for years) and the unique CMK ones still in the catalog: Eduard Pe : Set of interior and exterior photo etched detail CMK : Detail set of parts in resin turbine Allison T 63 -A 5A + hatches and engine support The completed model: ....................and how we got there: shots from the wip: model mock up: CMK : Allison turbine assembly, coloring and fixing: colors from the Chameleon series (Metal Shift) Opening intervention (not programmed) due to the necessary weight addition with shotgun reloading sinkers: The ultimate gallery: The context : Da Nang fragments - Noy's Miniature UHD 3D Display for more info & pics :APM .......................the project does not end there: Erika is ready to leave to discover the sequel 'American chopper' and you? Thanks for visiting and your time George
  4. Hi to all I present another project, after the Convair B-58 'Hustler', made with the same technique of the metal coating (aluminum tape) that I have called for convenience MWP (Metal Work Panels). It is an evolution of the now mature technique to face a good number of models and the CF 104 'Starfighter' represents a huge step forward. The model is based on the Italeri kit with all the strengths and weaknesses reconnected and has been equipped with many accessories (Eduard, Brassin, CMK, Canuck Decals, Master Barrel and Aires). Several parts have been modified, detailed and self-built with the Cnadian Museum as a reference. The version chosen is that belonging to 417 * SQN, n. 744 'Cold Lake Alberta' (1970) undergoing maintenance and rearmament of the Vulcan M61 / A six rotary cannon eliminated from the model in the (cold war) phase to meet the needs of possible acceptance of the nuclear load. The model was finished with an ultra-thin, self-adhesive metal tape coating according to the panel cloning and heat transfer procedure. This is the result: The cockpit : Aires + Eduard (BigEd) MWP : aluminium tape (self adhesive w/protection film) MWP : to be continued MWP Project : final result CF 104 G in maintenance: Noy's Miniature 3D HUD Display (full customized via plotter): For more info & pics : APM Thanks for your interest and for your time George
  5. My compliments. I love this subject, and I follow you with a lot of interest. Cheers George
  6. Thanks again everyone. I am happy that the MWP technique has convinced you and I hope you will be able to try it on your favorite models soon. For any questions you may have, do not hesitate to contact me. One last thing, I think the B-58 Hustler made in MWP is really liked because basically, it used a coating material similar to the real one (Duralluminium): for more info & pics ( MWP tutorial & booklet) : APM George
  7. Thank you all, I really appreciate your welcome and interest in this work and the technique that made it possible: MWP (Metal Work Panels) Cheers George
  8. Hi to all, This is my first post on this Forum and to introduce myself to all of you I decided to share the 'An american hustler' project. This is a very particular work performed on a very dated kit (Monogram 1980 reboxed) with all the panels in positive! The project involved the complete rewriting of the panels and all the information contained. The model was equipped with accessories of detail and improvement of the canopies (3) of the Lone Star Models, of the trolleys of the Scale Aircraft Conversions, of the exhausts Aires as well as of scratch building of parts such as a General Electric J79-GE-5A turbojet. The model in question was completely covered with self-adhesive aluminum tape treated, oxidized and polished by performing the MWP (Metal Work Panels) technique I think I have told you almost everything, and here is the project: for more info & pics : APM Thanks for your attention and your time. George
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