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  1. Thank you all, I really appreciate your welcome and interest in this work and the technique that made it possible: MWP (Metal Work Panels) Cheers George
  2. Hi to all, This is my first post on this Forum and to introduce myself to all of you I decided to share the 'An american hustler' project. This is a very particular work performed on a very dated kit (Monogram 1980 reboxed) with all the panels in positive! The project involved the complete rewriting of the panels and all the information contained. The model was equipped with accessories of detail and improvement of the canopies (3) of the Lone Star Models, of the trolleys of the Scale Aircraft Conversions, of the exhausts Aires as well as of scratch building of parts such as a General Electric J79-GE-5A turbojet. The model in question was completely covered with self-adhesive aluminum tape treated, oxidized and polished by performing the MWP (Metal Work Panels) technique I think I have told you almost everything, and here is the project: for more info & pics : APM Thanks for your attention and your time. George
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