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  1. : Yes, I can see that there are a lot of variations in markings. it's part of the fun of this kind of "what if" kit. I saw somewhere, a Japanese version. I think that would be cool to build. Anyway, I think you have done a fine job so far. thanks for sharing your work.
  2. It's really looking great. I've enjoyed watching this build. I would like to build one of these kits myself---I've even downloaded the instructions from the Miniart site for perusal.
  3. looks like a well-engineered kit,and a fun build. I'll be watching.
  4. That seems to be in common with most sites out there.
  5. I got an email from them this morning stating that my order has been processed. I placed the order yesterday. Let's hope things will be ok.
  6. Oh great, another Hobby Models type experience in my future. well, thanks for the heads up. I don't even see an email given for them. Oh well.....heck!
  7. Actually, almost coincidentally, I remember recently viewing this book while browsing books on my kindle account. In fact, it's still in my browsing history!. I also now remember mentioning to my mother at the time. Talk about a small world! Thanks anyway. I'm glad you brought it up or else I would have forgotten. Thanks again; Paul the Belugawhaleman.
  8. Thanks for the link. I just downloaded the book.
  9. Sounds like an interesting read. I'll look for that one.
  10. Truthfully, my last modeling effort wasn't that rewarding. Thankfully, I still have reading. For me, reading is among the most rewarding of my pastimes. My kindle Oasis is the best gift I have ever been given. The past year was difficult to survive. Reading helped. Haven't heard Ghost riders in the sky in years. Nelson & Cash---good stuff! pull me through.
  11. Yes, but the outfit seems to have branches in France,Denmark, the UK,and etc. the website I ordered from has a Chicago area phone number as a contact. It's weird, I hope I haven't made a mistake. .
  12. Has anyone had any experience with an outfit named '1001 hobbies' ? I just ordered some Eduard photo etch from them.
  13. Tamiya used to make a lot of big scale motorcycle kits. Now, they mostly make them in 1/12 scale with an occasional re-issue in 1/6 scale. I made a few in the 1980's. I found another big Honda kit that I bought in the late 90's . Some of the parts have been assembled, but not painted; the frame, gas tank, and engine. I think the rest of the parts are there, so I think I can finish it.
  14. I've been also looking for Tamiya gloss black------found some!! I bought 4 of the large bottles. I'm good for the semi-gloss. I need olive drab for a microscopic FWD WW 1 truck in 1/35 scale from ICM. A local supplier, Tower Hobbies, is out of it. I have a can of the Tamiya spray that I can decant for my airbrush. Anyway, that's a future project. Next will be the big Honda or Takom's big Ft; this time with Berliet turret in an early Brazilian scheme.
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