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  1. Yes, but I'm more worried about the tiny screw-in nozzle tip on my Iwata HP -C plus. It's tiny and expensive to replace. While cleaning my Iwata eclipse, I lost the air valve spring.......$14.00 plus shipping to get a new one......for one tiny spring!
  2. Not a model but a useful item. This Iwata airbrush cleaning mat came today. It measures about 10" x 10".
  3. Thanks. Yes, it's another Takom big-scale little tank. It's slightly larger than the type 94s they make.
  4. This came in the mail today. A Takom 1/16 Wiesel.
  5. Not much more here, some progress. I've got the hull closed up and I'll be going for the turrets and the superstructure soon. A word or two about those screens on each side, definitely, if you make this kit leave these off until just before you paint! While handling the kit, these kept getting damaged And I had to fix them many times. Now they are on ,but they have a "battle damaged" look to them.
  6. I've been working on Meng's big French Char 2 c. I had some trouble with the photo etch grills on the side of tank. Glued one to my thumb, but I managed to get them on the tank eventually. I think I'll use a different glue when I do the other side. Otherwise, things are going well so far. The road wheels took a long to assemble--- very tedious. One things sure, this is going to be a big model!
  7. I looked up Cry Wolf on my Kindle. It's available as an E-book from Amazon for $ 9.99. Looks like an interesting read as do Wilbur Smith's other books.
  8. The aftermarket resin wheels for the Meng Rolls-Royce came today. They are made by Djiti's production and represent 1920 pattern disc wheels. Not sure if I'll be using these or the kit wheels. They look o.k. but I'm not overly impressed.
  9. Oh! I must get the Big Godzilla! looks like great fun!
  10. This Meng Rolls-Royce armoured car arrived in the mail today. 1/35 large scale? Well, not in this case. It's going to build up small. I've heard that a truly accurate 1914 model can't be built from this model due to things like the turret being too tall and staggered vision slits etc. Well, anyway, I'm going to build a 1920 pattern version but without the sand tires. They are nice, but I don't like the look of them. Instead, I've purchased some resin replacement 1920 disc wheels. I'll show them when they arrive. I haven't built anything in awhile. I'm working on getting my
  11. Looks like a great book. I'm always frustrated by my lack of figure painting skills and this Looks like wonderful reference material to lead me ( or, almost anyone) in the right direction. Thanks for posting, I'll look out for this one.
  12. Das Werk Junkers Ef 126. This little "what if" kit caught my eye.
  13. This also came in the mail today after a long awaited "Special order in Europe" Kitlinx order.
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