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  1. Nice work so far! Great detail on the engine. I haven't built a truck model in years; it was Monogram's 1/24 1926 Mack bulldog and I was about 16 years old. Your post made me all nostalgic and I'd love to make that kit again! Anyway, it's great to see your truck build here. Thanks for posting, I'll be watching. Paul.
  2. Had my second dose of vaccine on April 22 (Pfizer) I had no problems with it and I'm doing fine. Things are opening up a little bit here. Some businesses are allowing Entry without masks. I hope we are on the way towards normality, but in truth, I think society will never be completely the same.
  3. Nice work. It's a shame about KH as I really liked the looks of their Kingfisher kit. Is there a more buildable P-39 kit in this scale?
  4. I'm really interested in your build and I may, in future, purchase this kit. I like the subject and the size will make a terrific display piece. Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy following your build. Paul
  5. Well Harv, I just don't know. Probably weeks from now. I'm so frustrated at the Moment as this move seems to have put all my plans asunder. I actually stopped Mid build of a PT 76. I didn't think there would be so many delays. I expected to Be settled-in by now. I can't wait to put the tamiya extra thin to plastic again!
  6. Great so far, keep up the good work. I sometimes get the feeling there's a guy In DAK uniform watching over me. I'm glad to see there's photographic evidence that I'm not alone. Anyway, I have a Takom 1/16 panzer 1 b that will have the brown over gray paint scheme. I intend to use Tamiya paints. I'm thinking the Tamiya flat brown will work over their German gray. I hope this will work. Anyway, I'm involved in a move and it will probably be a while.....I'm involved in a horrific move at the moment !
  7. The paint finish is superb. It's too bad my inability to produce a good finish has kept me away from this kind of subject. I've enjoyed viewing your work and would like to see more automotive subjects on this forum. Thanks for sharing you work with us. Paul
  8. I can't say as I ever listened to a cricket match or any other sporting event whilst modeling. I mentioned in my last post that I would try listening to an audio book as suggested by my mother. Well, I did so. I listened ,about 2 weeks ago to a audio book about Bushido . This was a free audio book offered by Amazon and the book was an audio book of a book first published in the nineteenth century. I enjoyed Listening despite the fact that I have the attention span of a Chipmunk loaded with caffeine. I might try this again, an audio book again or perhaps a selection of
  9. I have a bunch of lead wire in various sizes. I never knew that it came in flat or half round. This could be very useful. Thanks; Paul.
  10. No, not really turtles. I had at one time a huge collection of firearms. Mostly 19th century Stuff . I did take a few potshots with my '71/84 at turtles, but I was never was successful. I hand-loaded for just about everything I had so cost was a small issue. At one time I was able to form and load for about 45 obsolete cartridges. It was fun. But things changed and my collection was eventually sold. No, I never enjoyed hunting or killing with my guns. My interest was mostly in history and my love for all things mechanical. I did have three boxes of original 71/84 ammo
  11. I wonder what the Ausie police would have made of policing my parents pond of snapping turtles with my '71/'84 Mauser? Something was killing their Koi , and action needed taking! ....... Just kidding....... or am I ?
  12. Never have experienced a rat infestation myself, but I've had problems with mice! When I lived with my folks, they had a remote garage on their property that I used as A workshop. Mice everywhere. The creatures even got inside my lathe and chewed up the wiring inside its control box. This happened twice! They also infested A 1961 Chevrolet Corvair I had been working on at the time. I used traps of all kinds.....and an Air rifle to solve the problem.
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