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  1. Thanks I've been using the same reference as the links you provided, unfortunately there are differences to the tank I'm modeling. This trumpeter kit seems to be an early "b" model before the reactive armor was added. The smoke dischargers are located On the left side of the turret and not the front among other things. I can't find any pics that show how the lamp on the commanders hatch is wired and the large infrared lamp Will need to have some hokey molded in wiring removed and some scratch building to correct Before I can wire it up. The headlamp frames/protectors are missing a cylindrical housing on the rear outside leg on each were the wires come out of. Anyway, these big kits really call out for adding extra details but I'm not sure I'm up to it. Well, I'll try my best. Thanks again for your input.
  2. I'm adding some wiring to some of the lamps and machine gun trigger using lead wire.
  3. A bit.....A small bit of progress. I was able to finish one side of tracks. As mentioned previously, A lot of sanding and fitting is needed to get these tracks working properly........... It took most of Saturday to complete one side; 95 links in all. I've already separated the rest of the track links from their Sprues and am planning on finishing the other side this week. Meanwhile, I've fitted the track to the model to test things........here's a picture.
  4. Looks great Rob. I painted the eyes when I did the figure. I was wondering about the Archer eyes. I had seen them advertised on the archer website and thought about giving them a try. I still have a lot to learn about painting realistic faces on figures, by I do enjoy painting them. I still have the figure from the Takom Ft-17 to paint......the guy with the chain mail face covering, fortunately for me most of his face is covered. Anyway, your figure and tank look great.
  5. I agree with Hubert on this one! Very impressive! Paul.
  6. It's the trumpeter Hellcat that has the weird bulgy thing going on with rear fuselage not their wildcat.
  7. Holy mackerel! That's scatchbuilt? It's wonderful, well done!
  8. That photo-etch work looks impressive. Did that come with the kit? Anyway, I'm sure that many others on this forum,including myself, would like to see more of this build.
  9. Looks great! I have in my stash a huge Trumpeter kit in 1/16 of the SU 100 that should be a terrific build with its 1100 parts. Can't wait to build that one
  10. I'm glad someone is building one of the Trumpy 1/32 Wildcats. I have two of these kits in my stash and frankly, I've been afraid of making either of them because I've of what I hear of problems with these kits. Is the fit bad?Accuracy problems? Etc. I hope not, as the wildcat is one of my favorites. I'll be watching this build to see Your experiences with this kit. I'd like to see your feedback regarding your opinion On this Trumpeter kit. Thanks; Paul
  11. I really find figure faces difficult to paint realistically. Could you possibly post Some of your techniques for for painting faces? A brief tutorial would be greatly appreciated. My figures end up looking like expressionless pink-faced albinos.
  12. Your work looks great so far! I'll be watching for sure!.
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