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  1. Today came a kit from Polish kit maker IBG Models; their Chevrolet C15TA Armoured Truck in 1/35 scale. It looks like a nice kit; being nicely molded and includes photo etched parts. IBG also makes this truck as the "Otter" Reconnaissance car. The Otter version is on my list of future purchases as being weird and ungainly-looking it has caught my interest. I've included a picture of an otter.
  2. The HS-129 looks cool. I've never tried one of the ZM kits before.
  3. It's from the poem URICONIUM by Wilfred Owen.
  4. Downloaded this today: Panzer General: Heinz Guardian and the Blitzkrieg Victories of WW II. by Kenneth Macksey.
  5. Cool stuff! I've got to get one of the Tamiya spitfires someday also one of their 1/32 Zeros.
  6. More kits today: From TAMIYA another Sherman; their M4A3E8 "Easy Eight" European Theater in 1/35. Yes, I realized that the Korean war "Easy Eight" wasn't the correct version for my Cuban Sherman project so I got this version. Also from TAMIYA; their M3A1 Scout Car in1/35. This has markings for two Soviet Lend-lease vehicles plus what looks like an early WW2 U.S. version in two-toned camouflage. I saw an interesting decal sheet by STAR DECALS that offers markings for the M3A1 scout car and the M8 Greyhound in Swedish markings as used by their U.N. forces in the Congo. I've already ordered them.
  7. Great-looking model of an iconic racer! One of my favorites. Well done!
  8. Today came my EBAY purchase of the BRONCO T17E1 STAGHOUND A/C MK. I (LATE PRODUCTION) CB-35011. In 1/35 scale. This I plan to do as a Cuban example using the STAR DECALS AFVs in Cuba #1 sheet. Cuba purchased 25 ex-Israeli Staghounds from Nicaragua in 1956.
  9. An interesting conversion. I would like to see a build thread on this.
  10. Today this came: AFV Club sIG33 15 cm Heavy Infantry Gun. It comes with a drilled-through metal barrel with rifling, photo etch parts, three wheel choices, and choice of firing or travel configurations. It can also be built as an early or late model. The elevation and traverse are functional.
  11. Today's mail brought Tamiya's U.S. M8 light armored car Greyhound (MM No. 228) in 1/35 scale. I had intended to use my Star Decals Afv's in Cuba # 1 to make a Cuban M8 but I see that the example on the decal sheet is a modified example. Well, perhaps I can represent the vehicle in its pre-modified form.
  12. Nice! What kit is your Comet? Bronco? I have a decal sheet that includes markings for a Cuban Comet but I can't find the Bronco kit in stock anywhere.
  13. Thanks https://spruebrothers.com/amm7606-ammo-by-mig-rubber-brush-set/
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