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  1. @Bomber_County Thanks for your great Welcome! Cheers Hans
  2. @belugawhaleman Thanks for your very kind words, appreciate! Cheers Hans
  3. Thank you fellow modelers for your great comments! Cheers Hans
  4. ......once upon a time there were 3 Jackstands..... but read yourself ...so i made this in the belief it's ok now.... ...but still the whole arrangement yelled meh... this is boring we want something to connect to... So i ended up with this.... ...last but not least the guys from the maintenance crew installed some cowlings... ...almost nothing will be seen from the cockpit once snuggled in so some pics before i put it in.. So i've learnt my lesson and i don't think that i will be that naive a second time, doing 3 Jackstands and believing to get away with it.... BTW the Camouflage & Markings of my Bf 109 for this build are fictitious Since i normally do smaller scales that's my first build here on LSM Base kit Revell & good amount of scratch parts and some Eduard Resin All the best Hans
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