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  1. Has anyone used the Eduard F-14D ( made for Trumpter kit ) undercarriage P/E set on the Tamiya kit? What about the resin Aires wheel wells? Would they fit the Tamiya kit without too much modification? I’m hoping someone has had a similar build.
  2. Hello Ceege1 there is an excellent set of diagrams in the DACO F-14 book available HERE https://www.dacoproducts.com/
  3. Heya Harv, any thoughts on a source, ANYZ makes something relatively similar and adaptable with work but ….. thanks, J.D.
  4. I need to find these out of production Squadron True Details 1/32 couplers and connectors Because I gotta build this
  5. I’m in desperate need of these! Because I gotta scratch build this!
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